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Rumbling Bridge Hydro Open Day Cancelled

The open day celebrating the official opening of the Rumbling Bridge Hydro scheme, which was scheduled for Saturday 29th October, has had to be cancelled for operational reasons.

It's hoped to re-schedule the event in the New Year.

See the scheme's website for more information.

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Firework Display at Nineacres Campsite, Crook of Devon


2nd Fife Scout Group are again holding a fireworks evening this year at their scout campsite at Crook of Devon on Friday 4th November 2016 from 7 to 9pm.

Fireworks will be from 7.30 to 8.00pm followed by a campfire. Food and refreshments will be on sale between 7.30 and 9 pm.

The evening is informal and no charges will be made, but donations are welcome.

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Community Council Minutes - October 2016

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
4th October 2016, Blairingone Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs: Trudy Duffy, Graham Kilby and Graham Pye; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert and Joe Giacopazzi; 10 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: CCllr Angus Cheape; Cllr Willie Robertson.
Co-option of New CC Member: The CC welcomes Jennifer Donachie as a new member – Proposed: CCllr Duffy; Seconded: CCllr Pye.
CC Roles: Now that we have one new member of the CC it is possible, and necessary to avoid some duplication of roles, to identify the responsibilities of each of the current CC members:
Trudy Duffy: Chair and Data Controller;
Graham Pye: Treasurer, Vice-chair and Minutes Secretary
Jennifer Donachie: Secretary and Planning – Proposed: CCllr Duffy; Seconded: CCllr Pye.
Graham Kilby: Facebook and Community Liaison/Initiatives
Angus Cheape: Kinross-shire Fund
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were two incidents to note, received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch: during the weekend of Friday 9th September, a quantity of red diesel was stolen from a tractor which was parked within the car park belonging to Powmill Milk bar; Sometime between 2pm and 6.30pm Thursday 22nd September, approximately 300kg of wheat was stolen from Arndean Farm, Blairhill, Rumbling Bridge.
Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were amended to correct the planning reference number for the application at land west of Devonlade, which should have been 16/01313/FLL rather than 16/01352/FLL. This was also corrected in the Declarations of Interest.

Matters Arising
Crook Moss Traveller’s Site: Cllr Barnacle received an email from one of the residents asking for a meeting, which was held at the Village Hall, Cllr Cuthbert also attended. The site occupants stated their desire to integrate with the community and raised some concerns about rubbish disposal and water and power connections, which Cllrs agreed to help them with.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllrs had a meeting with the Roads department – currently the department is trying to recruit an engineer to do the planning for the possible mitigation measures. Cllr Duffy notes that the 40mph speed limit signs between Balado and the M90 have now been erected. Cllr Giacopazzi has been pursuing the problem with the dip in the road by Devonshaw Cottage, Powmill, but this is not yet fixed, and neither are the speed activated signs – it appears that there is some confusion as to whether these types of signs are the responsibility of the highways department or the street lighting department.
Speeding Through Villages: Speeding traffic is an ongoing problem throughout the area and efforts from this CC and our local councillors do not appear to have achieved any significant results. Perhaps the time has come to create a Community Partnership with the Police and PKC to try and address this issue. Cllr Cuthbert suggests that we try out “Police Cut-outs” at the entrance to villages where speed monitoring is already planned to take place and see if they have any effect. It’s also possible that the new head of Police Scotland may look favourably on Community Speed Watch schemes, and Cllrs will be pressing for this.
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: The scheme is now operating and generating power, with last minute adjustments being made to optimise output. The official opening is due to be on Friday 28th October at 3pm. On Saturday 29th October there will be an open afternoon from 1pm until 4pm centred on the Crook of Devon Village Hall. Mini-Buses will be available to take people from the Hall to locations in Rumbling Bridge to see the scheme. Walking routes to the major site locations will also be signposted.
The Community Benefit Group is due to hold its next meeting on Friday 7th October. A community engagement exercise will be taking place to determine what sort of grant applications will be received.
Crook and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that a planting day will be held on the morning of 15th October, any helpers welcome.
Powmill in Bloom: A recent work party has done some planting and new planters have been created. The next planned activity is to improve the road verge outside the Milk Bar.
Dunning Glen: Cllr Cuthbert has spoken to Sgt. Amanda Nicholson – the Police have been collecting car numbers at the site.
Sports Hub: The hub was officially launched on 17th September at Kinross Community Campus. Consultation has been held to assess local requirements, and this will be reviewed at the next meeting on the 27th October.
A meeting of various local sports and community groups within Fossoway was held on 21st September, to set up a sub group to the larger Sports Hub and to look how the sports field in Crook of Devon can be best used. There was a good level of interest from the existing clubs in the area. Cllr Barnacle adds that Sadie Watson of the Parent’s Council has suggested a survey in Fossoway to assess demand for sports in this area.
Station Road Adoption: Cllr Barnacle reports that PKC have issued a notice of intention to adopt the road on 10th August. Two objections have been received. PKC can in fact proceed with the adoption in spite of objections, however this does not change the finance position, and as the objectors are unlikely to be willing to pay their share, the contribution from the other frontagers may have to increase, but VAT will not be payable.
Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle has received opinions that it would be possible to move the memorial without damage, although it would require a skilled mason to do it. If finance is the issue, then perhaps some funds might be available to help. Cllr Barnacle will contact Profile Projects once more.
Safer Route to School – Drum: A report on addressing the traffic problems with the B9097 will shortly be issued, that might help with this problem.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Ivy Cottage, Powmill: No update.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: Awaiting a report from PKC Roads Department on how the safety of this section of road could be improved.

