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Community Council Minutes - August 2016

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
2nd August 2016, Carnbo Village Hall

Attending: Community Cllrs: Angus Cheape, Graham Kilby and Graham Pye (acting chair); Cllrs Joe Giacopazzi and Willie Robertson; 9 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: CCllr Trudy Duffy; Cllrs Mike Barnacle and Dave Cuthbert.
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. Last year Police Scotland received 80,000 items of lost property – if you lose something you can submit an enquiry online at http://www.scotland.police.uk/contact-us/report-lost-property. Additionally any item with a serial number can be registered at https://www.immobilise.com improving the chance of it being returned to its owner. Robberies of a quad bike at Easter Muirhead farm, Blairingone, and a charity box and tips jar from the Powmill Milk Bar occurred in early July.
Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were signed off without amendment.

Matters Arising
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Cllr Barnacle has written to PKC, SEPA and SNH seeking to obtain clarification about the protection of the Loch Leven catchment. SEPA had previously written to him confirming that the Crook Moss site is receiving mains water from a local farm, and is using PortaLoos for disposal of black and grey water.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: CCllr Duffy wrote to Jim Valentine about the condition of roads in this area and her email was passed on to Willie Young and thence to Stuart D’All, who replied as follows: The overrun of the gully replacement in Crook of Devon was due to the wrong gullies being provided; 1500 sq. m. of patching will be done on the B9097; three resurfacing projects on the A977 and one on the A823 (totalling £400k) will be done in August; further installation of gullies and French drains will be made along the B9097 to reduce the standing water; subsidence west of Powmill on the A977 will be investigated.
Cllr Robertson reports that there is now money in this financial year’s budget for work on the A977 including speed activated signs. It appears that there may be an improvement in the budget position for the A977.
Emergency Support Centre: CCllr Kilby reports that the Hall committee has agreed that the hall can be used for the centre. Another volunteer is needed to be an emergency contact.
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: The pipeline has now crossed the road, without any serious impact on traffic along the road.
The Community Benefit Group has been established: CCllr Duffy has sent the following report - A group of seven volunteers interested in the management of the community benefit from the Hydro scheme has met twice. For a small fund like this the most workable scenario would be for the fund to be managed by a group appointed by the CC. A similar structure is used in Aberfeldy and, provided the money for the fund is held in a different bank account, there would not be any difficulty with Perth and Kinross Council. In order to set the parameters of this fund, a limited community engagement exercise will be undertaken, in which the young people in Fossoway (via the school) will also take part. There will be more news about this at the September meeting.
Crook and Drum Growing Together: This group has had its first planting day. About 12 volunteers potted up the tubs throughout Drum and Crook of Devon, and volunteers are maintaining the tubs, watering and weeding when necessary. An application has been written for a small grant from the Kinross-shire fund for the autumn and spring 2017 planting. A fundraiser will follow the September planting. Volunteers are very welcome - for planting, plotting and helping with the fundraising.
Dunning Glen: Cllr Robertson reports that he has tried various things to address the problems of litter and vandalism. He asked PKC to block the laybys, but this was refused on the grounds that vehicles will be parked on verges, or in dangerous places, instead. Cllr Robertson then suggested that double yellow lines be placed along the road, however this was deemed to be not enforceable. More reports of litter and mess have been received. Since the land is private, litter can’t be picked up by PKC as legally it belongs to the land owner. Perhaps the landowner should be asked if he would gift the land around the bridge to the community which would allow some sort of management plan to be put in place. No news about when bridge is to be repaired as PKC need the agreement of Historic Scotland before any work can be done.
Station Road Adoption: Cllr Robertson thinks that the Council intend to go ahead, although in the absence of Cllr Barnacle we don’t definitely know this.
Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle has written to Profile Projects suggesting a second opinion about their report advising against moving the memorial.
Dog Waste in Drum: Cllr Robertson had requested a dog waste bin – we think it’s now been installed.
Ivy Cottage, Powmill: A MoP reports that the windows have now been boarded up; it’s not clear whether this indicates any intention by the owner to do any further work.
Sports Hub: Will be launched on 17th September, the front cover of Kinross News will be dedicated to the Hub, using the design from the competition winner - a P6 pupil from Fossoway Primary School. The next meeting of the Hub will be on August 11th, where there will be an analysis of the member clubs and establishment of public consultation to set the Hub’s initial goals.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Safer Route to School – Drum, Boundary Commission: No update.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: Awaiting a report from PKC Roads Department on how the safety of this section of road could be improved.
Crook Moss Community Involvement: Ongoing.

