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Fossoway and District Community Council - Draft Minutes 2 September 2014

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
2 September 2014, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: Sandy Morrison, Alastair Lavery, Kevin Borthwick, Trudy Duffy (CC), Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert (elected members) and 9 members of the public.

Apologies: Angus Cheape, Graham Pye, Rod Paterson, Willie Robertson, Joe Giacopazzi.

Police report: Euan Mitchell, Police Scotland in attendance. Police report received.

No crimes reported since last meeting.

Although not in the Fossoway area there have been reports of fly tipping. If you see this happening please call the police and report it giving details of vehicle registration numbers.

‘Enjoy the outdoors’ :- Consider others, keep speed on country roads down, give horses, walkers, and livestock plenty of room, keep away from farm animals and farm machinery, don’t block driveways or gateways, keep dogs under control. Don’t leave litter or destroy or remove plants. Don’t drop matches or smouldering cigarettes.

Be aware of fraudulent letters stating the recipient has won a large amount of money, and requires your bank details so the sum can be paid into your account. Do not give out your details unless you are certain the request is genuine.

Speed Checks and Static Checks continue to be carried out in the area by officers when time is available. The Ryder Cup is this month, so please be aware of local road closures.

Some incidents of vandalising ‘No’ campaign signs was raised. The public are asked to report such incidents but should be aware of limited resources to follow these up.

Both CC and elected members are disappointed by the lack of police presence during CC meetings. Euan stressed that if issues are raised during a meeting we could request an officer attend the next meeting if the situation is ongoing.

MOP brought up that when there was an incident (absconded pupil) at Seamab School the person on the other end of the 101 call had no knowledge of Seamab School. Eventually there was a reply from the community police officer. In those situations it may be better to use the 999 number.

Ryder Cup.
• Leaflet will shortly be available. Most of the traffic using the Balado car park will come over the M90. Peak hours are expected to be 6 to 8 am on Tuesday to Saturday and 10 to 12 noon on Sunday, return peak hours daily between 5 and 7.30pm.
• There will be temporary speed limits of 40mph on the A91 from the M90 junction to Carnbo, on the A977 from the M90 to the Tillyochie junction.
• Temporary road closures will be from 22 till 28 (29) September: A823 for through traffic between Yetts of Muckhart and A9, B918 between A91 and Burnbrae and Mawhill Road between A91 and B918.
• Some roads will have a one-way traffic system, changing at around 12 noon (time to to be confirmed) from one direction to the other. Roads affected are B918 (Tillyochie Road), C494 (Coldrain Road)U231 (between A977 and B918). Residents living in areas where roads are closed will be given special permits. Passes are also available at several points in Auchterarder and Muckhart.
• The police and the security personnel will take a common sense approach to letting people through closed-off roads.
• There is drop-off provision for the Balado, and other official Park and Ride car parks. However there is no drop-off facility at Gleneagles.
• In case of inclement weather, the event (and all the restrictions above) can continue through to Monday.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Signed off with the following amendment.
Member of the public remarked that we noted that the footpath at the Braehead development in Rumbling Bridge was completed while it actually has not been completed. In a short discussion this was clarified. The car park for visitors to the Gorge (also a planning condition) had not been finished either. The member of the public was advised to contact the Enforcement Officer of PKC to clarify the situation.

Matters arising:

Perth and Kinross Credit Union: Details now on the website: http://www.fossoway.org/links

Unpaid work team: Have been asking for inside jobs during the winter: Sandy has contacted the village halls and the Church but is still waiting for a response from all except Powmill.

Hydro Scheme: awaiting update

Blairingone War memorial: The wall against which the memorial will be placed has now been finished. The Council will mark out the area where the memorial should go, and when that is done Profile Projects will relocated it. A member of the public remarked that there are some trees in the immediate vicinity that could blow over and damage wall (made of breeze blocks) or the memorial. Mike Barnacle will propose a site visit to make sure everything is going to plan.

Crook Moss Travellers’ site: The deadline to comply with the conditions imposed by PKC is the end of October. No further update.

