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Ryder Cup Silent Auction - Buy a Piece of History


Please find details below of a charitable silent auction of Perth & Kinross Council’s Ryder Cup street dressing items.

Briefing for Community Councils: Charitable silent auction of Perth & Kinross Council’s Ryder Cup street dressing items

The Provost and Council Leaders have agreed that Perth & Kinross Council will operate a silent auction of Ryder Cup street dressing items. This will take place from 20 April until 31 May. Ryder Cup Europe is supportive of this initiative.

All proceeds from the silent auction will go to the two official local Ryder Cup charities: Perth & Kinross Disability Sports and Friends of St Margaret’s Hospital. The charities are also supportive of this initiative.

Up for auction will be a varied collection of street dressing items, such as flags, posters, banners that were hung from lamp posts and road-side signs. These were used to decorate the local area and present a smart and warm welcome to Ryder Cup visitors when the prestigious golf tournament took place in September last year. This is a chance for members of the public to gain a small piece of historic occasion, which was credited by many as the ‘best ever Ryder Cup’. The Junior Ryder Cup at Blairgowrie Golf Club was also credited as being the most successful event.

The items feature the Ryder Cup logo and include wording such as ‘Perthshire Welcomes The Ryder Cup’ and ‘Blairgowrie Welcomes The Junior Ryder Cup’, and winning bidders will also receive a certificate of authenticity with their item.

The full list of items up for auction, a bidding form and a silent auction brochure are available to view online at www.pkc.gov.uk/rydercupauction. Hard copies of the silent auction brochure which contains the list of items will also be available to read in local libraries and mobile libraries across Perth and Kinross, as well as in Perth Museum & Art Gallery, the Fergusson Gallery and at reception in the Council's offices in Pullar House in Perth city centre.

Bids can be submitted via emailing a bidding form to ku.vog.ckp|4102puCredyR#ku.vog.ckp|4102puCredyR or by posting the form to Ryder Cup Auction, Community Greenspace, Pullar House, 35 Kinnoull Street, Perth PH1 5GD. Bids can also be made by completing an online bidding form at www.pkc.gov.uk/rydercupauction. The auction opens to bids at 8.45am on Monday 20 April and will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 31 May.

The silent auction will be promoted to the public via the press, the Council’s corporate website and social media, and a poster will be distributed to local places of interest. Please find the poster attached, for your use if you wish.

We wanted to share this information with you, should you receive enquiries from your local community, as there has been some interest in obtaining these items.

For further information, please contact Keith McNamara, Head of Environmental and Consumer Services at Perth & Kinross Council. Tel: 01738 476404. E: ku.vog.ckp|aramaNcMDK#ku.vog.ckp|aramaNcMDK

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Community Council Minutes - April 2015

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
7th April, Carnbo Village Hall

