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Community Council Minutes - October 2017

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
3rd October 2017, Blairingone Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs Cameron Brown, Jennifer Donachie, Carol Farquhar and Graham Pye (Chair); P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Callum Purves, Willie Robertson and Richard Watters; 7 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: CCllrs Angus Cheape and Trudy Duffy; P&K Cllr Callum Purves
Declarations of Interest: CCllr Pye declared an interest in Planning Applications 17/01547/FLL, 17/01548/FLL, 17/01550/FLL and 17/01551/FLL.
Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were three incidents to note in our area in the last month from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch: Between 8pm on Wednesday 13th and 8am on Thursday 14th September an
Ifor Williams trailer was stolen from Easter Muirhead Farm, Blairingone; Between 8pm and 9pm Monday 18th September, a blue Stephill generator with a road tow was stolen from the rear garden of the premises occupied by The Mart Inn, Main Street, Blairingone; About 10pm on Saturday 16th September a garage door was damaged at a property in Main Street, Crook of Devon.
Minutes of the previous meeting: CCllr Farquhar noted that the Disability Sports Day will be held on the 3rd of December and not the 4th.

Matters Arising
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Barnacle reported that a meeting was held with project officer Daryl McKeown, it was felt the proposals were generally favourable. Discussions were held relating to junction with the B-road at Crook of Devon, traffic in Blairingone, new types of traffic lights, road alterations and roundabouts. Cllr Robertson added that slowing of traffic, deterring of lorries and improving quality of life for those living next to the road were the overarching outcomes. Vehicle Actuated ‘SLOW’ signs will be replaced with signs notifying the speed of the passing vehicle, these signs will in future be maintained. Cllr Barnacle reported thatfurther resurfacing is to take place. One MoP asked what measure will deter lorries from using the A977. Cllr Robertson answered that the only way to deter lorries is by making the travel times longer. One MoP raised concerns regarding the speed of traffic on the A977 when crossing from the Millenium walk to Harelaw Road and suggested that the speed limit could be extended towards Briglands, Cllr Barnacle responded that this has been noted in the past and would be a good idea.
Crook of Devon and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy passed on the information that Crook of Devon have won a Silver in the “Take a Pride in Perthshire” Awards, as well as a First in the new entries category. The CC would like to record its thanks to Amanda James for her efforts in Crook and Drum Growing Together.
Powmill in Bloom: Cllr Farquhar reported that members have been strimming and grass cutting. Two thousand bulbs have been collected from Puller House and a lawn mower donated by Ramsay Cooper.
Hydro Scheme: Hugh Wallace of Glendevon Energy has requested the Community Fund’s bank details in order to transfer this year’s £5k contribution. MoP asked when the community engagement exercise will be taking place.
Naemoor Bridge: Cllr Barnacle reported that the missing coping stones were due to be replaced by now but there is still no sign of any change.
Lambhill Site, Blairingone: Cllr Purves and John Anderson had previously delivered a petition to the Scottish Government; however the petition was rejected as it was not of national interest. The Clerk dealing with the petition forwarded further information regarding alternative means of taking action. Mr Anderson raised the concern that past commitments on the issue have been ignored and is looking for further means of raising the plight of the village to the Scottish Government. Councillors suggested that the lack of community benefit from the neighbouring overcast mine might raise the option of a special landscape designation making it of national significance.
School Estate Transformation: An informal community drop-in session for Blairingone Primary School was held on Thursday 21st September. The online questionnaire (http://pkc.school-estate-feedback-blairingone.sgizmo.com/s3/) can be completed until 6th October. Cllr Farquhar attended the meeting and reported that the session was informative and was surprised that the decision to retain the school would not be made solely on the basis of economics and that the rationale behind is based on the local community. The building is in good order and can accommodate approx. 25 pupils at present. There was a feeling from those present that the community would be affected should the school close and that losing the school might be a big factor in a further loss of the community feeling in Blairingone.
One MoP mentioned that in the past the option of changing catchment area was not well received. Cllr Watters reported that four Blairingone children attend Fossoway School, and that there were some projections of pupil numbers declining and then again increasing in the future. Cllr Barnacle suggested changing the catchment area and an integrated approach to working between schools could make the school more viable.
Cllr Robertson made the point that should the school close that some form of community facility should remain. Cllr Watters suggested that should the school close there is the possibility for an asset transfer to the local community by using the Community Empowerment act, if a sufficient business case could be put forward for the school as a community asset. Cllr Barnacle commented that the closing of a school takes a substantial amount of time, and further opportunities for consultation will take place.
Fossoway Area Public Transport: There has been correspondence from members of the public to Andrew Warrington regarding the DRT service. Cllr Robertson reported that there is a shortage of taxi services in the Kinross area, many of which have contracts with the education services.
LDP2: Cllr Barnacle and Cllr Waters attended a meeting with planners, following work done in Kinross-shire relating to forum meetings etc., it had been decided to set up a short life members working group, which is currently meeting weekly.
Cllr Barnacle summarised possible outcomes relating to LDP2 - Blairingone: the sites to the north and south will be zoned as phased development; Rumbling Bridge: the village envelope will not be altered at present; Crook of Devon: the site is not likely to be included within the settlement boundary, an alternative option of a mixed use site could be discussed provided an amendment is moved, not having this option could mean no affordable housing will be zoned in Crook of Devon until 2028.
Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle reported that a recent planning application for additional access to the old Church was rejected, and was also refused by the Local Review Body due to technical requirements regarding vehicle manoeuvring.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Crook Moss Travellers Site and Ivy Cottage Powmill.