Glenquey Quarry: The application is not on the September agenda; next DMC on 15 October.

Blairingone community workshop: Meeting with the landowners, planning consultant and PKC on the 16th of September. Outcome will determine when the next workshop with the community will go ahead.

Lambhill Chipping plant: PKC is awaiting noise report. A site visit has still not happened, although councillors have been requesting this for some time. This situation has now been going on for two years. Communication between PKC and local residents is laborious. Local residents corresponding to the PKC planning department don’t get replies quickly if at all. One member of the public is now thinking of lodging a formal complaint.

Crook Moss Community Acquisition: nothing to report

Dunning Glen: Nothing to report.

Church Car Park: (question from a member of the public, not on the agenda): no progress, despite planning permission being granted, the council ready and the community willing to assist, but the church appears not to want to progress the matter.

New Business:

Fossoway Primary School: The School received a good report from HMI. However the CC was disappointed that monitoring of the school is now to by PKC. It would have expected a further follow up report from HMI prior to responsibility being passed to the Council. The reason for this comment is that the community was of the opinion that the previous problems were partly due to a lack of proper oversight by PKC. It remains to be convinced that PKC will be effective in this area in the future.

Landscape areas in Kinross-shire: See also Mike Barnacle’s correspondence in the Kinross newsletter. The new proposed LLA’s (in place of the Areas of Great Landscape Value) are Loch Leven, Portmoak and the Ochil Hills. The river Devon (and in particular the Gorge) and the Cleish Hills are not included. Clackmannanshire has recognised their part of the Devon landscape and Fife has recognised their part of the Cleish Hills; so there is a strong argument for inclusion of those landscapes in the LLAs. The CC will make representation.

Councillors’ reports
MB has written to PKC about the mitigation measures on the A977. He (and the CC) has received representation on the bad state of the road through Crook of Devon and the damage to the drains done by heavy vehicles, as well as the noise pollution through the day and the night. An answer has not been received, despite being promised by the 12th of August. The council has to survey the road. The A977 doesn’t seem to have priority for inclusion in the capital budget. We will have to keep asking for answers.

14/01308/FLL:- Erection of 7 dwelling houses, formation of access road and associated infrastructure. Land 100 metres South of Merryorchard Rumbling Bridge.
This is a substantial development for Rumbling Bridge. Several objections to this development have been received and have been lodged on the planning website. The CC will object to this development as being contrary to:
PM1B (a and d): the development is out of scale with the surrounding development;
PM4: the site is out-with and immediately adjacent to the settlement boundary;
RD3: the site is not within the settlement boundary but no valid justification is given under the Housing in the Countryside Policy;
RD4: the developer proposes off-site affordable housing contribution for 1.7 houses. Rural areas need affordable housing.
14/1486/IPL: Erection of a dwellinghouse (in principle). Land 300 metres North East of Former Craigend Farm Powmill. The CC objects to this application as being contrary to: RD3: the site is not within a settlement boundary but no justification is given under the Housing in the Countryside Policy. This is a very incomplete planning application and no decision should be made until more information is available.
14/01359/FLL: Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse and garage, Mossgrove, Drum, Kinross. No CC comment.

Correspondence: all the correspondence was available for viewing. The Library is looking for volunteers to cover on the days that the library is now closed: Saturday afternoon and Monday. Meeting this Wednesday 10th September, 7pm, LLCC. There was some discussion on setting up a Fossoway Facebook page to promote events in the area. This will be investigated.

AOCB: Member of the public commented on the state of the A91, especially between Ballingall Bridge and Carnbo. There are deep craters and damage has been done to cars. When repairs are done, it is with materials that only last a short time. Mike Barnacle and Dave Cuthbert will take this up with PKC.