Attending: CCllrs: Sandy Morrison, Kevin Borthwick, Trudy Duffy, Alastair Lavery and Graham Pye; Cllrs Dave Cuthbert and Willie Robertson; 6 Members of the Public.
Apologies: CCllr Angus Cheape; Cllrs Mike Barnacle and Joe Giacopazzi
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: PC Sadie Allan attended, and a report had been received. There are no reported crimes in our area in the last month. Residents should be aware that bogus callers and workmen continue to operate in the area. Several thefts of agricultural machinery, power tools and equipment have taken place from vehicles and commercial premises across the Perth and Kinross area. Any information should be reported to the Police on the 101 number.
The CC asked PC Allan to remind Ron Brady, of Easter Muirhead stables, of his responsibility to keep the road by his property clear of mud for road safety reasons.
We’ve received notice about the launch of Community Watch, which is a new service replacing Rural Watch. Members of the CC will attend the launch meeting.
Cllr Robertson met with Chief Inspector Mike Whitford to discuss why Community Speed Watch is being launched in the Highland Region but not here. The explanation is that the scheme being deployed in the Highlands is not the same as here, its volunteers record speeds and report them to Police. PKC’s Community Safety Officer is investigating and will give us details as to whether something like that could be done in our area. Volunteers will need to be trained and Police checked.
Minutes of the previous meeting: Were signed off without amendments.
Matters Arising
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme:
No update.
Blairingone War Memorial: Work to be carried out in spring.
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Cllr Robertson introduced a paper, prepared by Cllrs Cuthbert and Barnacle, about the situation at this site to the 17th March DMC. He explained that the DMC needs to issue an ultimatum. The paper was discussed at length and the DMC members agreed that a report would be published in six months’ time, and if the majority of the planning conditions have still not been met by then, then the planning permission would be withdrawn.
Cllr Robertson had asked Environmental Health why offending generators were not confiscated when noise reports were received, and was told that lack of power could create a health risk for the users.
If noise complaints continue to be received, then Cllr Cuthbert will be pressing for fixed penalties to be imposed on the users.
Glenquey Quarry: An appeal against the refusal of the planning application has been lodged. Any additional objections need to be lodged with the Scottish Ministers by 9th April.
Blairingone Community Workshop: No progress.
Lambhill Chipping plant: Cllr Cuthbert reports that the decision letter refusing permission was issued on 25th March. It’s not clear whether the stop order has actually been issued. John Anderson wishes to thank Brian Stanford for his assistance in this matter.
Landscape areas in Kinross-shire: Cllr Robertson reports that this came before the planning committee last month, unfortunately Cllr Barnacle’s motion to add the Cleish Hills, and Devon Gorge was defeated, although the remainder of the paper was approved. There may still be an opportunity to designate these two areas via the Main Issues Report.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Cuthbert is challenging the published traffic statistics which show a much lower number of HGVs than is generally perceived. A survey conducted by a local resident nearly 15 years ago showed 4856 vehicles per day, of which 14% were HGVs, and it’s difficult to believe that those numbers have not significantly increased since then.
Waulkmill Play Area: The Park is now open! The old container has been removed. MoP reports that the play area is being well used; however the level difference between the ends of the Flying Fox is not sufficient to make it work. Cllr Robertson will look into this problem.
Main Issues Report: A response was submitted on behalf of this CC, which included the following points: Appropriate business development in rural areas, e.g. craft workshops; Emphasis on brownfield site development in town centres; Village development should be central rather than linear; Pre-emptive provision of sites for travellers by PKC; Overarching policy for windfarm development; Closer liaison with Scottish water to provide appropriate water and sewage supplies for proposed developments; Social housing to be provided in areas where there are adequate supporting services, and not mandated to all developments; Robust protection of Loch Leven catchment; Developments along A977 should contribute to mitigation measures, with a bypass for Blairingone as a priority; Crook of Devon: Development in conjunction with new roundabout at A977 junction by Fossoway Garage; Powmill: Develop old hotel site and in the village centre; Blairingone: develop between the line of the previously proposed bypass and the village, and elsewhere as previously suggested; Carnbo: Needs public sewerage provision. The CC’s full response is available in the correspondence, and on PKC’s website.
CC Membership: We would welcome new members.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: The bollards have now been replaced. A site meeting was held with the PKC Roads Department, members of this CC and elected members to discuss a possible barrier or pavement widening. Kevin reports that the Roads Department are investigating what possible changes can be made to improve the safety of this section of road.
Lambhill Forestry Project: We’re awaiting a response to our question about access during works.
New Business
Crook Moss Community Involvement:
Sandy has established the name of the current landowner and contacted them. The landowner has suggested a joint venture with the CC to protect the land against undesirable development, and provide ecological benefits. A meeting will be set up to discuss this proposal.
Flood Risk Assessment: The first phase of this report, received previously, didn’t appear to be relevant to us, but there is now a new report which will be examined.
Gritting and Snow Clearance: PKC have asked for comments on the performance of this activity. A number of comments have been received via the CC’s Facebook page, which will be summarised and returned to PKC.
MoP points out that the recent tanker crash on the A977 was attributed to ice on the road, hence the priority of this road should be raised so that it is gritted 24/7 like other major roads.
This led to a comment that the bridge fence damaged by the above crash has not yet been repaired and a more substantial temporary barrier needs to be erected to make the pavement safe for pedestrians pending full reinstatement. Cllr Robertson will chase this.
Signage in Fossoway Area: Cllr Barnacle has requested PKC to add a footpath sign at Crook of Devon Village Hall car park (SW corner) to Waullkmill Park/Fossoway Church. The sign on the Devon bank directing walkers through Lendrick Woods is incorrect, and instead a choice of continuing along the bank and through Naemoor Estate should be offered. During the discussion of this item a MoP suggested it would be good to get the Criminal Justice Unpaid Work Team to clean signs generally, and the CC will contact the team about this.
Station Road Adoption: Angus and Cllr Barnacle attended a meeting on 2nd April to discuss this, and other local issues, however in the absence of both of them, Kevin passed on that there was general consensus about the adoption, with the possibility of further funds being found.
Community Council Business
Meetings Attended:

Sandy and Kevin attended the site meeting at Crook of Devon Village Hall to discuss the A977, and Angus attended the meeting to discuss Station Road adoption. See items above.
Councillors’ Reports
Cllr Robertson: The Boundary Commission has suggested that the Kinross-shire ward be changed to make it smaller and reduce the number of Councillors to three. Everywhere north of the A91 would be moved to the Earn Ward, which takes no effect of local areas. This was considered to be completely unacceptable by all present – one of the implications would be that this CC would now cover more than one ward, and would need attendance of two additional councillors from the other ward. Cllr Robertson will pass on our concerns to the relevant department.
Cllr Cuthbert: Is also preparing a paper to comment on the Boundary Commission change. This area has fewer constituents per Councillor than others, and hence why it’s being targeted for reduction.
Rumbling Bridge planning application was turned down by the Local Review Board, of which he is a member.
Other items covered above.
Planning Matters
15/00420/FLL. Extension to dwelling house. Marwood Naemoor Road, Crook of Devon, Kinross KY13 0UH. Addition of first floor bedroom and ground floor kitchen.
No CC comment.
15/00392/FLL. Erection of a double garage. Easter Muirhead Bothy, Blairingone, Dollar FK14 7ND.
No CC comment.
15/00348/FLL. Extension to Dwelling house. Station House, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross KY13 0PT.
No CC comment.
15/00326/FLL. Alterations to dwelling house (in retrospect). Easter Muirhead Bothy, Blairingone, Dollar FK14 7ND
No CC comment.
Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: The National re-use phone line is a service that easily allows you pass on household items to be used again. Call 0800 0665 820 or see the web site http://www.zerowastescotland.org.uk
AOCB: MoP has raised several issues about the state of Powmill: A hedge damaged by the earlier tanker crash, remnants of the demolished hotel, damaged bridge railings, and building at corner of Gartwhinzean Road in disrepair. Further the debris left by the tree pruning along A91 has still not all been cleared up.
We now have 90 likes to our Facebook page, the posting about the tanker crash and the road closure for its recovery were viewed by over a thousand people.
Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting
Matters arising: Hydro Scheme, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Glenquey Quarry, Blairingone Community Workshop, Lambhill Chipping Plant, A977 Mitigation, Bollards opposite Crook Village Hall, Crook Moss Community Involvement, Flood Risk Assessment, Station Road Adoption.
Community Councillors - Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting and AGM: Tuesday 5th May 2015 7:30 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All Welcome

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Community Council Minutes - March 2015

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
3rd March, Blairingone Primary School

Attending: CCllrs: Sandy Morrison, Kevin Borthwick, Alastair Lavery and Graham Pye; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert and Joe Giacopazzi; 19 members of the public.
Apologies: CCllrs Angus Cheape and Trudy Duffy; Cllr Willie Robertson
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: No Officer was present; however a report has been received. There are no reported crimes in our area in the last month. Residents should be aware that bogus callers and workmen continue to operate in the area. Several thefts of power tools and equipment have taken place from vehicles and commercial premises across the Perth and Kinross area. Any information should be reported to the Police on the 101 number. Sergeant Sandra Williams retired on 27th February; the CC wishes her a pleasant retirement and thanks her for her assistance over the years.
Minutes of the previous meeting: Cllr Giacopazzi notes that Cllr Cuthbert is not a member of the MOWG as implied by the minutes, although he plans to attend the next meeting to address relevant points.