New Business: None this month

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Farquhar attended a meeting of the Sports Hub at which raising the profile of the group was discussed. Some publicity on the sports hub has been put together. It is felt there may be too strong a focus on Kinross within this group and less so for communities on the fringes such as Fossoway. A local group had been discussed previously but has not been followed up. Cllr Robertson reported that there are several local groups but due to a lack of facilities most have to travel to Kinross, e.g. football team, curling club, etc. Cllr Barnacle felt that a short working group to assess sport facilities and the needs of local sports clubs in the area could be of benefit.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Mike Barnacle: Cllr Purves had notified the CC by email prior to this meeting that Perth & Kinross Council will be holding a meeting of the full council in the Assembly Hall at Loch Leven Community Campus on Wednesday, 4th October at 2p.m. Cllr Barnacle noted that this meeting is a good step forward to possibly devolved powers to local communities. Motions such as deposit return systems will be discussed to improve recycling etc. Health care services, Perth to Edinburgh rail link and junction 7 on the M9 are also being discussed. Cllr Robertson added that the meeting on the 4th will be the first time the council has met outwith Perth since the Council building in Kinross closed and there are plans for similar meetings in other areas of Perth and Kinross such as Crieff.
Cllr Barnacle had heard concerns regarding the A91 closure. There was a demand for 20mph limits following the A977 consultation, this is not necessarily possible due to policy constraints, Cllr Barnacle and Cllr Purves are looking to address this.
Willie Robertson: The Action Partnership for Almond and Earn have approximately £50k budget. Cllr Robertson proposed Kinross could have a devolved budget which would be allocated using an area committee for Kinross-shire made up with members of local groups. Cllr Watters noted that the Action Partnerships will also receive two further tranches of £15k.
Richard Watters: Cllr Watters brought up the subject of the review of NHS process for surgical services at PRI and Dundee. MoPs present were unaware that this review was taking place, CCllr Pye observed that he was only aware of it as a result of communications sent to the CC. Until very recently there were no local meetings to discuss this review, however there will now be a public drop at 5pm on Monday 11th LLCC.

