Main Issues Report

Perth & Kinross Main Issues Report - Have Your Say!

NOTE: The consultation period ended on 11 Feb.

Perth and Kinross Council has recently published its main issues report which includes options for where new houses should be built in our area (it's very long but see p117 for details about our area).

Click the following link to read the Response to the Main Issues Report by the Friends of Rural Kinross-shire (FORK)


Where to find the Main Issues Report

The Main Issues Report is found on line at – The full text of the report can be found in the first entry in the right hand column of the first page under the heading “Downloads”. The heading is “Main Issues Report”.

How to Respond

There are 3 ways in which you can respond to the Main Issues Report and its recommendations.

The 1st way is by writing to the Council at the Council Planning Department at this address:-

Local Development Plan Team
Perth and Kinross Council
35 Kinnoull Street
Perth PH1 5GD

2nd, you can e-mail them at ku.vog.ckp|nalPtnempoleveD#ku.vog.ckp|nalPtnempoleveD

3rd, you can submit your comments on line at This is the councils preferred method.

There is a representation form which should be used to submit comments. This is available at (In the right hand column, the second entry in the Downloads column). This allows for general comment on the report but does not refer to the specific questions which the report seeks to have answered. The 8th, or second last entry under Downloads (titled MIR Qs e-form) lists all the questions (1-53) posed in the report which the council seeks to have answered, and which can be completed and sent in online.

Most People, it is thought, will want to use the third method of response. The questions relating to this part of rural Kinross-shire are numbers 35-39. However, there are no restrictions on answering other questions if you want.

Main Issues Report - Key Points for Fossoway

To summarise, 90 houses are proposed between 2010-2024 for the landward areas of Kinross-shire outwith the Loch Leven catchment (Crook of Devon and Powmill are included in this area). There are 2 options for where these houses should be built, as follows.

Option 1 - Spread New Houses Around

  • Option 1 is to distribute the 90 houses between 3-4 small settlements. 20-30 Houses each in
    • A Blairingone, (East)
    • B Blairingone, (North)
    • C Powmill Farm / Hotel
    • D Scotlandwell
    • E Wester Balgedie
    • Note - not all of these sites will be required until after 2024 as the total adds up to more than 90 and one or more area could be excluded from the plan.

Option 2 - Put ALL 90 HOUSES on a single site in either Crook of Devon or Powmill

  • Option 2 is to concentrate the 90 houses within 1 larger site. Either Crook of Devon (Naemoor Road) or Powmill are proposed where this option is taken forward. I have been told this is the option the developers are pushing for and if we don't give our views is the one that is likely to go ahead.

Developers Representations

Many landowners and developers have urged the Council to designate land in which they have an interest as suitable for development. These sites, and the Council's preliminary comments are found again in the right hand column, under the heading "Related Articles" (or click this link to go there directly). The 8th (and last) entry is entitled Local Development Plan - site assessments. Again, it is possible to comment on any of these applications, and you may wish to do so, by adding your views to any relevant question (e.g. question 38) in the MIR Report, or by writing to the Council separately on these requests.

You should ask the Council to acknowledge receipt of your comments.

In making comments, the Council ask you to give references to enable them to identify the sites you are referring to, such as location, the name of the landowner, and any reference numbers you find.

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