Matters arising
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: We have received information about how the Community Benefit Fund is to be set up, its membership and role. More details will be provided and further discussion will take place closer to the time.
Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle reports that the contractor will carry out the move in the spring.
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Cllrs Cuthbert and Barnacle had intended to raise a motion to discuss this at a DMC meeting, but instead the Planners will bring a progress report to the March 17th DMC meeting. Cllr Barnacle has contacted SEPA regarding the CAR licence applications for individual systems, and PKC Planning Department are reported to be happy with this changed arrangement, even though it’s contrary to the original planning consent. Cllr Giacopazzi intends to raise the issue of planning enforcement at the MOWG.
Glenquey Quarry: We await a possible appeal against the refusal of the planning application, which must be made before the end of March.
Blairingone Community Workshop: At the request of PKC, the involved landowners have instructed Ballantyne’s to prepare a strategic plan, which is being produced as quickly as possible, with the aim of it being ready for consideration by the Community within the next six months, or hopefully sooner. There was extensive discussion about whether development would safeguard the school, and where it would be economically viable to develop new houses that would be supported by the Community.
Lambhill Chipping plant: John Anderson updated the meeting on progress of the application. The recently published Noise Assessment has been rejected by the Planners. John has been promised by Brian Stanford that a meeting will be held with the planners, local councillors and a representative of the CC, with an MP or MSP present as an impartial observer. Meanwhile John urges all local residents to object to the application.
MoP notes that there continues to be numerous lorry movements every day.
Cllr Cuthbert has been trying to arrange a site visit for a considerable time; however the publication of the Noise Report has made it clear that mitigation measures need to be put in place to reduce the noise – in the meantime, the Case Officer has agreed that the site should be issued with a stop order, which hasn’t happened as of the date of this meeting.
Several MoPs point out that even if a planning application is approved with conditions attached, the people of the village have no confidence that the conditions will be enforced. Cllr Giacopazzi agreed to look into whether the site is currently assessed as an agricultural or industrial site for Council Tax purposes.
As a result of the provision of the Noise Report, the site’s planning application 13/01174/FLL has been reactivated, and letters have been sent to prior objectors notifying them of this. (In fact the initial letter referred to the wrong application reference, and had to be re-issued.) The CC will write to PKC to seek clarification of the whereabouts of the noise mitigation measures, and to confirm that previously submitted objections would still be included.
Landscape areas in Kinross-shire: No policy has yet been published by PKC.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Giacopazzi attended a meeting with PKC where a report of the number of traffic accidents and volumes on the A977 compared to other trunk routes in the area showed that measures on the A977 are not a priority at the moment. Currently there are 4,500 vehicles per day, whereas the capacity of a road of this level is 13 thousand. The proportion of heavy vehicles is 6%. The accident rate has dropped from 13% to 9% since the Clackmannanshire Bridge was opened. The Roads department have agreed to change the style of drainage gullies to a type that make less noise when heavy vehicles cross them; Consideration will be given to installation of signs that actually show vehicle speed; Signage on the far side of the Clackmannanshire Bridge will be adjusted to try and to divert more traffic away from A977 and through Dunfermline.
Several MoPs raised the issue of speeding through the village and asked why it wasn’t possible to install speed cameras, Cllrs explained that cameras are not allowed in the absence of a bad accident record, although this rule is due to change shortly.
Waulkmill Play Area: This is expected to be completed this month.
Overhanging Trees at Moubray Hall: Awaiting weather improvement.
Main Issues Report: Comments need to be provided by the 31st March. During Sandy’s attendance at the LDP2 Pre-MIR drop-in surgery he asked how the Community as a whole could be consulted in the short timescale, with the response that the Community would be consulted once the MIR was produced. That was when major consultation takes place and the community can have input and changes can be made. Local councillors agreed that this was not how they expected the process to work, and that they thought that Community consultation should be taking place now.
Sandy suggests the following items should be included: Landscape areas; Gypsy Traveller’s Policies, including pro-active creation of sites; No retrospective applications should be allowed within the Loch Leven catchment area, with any required remediation measures being carried out before development begins; A wind farm policy needs to be developed; A977 mitigation measures; More detail on planning conditions to remove any ambiguities; Provision of employment development opportunities in areas outside Perth city; No development immediately adjacent to existing village boundaries; More development of brown field sites before green field sites are considered; Social and affordable housing should be built in areas where there is actually a need rather than insisting on them being created in every development; Concentrate new developments in the centre of existing communities rather than allowing ribbon development; Infrastructure needs to be developed in advance to encourage development; Enhance existing waste water processing capabilities to allow developments to take place. It had previously been established that development should take place at Blairingone and Powmill. The development at Powmill should focus on the old Hotel site and the centre of the village rather than ribbon development. At Crook of Devon the field beside the village hall could be looked at for possible development, provided the developer would put in a roundabout at the T-junction next to Fossoway Garage, but ensuring proper access for the garage. In Carnbo provision of public sewage in view of the extensive development which has taken place.
Any further items that the Community feels should be added to the above list are welcome to be submitted as well. MoPs suggest that the Blairingone by-pass should be added to the plan as it’s generally agreed that this would be the appropriate solution to the traffic problem in Blairingone.
Because of the views expressed by PKC officials the CC will submit the above items but any further input from members of the community would be welcome and should be sent to both PKC and the CC prior to the 31st of March.
CC Membership: We would welcome new members.
Community Speedwatch: Cllr Robertson was due to meet with Chief Inspector Mike Whitford to discuss why this is being launched in the Highland Region but not here, however Cllr Robertson was unable to attend this CC meeting so will report next month.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: Cllr Barnacle has requested a site meeting to discuss a more extensive solution to this problem, but hasn’t had a response yet.