New Business
Edinburgh Airport Flight Path Changes: Several local residents have received information that the Airport is proposing to change approach and departure flight paths. Details can be found on the airport’s web site at http://www.letsgofurther.com/ from which it appears that this area may be affected by the new paths, although this is not entirely clear. Comments can be made via the above link until 12th September. Cllr Giacopazzi expressed the opinion that the planes will be sufficiently high at the point they cross our area that the changed flight paths will not cause any issues.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllrs Pye and Kilby attended the CC Planning Workshop on 22nd June, where amongst other useful discussion the planning officers suggested that CCs should only comment on applications that affect a significant section of their community.
CCllr Duffy attended the opening of the Drum to Aldie Road core path on 9th July. This path was made possible by the local landowners, notably Roderick Moncrieff and Heather Turnbull, and helped by our local elected members Willie Robertson and Mike Barnacle. The path delivered by Tracks, the Scottish Government, SNH, PKC and Sustrans. Special thanks to the indefatigable George Lawrie, who obtained funding for all this, and already has funding in place for the next stretch, to Balado!
Councillors’ Reports
Mike Barnacle: Cllr Barnacle is now a member of the P&K Outdoor Access Forum.
Joe Giacopazzi: Nothing not already reported above.
Willie Robertson: Cllrs Giacopazzi and Robertson attended a meeting of Cleish CC who are worried about the speed of traffic on the B9097, some at over 100mph, and they have been complaining to the Police with little effect. Cllr Robertson will write to Police, as will this CC. Cllr Robertson has heard that the new Chief Constable is in favour of community involvement, so he will write to the Chief Constable to raise the issue of a Community Speed Watch again. A MoP mentions that the 40mph speed limit through Carnbo is rarely observed, not helped by the signs being obscured by overhanging vegetation. This CC will write to Darren McKeown of PKC asking for speed activated signs to be installed in Carnbo.

Planning Matters
Note: Due to the current shortage of CC members, we are no longer able to review any planning applications other than those which are likely to have a wide impact on the community, and so they will not be commented on unless those present at a meeting make a strong case to do so.
16/01003/FLL Extension to dwelling house and erection of ancillary accommodation at 1 Birkfield Park, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, KY13 0QR. Application subsequently approved.
16/01017/FLL Erection of a garage at Aitken Cottage, Main Street, Crook Of Devon, Kinross, KY13 0UR. Application subsequently approved.
16/01058/FLL Removal of condition 3 (occupation/ownership) of permission 15/01349/FLL erection of a dwelling house and associated office studio at Powmill Cottage, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, KY13 0QG.
No Community Council comment.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: PKC have published details of new flood risk management plans for the Tay area, see: http://www.pkc.gov.uk/frmplans or hard copies at LLCC.
We’ve received a list of funding opportunities which has been posted on Facebook.

AOCB: CCllr Duffy has discovered, in response to a query from a MoP, that boxes have been installed on the Aldie Road to monitor cyclists, horses and walkers on this “green” road.
A recent event resulted in a large number of cyclists using the Aldie Road. Kinross Cycling Club was not responsible but they have undertaken to notify us of their future events so we can publish them. A MoP present suggested that the event was held by Fife Kingdom Cycle Group, but this has not been confirmed – it would be helpful if organising groups gave us notice of such events.
The reduction of verge cutting on the A977 to once per year is creating an ideal feeding ground for pigeons, who are eating the seeds from the long grass. The pigeons are then getting hit by vehicles, as are the predators who are later feeding on the pigeon carcasses. Cllr Giacopazzi explained that he managed to get the second annual cut reinstated last year, but it was removed again this year to save costs. Cllr Giacopazzi will try to get it restored again this year. Additionally, the uncut grass prevents pedestrians walking on the verge, meaning they have to risk walking in the road instead.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting

Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, A977 Mitigation, Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme, Crook and Drum Growing Together, Dunning Glen, Station Road Adoption, Blairingone War Memorial, Sports Hub.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 6th September 2016 7:30 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All Welcome

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Fossoway and District Community Council Minutes of AGM 3rd May 2016

Fossoway and District Community Council
Minutes of AGM
3rd May 2016 7.30pm
To be approved.