Draft Agenda for Next Meeting
• Welcome and Apologies
• Declarations of Interest
• Community Policing
• Minutes of last meeting
• Matters arising: Ryder Cup, Unpaid Work Team, Hydro Scheme, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Glenquey Quarry, Community Workshop, Lambhill Chipping Plant, Crook Moss Acquisition, Dunning Glen,
• Community Councillors - Meetings Attended
• PKC Councillors’ Reports
• Planning
• Correspondence

Next Meeting: Tuesday 7th October 7:30 pm
Blairingone Primary School
All welcome

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Library Volunteer Group Open Meeting

Do you want to be involved, please come along……

Library Volunteer Group Open Meeting

Wednesday 10th September 2014
7pm – 9pm
Loch Leven Community Campus

A small steering group have formed to take forward the idea of managing the Loch Leven Community Campus Library closure days all day Monday and Saturday afternoons.
We feel that renewed access to the Community Library on a Monday and Saturday is a fundamental service provision for Kinross-shire.
We hope you will come forward to help us achieve this goal as we need your help to do it!

If you are interested and would like to attend the open meeting please contact:
Tracey Ramsay, Senior Community Capacity Building Worker, Loch Leven Community Campus, Muirs, Kinross, KY138FQ.
01577 867124 or email ku.vog.ckp|yasmart#ku.vog.ckp|yasmart

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Community Council Minutes - August 2014

Draft Minutes Meeting Fossoway and District Community Council
Tuesday 5th August 2014, Carnbo Village Hall
CCllrs: Sandy Morrison, Kevin Borthwick, Trudy DuffyWigman, , Graham Pye; Cllr Mike Barnacle; 10 Members of the Public.

Apologies: CCllrs Angus Cheape, Alastair Lavery and Rod Paterson; Cllrs Dave Cuthbert, Joe Giacapazzi and Willie Robertson; Community Police Officer.

Declarations of Interest: None.

Community policing: Report received. The Public are reminded to be sensitive to other land users when enjoying the countryside during the summer. Only recent crime in the area is the theft of a Motor home from Crook of Devon which is under enquiry. Incidence of fly-tipping seems to be increasing; anyone spotting this in progress should report any details of registration numbers, etc., to the police.
MoP asks about process for handling runaways from Seamab School, as reports of a recent incident revealed that the control centre (contacted using the 101 number) didn’t know anything about the school. Kevin will raise this with the Police.

Minutes of the last meeting: Were signed off without amendments.

Matters arising:
Perth and Kinross Credit Union: Details will be put on the Fossoway web site.

Unpaid work team: Arek Nowrotek of the Criminal Justice Service has asked for suggestions, previously we have suggested using the team to clear offlets in various roads in Fossoway or perhaps do some additional verge cutting. See also AOCB.

Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: Hugh Wallace attended to provide an update: SSE have withdrawn their requirement for a large sum to upgrade the power network, which returns the project to a sound economic footing. Energy for All have been helping with arrangements to raise community funding. One of the landowners is currently refusing to sign an agreement for the pipeline to pass his land pending the sale of his house – alternatives routes are possible, but difficult. MoP asks if there is any risk of asbestos being found in the ground that was previously a rubbish tip – Hugh says that sampling hasn’t revealed any, but obviously it will be handled appropriately were it to be found.

Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle reports that some work is taking place, although it appears to be behind schedule. Cllr Barnacle has reminded the builders of the importance of completing this before November.

Crook Moss Travellers’ site: There is no information about progress in enforcing the planning conditions, particularly with regard to noise. This CC and Cllrs will continue to press the issue.

Glenquey Quarry: Kevin reports that this was not on the agenda for the July DMC meeting; the next meeting is 13th August. Meanwhile the Tayside Geodiversity paper has been completed and sent to PKC and all members of the DMC.

Community Workshop on Blairingone: A date for the follow on meeting is still to be agreed.

Lambhill Chipping plant: Cllr Barnacle is still trying to organise the site meeting with Nick Brian, but to no avail – discussions continue about whether the CC can be represented at the meeting.

Crook Moss Community Acquisition: The subcommittee will reconvene in due course.

Ryder Cup Traffic Planning: Ongoing, some minor improvements to the proposed arrangements have been made. Hopefully a Police Officer will attend a future meeting to update us.