Planning Matters
17/01547/FLL Change of use, alterations and extension to outbuildings to form two dwelling houses at Outbuildings, West of Briglands House, Rumbling Bridge. No CC comment.
17/01548/FLL Erection of dwelling house and garage at land 90 metres north-west of Briglands House, Rumbling Bridge. No CC comment.
17/01550/FLL Erection of garage/workshop and formation of hardstanding at Briglands House, Rumbling Bridge. No CC comment.
17/01551/FLL Change of use, alterations and extension to bothy to form dwelling house and erection of
garage at Former Bothy, Briglands, Rumbling Bridge. No CC Comment.

One MoP raised concerns about additional traffic because of the above developments at Briglands, both during building work and following completion – this has not been mentioned in any of the applications. There is also the potential issue of bin lorry, etc., access.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: The CAA have temporarily halted Edinburgh Airport’s airspace change review – but still plan to complete changes by Spring 2019 after further review. The Scottish Health Council have set up an online survey to assess the communication about NHS Tayside’s proposed changes to Surgical services described in Cllr Watters report above: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/NHSTaysideSurgical comments can be made until 17th October.

AOCB: One MOP commented that there is a shortage of bins for dog fouling; the Back Crook is one area in particular where two requests have previously been made for a poo bin.
John Anderson suggested that the local members could ask for a representative from the planning department to attend a CC meeting to discuss the Lambhill application and hear the Community’s views on the matter.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Crook & Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Hydro Scheme, Naemoor Bridge, Lambhill Site, Blairingone School, Fossoway Area Transport, Blairingone War Memorial.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 7th November 2017 7:30 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All Welcome

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Community Council Minutes - September 2017

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
5th September 2017, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs: Cameron Brown, Trudy Duffy and Carol Farquhar; P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle and Callum Purves; 12 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: CCllrs Graham Pye, Angus Cheape and Jennifer Donachie; P&K Cllrs Willie Robertson and Richard Watters
Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were no incidents to note in our area in the last two months from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch. PC Spalding has notified the CC that speed checks have been carried out in the Drum area and several drivers have been ticketed or warned. Sergeant Forrester, the Kinross Community Sergeant, is moving to another area and will shortly be replaced. One MOP reported that a tractor was stolen in the local area over the last month. CCllr Duffy suggested a meeting could be held with the newly appointed Community Sergeant. Cllr Barnacle is concerned with the lack of local police presence and attentiveness in the area. A road survey is currently under way in the area concerning A977 measures.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were signed off without amendment.

Matters Arising
Fossoway Area Public Transport: Andrew Warrington from Perth and Kinross Council attended the meeting to discuss changes to the No. 624 bus service and the possibility of a new school bus service from Muckhart to Kinross being available to the public during semester time. Mr Warrington reported that six times the amount of people are using the new DRT service compared to the previous bus service. The 624 service which is being withdrawn was a school bus service paid for through school transport allowance and according to the provider only one or two paying passengers used the service each month. The main motivation behind removing the bus service is to keep bus provision aligned with school attendance. Mr Warrington stated that all DRT operators are taking people to and from Kinross at peak periods and there is capacity to take more, contrary to some feeling in the local community that this service is at capacity. Mr Warrington commented that the DRT is costing the council more to run than the previous bus service. Mr Warrington strongly argued that the demand for DRT users needing to attend work, college etc., is being met and that more people using it will safeguard the service. The council have cut local bus services which are not profitable. Mr Warrington was happy to support further publicity to increase use of the DRT which might bring about a better and more widespread service to Fossoway. Mr Warrington suggested that despite the increase of demand from Clackmannanshire residents for a bus to Kinross High School, PKC will not support a bus service from the area if the pupils are attending KHS through a placement request. Mr Warrington suggested that residents make more use of the DRT service so that it is retained, but if this is not meeting people’s needs is more than happy to look at other options, however both a DRT and bus route is not an option. CCllr Duffy felt there were a number of issues with the above comments, although the DRT is a fantastic and well used service, there is a general understanding that the DRT is operating at full capacity and some people are being turned away. It also does not take away from the fact there is no bus to Kinross Park and Ride which links to Perth or Dunfermline for 9am. CCllr Duffy is under the impression that because there is such a diminished bus service and has been for some time now that people have begun to take their own measures for transport – friends, car shares etc., which is why figures quoted are not a true representation of public demand and requirement. Mr Warrington suggested that the DRT service providers have given feedback that they have not had to turn down people looking for places on the service but would welcome feedback from local residents on the service, contact details, names, list etc. Mr Warrington suggested that if there was what he felt was a problem with transport in the area further discussions would have to be held. Cllr Barnacle commented that the DRT is a good service, but does not think it should be ‘instead of’ public routes. The 23 service has been reduced from a bus every two hours to every three hours, which does not credit a service, and suggested that Stagecoach could provide one service before peak times – local residents cannot get into the county town or park and ride for 9am. Mr Warrington suggested Stagecoach would not provide this as it would not be of commercial interest to Stagecoach or PKC. Cllr Barnacle with Cllr Robertson suggested that a circular service supporting the county villages could be funded. Cllr Barnacle suggested the more that the DRT is used the greater cost it will have in the long run. CCllr Duffy felt that in this case the CC and Council have not reached an agreement, and that further publicity for DRT could be made and discussions held. Cllr Purves suggested that taking into account cuts to local services with increased costs for DRT service that in fact this service is costing more money. Cllr Barnacle commented on the lack of synergy between county transport and inter city transport which is surely a key aspect of planning bus services. Mr Warrington suggested that Kinross is still getting a fair share of coaches despite recent changes to the inter city time tables.