1. Attending: CCllrs: Trudy Duffy (Chair), Kevin Borthwick, Angus Cheape, Richard Nesbitt, Graham Pye; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert, Joe Giacopazzi and Willie Robertson; 14 Members of the Public.
Apologies: CCllr Graham Kilby

2. Minutes: Minutes of the 2015 AGM meeting were read, approved, and signed off.

3. Chair’s Report:

The elected members of the Community Council are as follows:-
• Kevin Borthwick
• Angus Cheape
• Trudy Duffy-Wigman
• Graham Kilby
• Graham Pye
• Richard Nesbitt

Sandy Morrison and Alastair Lavery have now retired. Again I wish to express our sincere thanks for their sterling service on the Community Council. Two of our members, Graham Kilby and Richard Nesbitt are new to the Community Council and they have had to hit the ground running.

The Community Council has had another very busy year with eleven scheduled meetings, additional meetings and a large volume of correspondence.

The main issues during the year have been:

• Travellers’ Site at Crook Moss: The majority of the planning conditions have not been met despite frequent representations to the Planning authority by the Community Council, members of the community and all the local councillors. The priority issues for the Community are noise and foul drainage. Some of the residents on site are trying to improve the situation. A second application for three additional pitches has been rejected by Perth and Kinross Council.

• Police Service: Unfortunately we are seeing a police officer attending the meeting less often. A monthly bulletin specific to the area is not produced anymore; we get most of the relevant information from the Commander’s bulletin and from Perth and Kinross Community Watch. We have the impression that rural crime in our area is slightly up.

• Lambhill Site: This application has been refused by the Local Review Body.

• Main Issues Report: We have consulted on the LDP2 MIR.

• City Link Time Table: We are shocked by the lack of co-operation to make sure Kinross is served by adequate public transport. Many of the regular bus services have been withdrawn, making it almost impossible to commute by bus.

• Blairingone War Memorial: Is now one of the longest running items on our agenda. It is unlikely that there will be a quick solution to this.

• Devon Hydro Scheme: The building of the Hydro Scheme is progressing well. We are now at the stage that we are setting up an organisation to distribute the monies generated – the developer’s contribution and the community benefit.

• A977 Mitigation Measures: Councillor Barnacle has been continuing with other councillors, the Community Council and members of the public to call for traffic mitigation measures. The situation was exacerbated earlier this year with the closure of the Forth Road Bridge, a few weeks for all traffic but a longer period for heavy lorries. The police have helped out with extra speed checks but the road has suffered and the road surface has deteriorated. We will continue to put pressure on the authorities and work together with the local members to make the A977 safer for the villages straddling it.

• Boundary Commission: Cllr Cuthbert has worked very hard to get members of the community involved in informing the Boundary Commission on their plans to cut chunks off Kinross-shire. We are awaiting their decision.

• Community Council Members: There is an urgent requirement for more Community Councillors, especially from the village of Carnbo, which has currently no representation in the CC. Our work relies on members of the community who have their ears to the ground.

• Community Initiatives: The CC is taking part in a number of community initiatives: the Emergency Support Centre, to be set up in the hall, Kinross Sports Hub, Crook and Drum in Bloom and perhaps the Best Kept Village competition. It is a wonderful way for members of the community to become involved.

There have been slightly less planning applications in the past year.

Thank you to my fellow councillors for their support and for the very significant efforts they have made in dealing with their portfolios and attending external meetings. Many thanks also to our local Councillors Barnacle, Cuthbert, Giacopazzi and Robertson for their significant support and assistance to the CC on numerous matters. Thanks also to our loyal Members of the Public, who support us with their presence, their information and their questions.

4. Secretary’s Report:

Once again it has been a very busy year for the Community Council, as we strive to be as actively involved in as many community issues as possible. This year as it was an election year, a couple of the regular members retired for a well-earned rest, and we welcomed two new members onto the council. I would personally like to thank Sandy Morrison, and Alastair Lavery for all the work they did over the years, and also to welcome the new members Graham Kilby, and Richard Nesbitt to the CC.

In my position as secretary, I have to deal with all the day to day correspondence and phone calls that come our way, and have also attend several meetings throughout the year. As I said in previous years, I have to do my best to handle this as it happens and not let it build up. This year however, at the turn of the year, an illness in the family took priority over most other things going on in my life, and the CC duties were beginning to build up and get on top of me. I have to thank Graham and Trudy who took over the majority of my secretarial role to let me concentrate on more important things. Things are looking positive at the moment on the family front, although it is still early days, and hopefully I will be able to get back in the saddle later in the year.