Dunning Glen Rubbish and Vandalism: On-going. There was extensive discussion about possible solutions to these problems.

New Business
T-in-the-Park: The festival will be moving to Strathallan. The organisers have thanked the community for all their support over the years it has been held at Balado.

CC Business
Landscape Review: Alastair attended.
Planning Users Forum: Kevin attended this meeting, during which it was announced that input for the next local plan is already being sought.

Councillors’ reports
Cllr Barnacle: Request for mitigation measures on A977 has been made to PKC; some minor works to ant-skid surface will be done, and a survey of HGV traffic will be made. It’s now necessary to persuade the Council to instruct the Roads Department to resume work on preparing the business plan for the major mitigation measures – support of this CC will help. Dunning Bridge has been addressed. A previously reported problem with a bad smell at Crook of Devon has now abated. Carnbo Post Box – Previous correspondence from the Post Office in London stated that letters could be handed to delivery staff in the absence of a local post box. General opinion amongst those present was that this was not being allowed by local staff. Cllr Barnacle will forward the letter from the London Office to the Kinross office to elicit their comments.

Planning matters:
A number of decisions by the local review body were intimated and discussed.
There was a feeling was feeling from the public that the item in respect of Dollar Equestrian at Blairingone, appeared to be an example of a system being used to obtain a house in the countryside. There was also disquiet by a MOP over apparent inconsistencies in the granting of permission for wind turbines.

14/01101/FLL Easter Solsgirth, Solsgirth, Dollar, FK14 7NB Modification of permission 12/01064/FLL (change of use and extension to barn to form dwelling house and stable block) - change position of the stable block.
No Community Council comment.

14/01129/FLL Erection of a dwelling house and garage/workshop at land 100 Metres south-east of Briglands Lodge, Crook of Devon.
No Community Council comment.

14/01148/FLL Extension to dwelling house at Rosebank Cottage, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone, Dollar, FK14 7LR.
No Community Council comment.

14/01336/FLL Erection of stable block at Appleburn, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone, Dollar, FK14 7LR.
No Community Council comment.

14/01223/FLL Renewal of planning permission (11/00862/FLL) for alterations and extension to dwelling house. Coates Cottage, Powmill, Dollar, FK14 7NN.
No Community Council comment.

14/01222/FLL. Erection of a dwelling house on land 20 Metres south-east of Firs of Viewfield, Drum.
Recommendation. The Community Council were concerned about appropriateness of site, house size to garden ratio and overdevelopment of site. The CC asks that these issues are taken into consideration when assessing this application.

14/01292/FLL Erection of dwelling house at Land 50 Metres south-east of Muirfield, Fossoway.
No Community Council comment.

Outh Muir Wind Farm – Cllr Barnacle notes that this went to appeal after refusal, so sent the reporter a copy of the local landscape review.
Braehead Developer reports that the footpath surfacing has been completed; works to a previously agreed chalet site are in progress.

All correspondence was available for viewing. Volunteers to man polling stations are sought, details available to anyone interested. Volunteers needed for Older People’s Day – 22nd October at LLCC; This CC has received an annual administration grant of £408; PKC’s “Seven Days of Sport” programme offers open sessions at various sports clubs 23rd August – 3rd September, see www.pkc.gov.uk/sevendaysofsport Auction of items and promises at 7pm on 13th September at Crook of Devon Village Hall.

AOCB: The Crook of Devon electronic speed sign is not working. Cllr Barnacle will report this. MoP also notes that several speed limit signs are in need of cleaning – this might be a good job for the Unpaid Work Team.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting

  • Welcome and Apologies
  • Declarations of Interest
  • Community Policing
  • Minutes of last meeting
  • Matters arising: Unpaid Work Team, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Glenquey Quarry, Community Workshop, Lambhill Chipping Plant, Crook Moss Acquisition, Ryder Cup Traffic Planning, Dunning Glen, Aldie Road Lay-By
  • Community Councillors - Meetings Attended
  • PKC Councillors’ Reports
  • Planning
  • Correspondence
  • AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd September, 7:30 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All welcome

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