A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Barnacle reported that a meeting has been held and the council are in the process of appointing a project officer to deal with a A977 route action plan, assess the route between the Clackmannanshire border and Kinross and plan budget spending, however there has been a delay. An outline business case has been produced. Another meeting will be held at end of September and a consultation held. A series of options are to be presented in relation to funds. Data gathered from the public consultation held by Local Councillors in February is still to be integrated; there are issues with some suggestions being brought into reality due to constraints with policy. Research into different types of pedestrian crossing has been made. Roundabouts do not seem to be a favoured option but there is the possibility one may be provided through planning gain. Cllr Purves commented that repeated mitigation measures might be provided throughout the route, e.g. village gate ways, rumble strips etc., reinforcing transitions into built up areas. Vehicle Activated Speed signs will be funded separately. Particular areas are also being addressed e.g. signage at Rumbling Bridge, decluttering some signs, making signs more specific e.g. for speed limits etc. A MoP asked if these funds are to be spent this year. Cllr Barnacle commented that the funds have been earmarked for this purpose in the 2017/2018 budget. One MoP commented that enforcing speed limits is an ongoing problem, querying if there is any further progress on a Community Speed watch. CCllr Duffy asked if anything would be happening with A91, particularly around Carnbo. Cllr Purves has discussed with Daryl from PKC Roads, it was suggested there is no demand for further speed reduction and no funds available. One MoP commented that a survey was conducted on the A91 around eight years ago at an off peak time of year, some speed limit signs are covered because of tree growth, and there has also been disturbance in the area due to police car training. Cllr Barnacle suggested that there could be a case for VAS signs in Carnbo. Cllr Barnacle also suggested that the Gelvan Moore Road could become a green route. Cllr Purves followed up previous month’s comment on gulley clearing, that clearing is carried out once a year and that the A91 is to be cleared once A977 clearing has been completed.

LDP2: Cllr Barnacle wrote a letter in mid July to Peter Marshall addressing various points prior to publication of LDP2. A forum meeting with community councils was held in mid August. A ward councillors meeting has also been held. A letter was produced detailing the general feeling from these meetings which has been sent to Peter Marshall, head of environment, etc., discussing issues around infrastructure, site zonings and so on. Generally there is a consensus, but in Crook of Devon there is some disagreement, however it has been agreed that the proposed development from the February consultation should not go forward in the state presented and a smaller development of affordable housing with employment opportunities could be discussed – this will go to a special meeting of the council on 22nd of November, further dialogue with planners will be had before this meeting.
CCllr Duffy broadly agrees with Cllr Barnacle’s comments but not particularly with the zoning of Crook of Devon, which the CC commented on as response to the consultation in February.