This year the correspondence has increased significantly since last year, partly due to signing up to Perth and Kinross Community Watch. However these figures are only up to the end of January 2016, when the email transferred to Graham and Trudy, so there are three months missing. Over the past year I have dealt with 1312 (1137 last year) incoming emails, and have sent out 443 (551 last year). Again I have to moan about the 154 (133 last year) spam emails we received. All of which come via the PKC email address and not our own one. Graham has been filtering these so we should in theory get less in the future. I also ran off 2651 prints (2049 last year) for the correspondence, minutes, and agendas etc. again a significant rise. This is a reflection of the increase in correspondence.

The Facebook page has been a great success, where we have been able to post information to keep people up to date with details of events, meetings, minutes etc. As well as being a way of getting in touch with the CC about community issues. Currently we have 154 people who receive our posts, which along with the newsletter and the notice boards, we are engaging with as many people as we can. Graham Kilby has taken over the running of the Facebook page, and I’d like to thank him for that.

As you can see there is quite a lot of work running a Community Council, and during this past few months everyone has had to muck in. However it would be a lot easier if we had a full complement of members. There are still two spaces on the CC, and anyone who wishes to help out would be very welcome.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

This year the CC received no income as the Administrative Grant from PKC of £424.31, which would have topped the CC’s funds up to the maximum £700.00 allowed, was unfortunately paid into the wrong bank account by PKC.

The largest item of the CC expenditure is for rentals of Fossoway and Blairingone primary schools, Carnbo Village Hall and Moubray Hall in Powmill to hold our monthly meetings. A total of £100.60 was spent on hall rentals.

Last year the CC invested in a Laser Printer, now an asset of the CC which will be passed on to whoever is the secretary. The secretary will no longer be charging the CC on a per print basis, other than for paper, and any other consumables required for the printer will be purchased directly by the CC.

All Community Councillors are allowed to claim for any expenses they incur over the year for travelling to meetings other than normal CC meetings, and also any other incidentals – postage, stationery, etc. This year only a little over £50 has been claimed in expenses. CC members attend a lot of meetings over the year, and should claim for them all – I encourage them to do so.

After all the transactions over the year had been tallied the CC had a closing balance at year end of £56.34. Hopefully next year’s grant will arrive soon!

Approval of the accounts was proposed by Trudy Duffy and seconded by Kevin Borthwick.

6. Confirmation of Office Bearers:
The Office Bearers all resigned from their current posts, and new post holders are as follows:

Trudy Duffy, Chairperson – Proposed: Kevin Borthwick, Seconded: Graham Pye
Kevin Borthwick, Secretary – Proposed: Trudy Duffy, Seconded: Graham Pye
Graham Pye, Treasurer – Proposed: Trudy Duffy, Seconded: Kevin Borthwick
Kevin Data Controller – Proposed: Trudy Duffy, Seconded: Richard Nesbitt

The following posts are not formal offices, so were not covered at the AGM:
Richard Nesbitt, Planning
Graham Pye, Minute Secretary
Richard Nesbitt, Vice Chair

With no other business, the date of the next AGM was set for 2nd May 2017 and the meeting ended at 7.55pm.

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Community Council Minutes - May 2016

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
3rd May 2016, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs: Trudy Duffy, Kevin Borthwick, Angus Cheape, , Richard Nesbitt and Graham Pye; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert, Joe Giacopazzi and Willie Robertson; 14 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: CCllr Graham Kilby
Declarations of Interest: CCllr Cheape declared an interest in Planning Application16/00514/FLL.
Police report: No report received. PC Spalding attended. Fossoway Garage drive-offs have been identified, but not yet apprehended. A motorist was apprehended speeding in Crook of Devon.
Nineacres Scout Camp, Crook of Devon: A local resident spotted a shelter that had been built within the grounds of the camp, and three men have been seen in the vicinity. The shelter was not constructed by the Scouts. CCllr Borthwick contacted Sgt. Nicholson who agreed to ask a local officer to make enquiries, but it doesn’t currently seem to be suspicious.
Local Policing Consultation: this year paper questionnaires have been replaced by an online survey, which is open all year - take part at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8LMB9WX
Perth and Kinross agricultural community and local farmers are invited to attend a multi-agency Rural Crime Event which is taking place at the Huntingtower Hotel, Crieff Road, Perth on Wednesday, May 11.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Minutes were signed off with an amendment to correct the location of the meeting to Carnbo Village Hall.