New Business
None this month.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Kilby attended a meeting of the Sports Hub (see above); CCllr Duffy attended a meeting to determine CC representation on Community Action Partnerships. Cllr Cuthbert explained that the aim of the partnerships is to address inequalities in the area. First meeting is 6th October. Inequalities covers a wide range of topics, including bus services, ambulance attendance times, speeding traffic, etc. Issues collected will be fed into the plans for NHS, PKC, Police, etc., across the area.
CC Bank Account: As previously explained the CC needs to open a new bank account in order to obtain online access. The account will continue to be with the TSB and the signatories will be CCllr Graham Pye and CCllr Trudy Duffy. All other attributes of the account will remain the same.

Councillors’ Reports
Dave Cuthbert: Cllr Cuthbert points out that tomorrow’s full council meeting will be discussing the financial plan which is likely to contain very bad news.
Joe Giacopazzi: Nothing not already reported above.
Mike Barnacle: Cllr Barnacle notes that progress on the new Local plan has been delayed, due to the late arrival of the Tay Plan, until later next year. This allows more time to organise a coherent local response to the plan.

Planning Matters
16/01119/FLL Extension to dwelling house and alterations to garage to form ancillary accommodation at The Farmhouse, Easter Muirhead Farm, Blairingone, Dollar, FK14 7ND. No CC Comment
16/01450/IPL Erection of a dwelling house (in principle) at Land 30 metres northwest of Firs of Viewfield, Drum. No CC Comment
16/01473/FLL Renewal of permission 13/01816/FLL (change of house type) at Land 30 metres northwest of The Meadows, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone. No CC Comment
16/01476/FLL Renewal of permission 13/01818/FLL (change of house type) at Site 70 metres northwest of The Meadows, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone. No CC Comment
16/01477/FLL Renewal of permission 13/01817/FLL (change of house type) at Site 70 metres northwest of The Meadows, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone. No CC Comment
16/01544/IPL Residential development (in principle) at Land 50 metres north of Mellock House, Fossoway. Discussed by email before the meeting and agreed to no CC Comment
16/01551/FLL Erection of two dwelling houses at land 50 metres east of Naemoor Gardens, Rumbling Bridge. No CC Comment
16/01534/FLL Erection of a dwelling house (revised design). Land to the rear of Vicar's Bridge Road Blairingone. No CC Comment
16/01588/FLL Erection of a dwelling house and shed. Land 20 Metres south east of Burnside, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone. No CC Comment

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: The A977 will be closed at Blairingone from 17th October for two weeks to allow resurfacing works to be carried out.
At the request of CCllr Duffy, PKC’s Charles Haggart will conduct a traffic speed survey in Carnbo.

John Anderson asked local councillors if they had any news about the Lamb Hill application, and were they aware of the level of public feeling about this. Cllrs confirmed that they were well aware of this.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Speeding Through Villages, Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme, Crook and Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Dunning Glen, Sports Hub, Blairingone War Memorial.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 1st November 2016 7:30 pm
Powmill Moubray Hall
All Welcome

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