Crook of Devon and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that the group is growing from strength to strength, a successful event was held at the village green and the group have plans to source grant money to make this area into an official village green. An autumn fair was to have been held in September but has been cancelled, but they will continue in the spring.

Powmill in Bloom Group: CCllr Farquhar reported that she attended the Best Kept Village award in Kinnesswood which was a pleasant gathering and was impressed by the commitment of the residents. CCllr Farquhar reported that the group is doing the best they can with the numbers they have and any new members are more than welcome – coffee and biscuits are always provided!

Hydro Scheme: CCllr Duffy reports that the Community Consultation has received grant funding and that a letter will be sent throughout the local community. An open day will be held on Saturday 28th of October, with shuttle buses etc., more information to come.

Naemoor Bridge: Cllr Barnacle spoke with Derek Davidson at PKC, the coping stone has been retrieved and in early September it will be repaired.

Lambhill Site, Blairingone: CCllr Duffy reported that in spite of the planning permission for the caravan on this site being refused, the applicant has gone ahead and installed it anyway. PKC Enforcement Officers will raise an enforcement order for it to be removed. Cllr Purves and John Anderson delivered a petition to the Scottish Government. There has also been further publicity in The Courier and local news. There is the general feeling that local residents are not impressed with how the council handle applications of this type which have been ongoing for a considerable length of time. Cllr Barnacle raised concern that no conditions have been made on part of this site which was granted permanent planning permission, particularly relating to lorry movement. Cllr Purves commented that conversation with the planning department is ongoing regarding how they can change and that the above mentioned petition could bring about some positive change.
Ivy Cottage, Powmill One MoP mentioned Ivy Cottage has been tidied up, and that if the door could be painted and windows painted on boards it could drastically improve the appearance of the building. Cllr Barnacle mentioned the American based owner has hired an architect, is applying for funding etc. CCllr Farquhar was concerned at the extent of mess still on site which Cllr Barnacle said he would follow up on.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Crook Moss Travellers Site and Blairingone War Memorial

New Business:
School Estate Transformation: CCllr Duffy reported that this is a programme that looks at schools, their fitness for purpose, condition etc. Blairingone Primary School has been looked at specifically. An informal community drop-in session for Blairingone Primary School will be held on Thursday 21st September 2017 between 3.15pm and 7pm at the school, there will also be an online questionnaire for local people with the options of do nothing (status quo); mothball (close the school but keep the building in an operational condition); change catchment area (Powmill for example becoming part of Blairingone catchment) or closure - if the area is to be developed then closure might not be a good option in the long term.

CCllr Duffy has been in a meeting with Education at PKC, and there is no foregone conclusion, no decisions have been made and all comments are welcome. Cllr Purves wanted to reinforce the fact that no conclusions have yet been made and that community input is crucial. Cllr Barnacle has received correspondence on this from a parent looking for support to back some sort of development in the area, and he feels it would be premature to close the school now. Cllr Purves commented that future development may not necessarily secure the status of the school. Further information regarding the transformation of the school estate can be found at http://www.pkc.gov.uk/article/19679/Transformation-of-the-School-Estate

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Farquhar attended a meeting of the Sports Hub at which it was revealed that £6000 has been raised as the funding share and they have started a junior 2k run in Kinross every Sunday, for children over four years, a similar 5k run for adults is to be held in the future. A disability run is to be organised on 4th December for disability sports day, and a Women and Girls day on 24th of March. The Sports Hub is a great opportunity to gather the enthusiasm of the community, contact CCllr Farquhar for any further information.
CCllr Duffy attended meetings about LDP2, Fossoway Transport and Blairingone School – all minuted above.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Mike Barnacle: Has forward a letter on renewable and low carbon supplementary guidance; they are still going through guidance from first local plan. Cllr Barnacle raised concerns that Devon Gorge and Cleish Hills have lost their protection, becoming highly viable sites for wind farm development. Kinross-shire is earmarked for having the highest capacity for wind farms. The Ochils have little capacity. According to guidelines, solar farms are also of high capacity. Cllr Barnacle would support further hydro schemes provided the correct environmental measures. On this note one MoP commented that restoring surrounding fields of RBHS is still to take place. It has also been reported there is some Japanese knotwood in the area.