New Business
Lambhill Forestry Project: Kevin passed on notice from the Forestry Commission that the footpath across the first field will be closed during project works; however access can still be made by going round the edge of the field, although MoP report that this is currently difficult due to the ground conditions. There is some concern from MoP about the nature of the work in process and continued access to the FC land without needing to cross ground belonging to other landowners. The FC would also welcome school visits, etc.
BT Adopt a Kiosk Scheme: BT are offering the opportunity to purchase unused phone boxes.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: Sandy attended the LDP2 Pre-MIR drop-in surgery. Details in MIR report above.

Councillors’ Reports
Cllr Barnacle: PKC has a Budget available of 40% towards the adoption of the road at the Village Hall, Crook of Devon, which will be actively pursued.
Cllr Cuthbert: Nothing else to report other than already described above.
Cllr Giacopazzi: Ivy Cottage can’t be boarded up without the permission of the owners.

Planning Matters
15/00262/FLL. Modification of planning permission 14/00689/FLL (erection of a dwelling house) - change of house type at plot 2, Land 40 Metres South West of Muirfield, Fossoway. No CC comment.
15/00225/FLL. Erection of a cattle shed. Rivendell, Blairingone, Dollar FK14 7ND. Note that the location of this development, although originally specified as Rivendell has now been changed to Lambhill. No CC comment.
15/00196/FLL. Change of use of coach house to mixed (sui generis) entertainment use, formation of decking, removal of stone wall and erection of temporary marquee and toilets (in retrospect). Tullibole Castle, Fossoway, Kinross KY13 0QN. No CC comment.
15/00167/FLL. Erection of boundary wall and fence. The Paddock, Station Road, Crook of Devon, Kinross KY13 0PG. No CC comment.
Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: Perth Relay for Life in aid of Cancer Research will take place on 20th June – Teams welcome.

AOCB: Vicar’s bridge core Path to Dollarbeg has had signs warning people that no unauthorised vehicles are allowed. As notified last month, the CC has now purchased a laser printer to enable paperwork to be produced double sided and at less cost in consumables. The CC’s Facebook page now has 70 likes.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting
Matters arising: Hydro Scheme, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Glenquey Quarry, Blairingone Community Workshop, Lambhill Chipping Plant, A977 Mitigation, Waulkmill Play Area, Main Issues Report, Bollards opposite Crook Village Hall
Community Councillors - Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 7th April 2015 7:30 pm
Carnbo Village Hall
All Welcome

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