Matters Arising
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Cllr Barnacle reports that Scottish Water confirm the Drum treatment plant is at capacity and a growth project will take between two and two and a half years. The Drum scheme’s output is pumped into the River Devon and not into the Loch Leven catchment. Scottish Water clarified their position about order of connection in that residents who had applied first will be connected first. Cllr Cuthbert noted that the DMC will receive the updated report on the traveller’s site at the meeting next week.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: A MoP reported details of an accident at Crook of Devon through our Facebook page. Several respondents to this item raised the issue of speed cameras – CCllr Duffy has been in touch with the chair of Kingseat CC, who also previously ran a Speedwatch scheme, to be told that previous insurance problems have apparently now been solved by the Police. Cllr Robertson undertook to contact Police Scotland to see if the Community Speedwatch programme could be restarted, having found from Kingseat how they are operating.
Emergency Support Centre: CCllr Kilby attended a Hall Committee meeting in April where it was agreed that the hall could be used as an Emergency Centre. Details of how to obtain keys, etc., are to be worked out.
Community Council Grant: CCllr Pye reports that PKC’s position is that the bank should not have accepted the deposit into the wrong account as the account name did not match. Regardless of this, CCllr Pye reminded PKC that the issue is for PKC to resolve, not us, and that they should discuss it with the bank directly. Meanwhile, the balance of the CC’s account has fallen to £20.34. PKC have subsequently agreed to reissue our grant for this year, and hopefully this will be in our bank account by the end of this week.
Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle had written to David Strachan, of Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust seeking his opinion about the developer’s mason’s report. However it transpired that Andrew Driver, who gave the Trust’s previous opinion on the memorial is no longer with the Trust. It has emerged that the previous estimate was a desktop exercise rather than based on an inspection. It’s important that an alternative estimate be obtained, and the heritage trust has recommended a mason.
Ivy Cottage, Powmill: Cllr Robertson suggested that compulsory purchase might be the way forward.
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: Hugh Wallace attended the meeting and reported that the scheme is proceeding on schedule to be completed in the autumn. The first annual payment would be made in September 2017; however the majority of the project’s contingency fund has not yet been used, so it’s looking likely that some of this will be passed to the community later this year. James Buchanan from Local Energy Scotland had sent links to their documents about setting up a Community Benefit Group. CCllr Duffy will approach people with a view to creating a group, the CC will have at least one member.
MoP asked Hugh whether the road over the river would ever be completely closed, and when the works to pass the peipeline under the road are planned for – The works is currently planned for the first half of June, but the road will never be completely closed. Hugh reminded the attendees that if anyone would like a tour of the works they should contact him and it will be arranged.
Crook in Bloom: This group has had its first meeting, and will now be known as “Crook and Drum Growing Together” as Drum residents have joined the group. Bank account is being set-up and grant money will shortly be received, allowing some results to be seen this year.
Dunning Glen: Rubbish being left here has been an ongoing problem for several years, with various attempts made to address it – signs, professional clean-ups, police patrols, etc., have not resulted in a solution. Cllr Barnacle has written to Dave Stubbs to request a solution. Various opinions were expressed as to whether new by-laws, creation of national parks, increased police patrols, etc., might help. Cllr Robertson will write to Police Scotland and ask for their suggestions.
Kinross-shire Civic Trust Best Kept Village Awards: Patrick Milne Home had written to the CC with details of how to apply for entry to the awards, and a set of guidelines for organisers. The CC will forward these to any interested parties.
Station Road Adoption: Cllr Barnacle was contacted by a member of the Hall Committee, which has taken over this project, to say that Mr Fraser (one of the frontagers) has now objected to the adoption because of a belief that surfacing the road will encourage further development, as evidenced by planning application 16/00514/FLL, even though this has now been withdrawn. There was other support for this belief from MoPs present. Cllr Barnacle pointed out that the MIR rules out development in this area until at least 2028, and that not surfacing the road increases the likelihood of vehicle damage or other accident due to the road’s poor state. After expending considerable effort on getting this scheme in place, Cllr Barnacle expressed his extreme disappointment at this set-back.
Safer Route to School – Drum: A MoP asked how to get the speed limit on the B9097 lowered. This has been discussed before in conjunction with other measures to make this road safer, but has not as yet resulted in any results so far. Cllr Cuthbert will publish the local councillors’ list of requested improvements that have not yet been done.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Boundary Commission: No update.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: Awaiting a report from PKC Roads Department on how the safety of this section of road could be improved.
Crook Moss Community Involvement: Ongoing.