Callum Purves: Cllr Purves reported that two papers are to be reviewed; pot holes are also to be revisited to improve the likelihood of better repairs first time, 5% of pot holes are being repaired again within a year due to an inadequate repair the first time. A new nightshift for road maintenance is to begin in Kinross shire serving A977 and A91 for gritting etc., from Monday to Saturday, this will be in place between November and March.

Planning Matters
17/01337/FLL Erection of stable buildings (in retrospect.) Dollar Equestrian, Blairingone, Dollar FK14 7ND.
Comments were due by 1/09/17; After email discussion the CC objected on the grounds that the application was unchanged from the previously rejected application which the CC also objected to.
17/01352/IPL Erection of dwellinghouse (in principle) at Hoodshill, Fossoway, Kinross KY13 0PW Comments by: 01/09/17 No CC comment
17/01353/FLL Erection of dwellinghouse and a garage with ancillary accommodation (revised design) at land 40 metres north of dunollie, Fossoway, No CC Comment
17/01438/FLL Renewal of permission 11/00753/FLL (erection of 2 dwellinghouses) at land 50 metres south west of Muirfield Fossoway. No CC Comment
17/01445/FLL Extension of dwellinghouse at The Brae, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross, No CC Comment

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing.

AOCB: Kinross now has a heart defibrillator, there are a number of people receiving training in this and it will be able to service the Fossoway area, further details on this will be given in due course. Cllr Barnacle reported that there will also be a defibrillator at Cleish, but is unsure of the status of first responders in the village.
Following today’s discussion CCllr Duffy called for MoPs who had used the DRT service to forward their comments on the service. CCllr Duffy also suggested those who have not used it to give it a try.
One MoP asked how hedges and trees are to be trimmed in public areas. CCllr Duffy responded that this has to be carried out by the owner and if not possible, the council will do so and invoice the owner. The MoP mentioned the area of concern is at the end of the Aldie Road on Council property, there are also overgrown hedges at the other end of the Aldie Road on a piece of land with no particular owner.
There is a further problem on the Gelvin Muir and Cleish Roads, Coldrain road on council property where traffic avoiding a tree has created a ditch and standing water is now on the road.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Crook and Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Hydro Scheme.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 3rd October 2017 7:30 pm
Blairingone Primary School
All Welcome

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Community Council Minutes - June 2017

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
6th June 2017, Powmill Moubray Hall

Attending: Community Cllrs: Cameron Brown, Angus Cheape, Jennifer Donachie, Trudy Duffy, Carol Farquhar and Graham Pye; P&K Cllr Callum Purves; Six Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle and Willie Robertson.
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were no incidents to note in our area this month from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were signed off without amendment.