New Business
Dog Waste in Drum: CCllr Kilby received (via Facebook) a report from a couple who are doing voluntary litter picking in Drum, that they are finding a large number of dog waste bags in the area. Since there appears not to be a dog waste bin in Drum, Cllr Robertson has asked PKC’s dog wardens to contact the CC to discuss locating a bin there.
Overgrown Path Drum to Crook of Devon: CCllr Nesbitt was contacted by a MoP who was concerned about the state of this path, which runs along the north side of the A977. The path suffers from two issues: There are numerous overhanging branches, one of which has caused an injury to a user, and the grass verges on both sides are so overgrown that the path is almost disappearing. Cllr Robertson reported the problems to Garry McConnell, PKC’s Area Road Supervisor, who has arranged for the path to be scraped and widened, hopefully at the end of May or beginning of June. The overhanging branches are the responsibility of the relevant landowners, who will be contacted.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Kilby attended a meeting of the Sports Hub on 20th April, which will be reported on next month.

Councillors’ Reports
Mike Barnacle: In answer to comments from MoP about unpleasant material, possibly human waste, being spread on fields, Cllr Barnacle explained that SEPA rather than PKC is now responsible; although MoP points out that the council is still responsible for storage, leading to confusion about who to complain to in the event of any problems. Ragwort is harmful to animals, and hence needs to be reported to Animal Welfare.
Cllr Barnacle had asked for the passing place at the Aldie Road bridge to be properly surfaced, but there is no budget to do this. However, Stuart D’All has agreed that a sign will be erected.
Dave Cuthbert: Farmer’s Market 30th July 9am – 1pm in Kinross High Street. Feel Good Fair at LLCC 14th May. Cllr Cuthbert asked if any training for CCs was being received, but was told that there was none – The money saved on new budget system for CCs was supposed to be used by PKC for training them.
Joe Giacopazzi and Willie Robertson: Nothing not already reported above.

Planning Matters
16/00483/FLL Erection of a marquee for use as function venue, Function Hall, Solsgirth House, Solsgirth. The CC members discussed this further after the last meeting and decided not to comment.
16/00679/FLL Corrie-Tigh, Rumbling Bridge. Alterations to a dwelling house. No Community Council comment.
16/00620/FLL Land 70 Metres south-east of Merryhills, Rumbling Bridge. Erection of four dwelling houses and garages. No Community Council comment.
16/00514/FLL Erection of a replacement dwelling house at Land 200 Metres South West of Broomhill, Peat Gate, Crook of Devon. Comments were due on this application by 2nd May, so the CC discussed it by email and agreed to object on the grounds that the development was within the Loch Leven catchment area and hence appropriate measures were needed for sewage processing, and that this development would be contrary to the Houses in the Countryside Policy.. This application has now been withdrawn.
16/00545/IPL Erection of a dwelling house at land 30 metres east of Vine house, Solsgirth. No Community Council comment.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: George Lawrie of the TRACKS group has a new email address: moc.liamg|skcart.egroeG#moc.liamg|skcart.egroeG

AOCB: The Public Transport Unit is holding an open day from 9:30 to16:00 on 19th May in the Garden Room at Kinross Day Centre to receive feedback from the public about local transport needs. Anyone who is unable to attend this meeting can give feedback at ku.vog.ckp|tropsnartcilbup#ku.vog.ckp|tropsnartcilbup
The planned car park at Rumbling Bridge is still to be built, although the responsibility has passed to a different developer.

For updates and news in our area, please visit the CC’s Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fossoway-District-Community-Council/711301235622099

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting

Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, A977 Mitigation, Emergency Support Centre, CC Grant, Blairingone War Memorial, Ivy Cottage Powmill, Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme, Crook in Bloom, Dunning Glen, Station Road Adoption
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 7th June 2016 7:30 pm
Powmill Moubray Hall
All Welcome

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