Matters Arising
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: CCllrs reported that there is now approved budget for Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) signs, with initial placements at sites where they had been previously promised. One such site in our area is on the A823 in Rumbling Bridge to the north of the Nursing Home. However input to the CC’s Facebook page has suggested different locations, and suggestions that speed cameras should be placed instead.
CCllr Duffy proposed that we should try and meet with the new Roads Engineer and make sure that we know what he is planning and ensure that this agrees with the community’s views. Cllr Purves reported that the Ward Councillors have also discussed the location of the VAS.
There will be speed checks in Rumbling Bridge, during term-time, to get a more accurate picture of the problem there.
MoP noted that vehicle speeds through Blairingone seem to be increasing and wonders what can be done about this. CCllr Duffy suggested that Cllr Barnacle and Daryl McKeown (PKC) be contacted about it.
Crook of Devon and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that the group has had a planting day, and started to improve Waulkmill Green. Volunteers are always welcome.
Powmill in Bloom Group: CCllr Farquhar reported that there will be a planting day on Sunday 12th. Members have approached PKC and Scottish Water to get some more areas of grass cut. Volunteers are always welcome for this group too. A local landowner present at the meeting requested that trimmings should not be thrown into his field. CCllr Farquhar undertook to make sure this doesn’t happen again. However this does raise the issues that the Bloom Groups do need places to dispose of waste and obtain water. The group intends to post flyers to advertise the group’s activities.
Best Kept Village: The judging will be held on 20th July. Both the villages above have entered the competition, although in separate categories due to their different sizes.
Blairingone War Memorial: CCllr Brown reported that the planning application for the car park at the church would have reactivated the permission for the memorial, but that application was refused. It’s not clear what will happen as far as the permission now.
LDP Public Consultation: CCllr Duffy informed the meeting that the CC has submitted their recommendations to PKC. Cllr Barnacle intends to meet with PKC planners to discuss our proposal. Cllr Purves notes that there is a meeting between the local councillors and officers on Friday 9th June to discuss the options.
Poo Group: CCllr Duffy informed the meeting that there is an increasing amount of local concern about this problem, however in the absence of any volunteers to implement some address this, then there is nothing much more to be done.
Glen Devon Bridge: This bridge has been substantially vandalised, but can only be repaired in accordance with listed building requirements. CCllr Duffy commented that we were promised that the bridge would be repaired by April but nothing has been done. With the coping stones missing the weather is causing the bridge more structural damage and will perhaps become unstable and cause the road to be closed. MoP reported that the bridge along the Naemoor Road is suffering a similar problem. Cllr Purves undertook to look into this. CCllr Brown suggested that the time has now come to put aside limitations with lime mortar and repair/strengthen the bridge with modern materials.
Ivy Cottage, Powmill: CCllr Farquhar reported that the owner, Scott Macmillan, has engaged an architect to redesign the building to make it more rentable and consulted two builders for estimates. The end result would be that the building would be available as affordable housing, although there is currently no timescale.
Station Road Adoption: A MoP reported that the work will commence on 19th June.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Crook Moss Travellers Site and Hydro Scheme: No Update

New Business
Soul Survivor is due to be held on 5th-9th August – and local residents have received advance notification of the event this year. CCllr Duffy will ensure the organisers know that any large vehicles must approach via Rumbling Bridge and not use the Naemoor Road bridge.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Farquhar attended a meeting of the Sports Hub. There is a plan to setup a Kinross Park Run with funding being sought. Future plans include Women & Girls Festival Week, a multi sports day to advertise various sports, inclusive sport, Lads and Dads events, etc. The group is very enthusiastic with lots of ideas.
CCllr Cheape noted that the Kinross-shire fund had agreed at their 5th June meeting to make two grants, but neither was in our area.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Callum Purves: Noted that the council has formed a new administration comprised of Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem members. There is a new combined Environment, Enterprise and Infrastructure Committee of which all four local councillors are members, with Cllrs Barnacle and Purves as vice-convenors. One of the policy initiatives is to overturn the previous administration’s decision to only fix potholes when they are 6mm deep and revert back to 4mm.

Planning Matters
17/00737/FLL Siting of static caravan for use as staff accommodation for a temporary period at Land 10 metres north of Lambhill, Blairingone. Object on grounds that there is no planning application for a house, and we see no need for such extensive accommodation for a security officer.
17/00790/FLL Alterations and extension to dwelling house at Craighead Cottage, Drum, KY13 0PP. No CC Comment.
17/00711/FLL Extension to dwelling house at 32 West Crook Way, Crook of Devon, KY13 0PH. No CC Comment.
17/00843/LBC Alterations at Solsgirth Lodge, Solsgirth, Dollar, FK14 7NZ. No CC Comment
17/00894/PN Erection of agricultural building at West Broomhill, Station Road, Crook of Devon, KY13 0PG (near Broomhill Kennels.) No CC Comment
17/00927/FLL Erection of 2 dwelling houses Land 100metres north-east of South Kilduff Farm, Fossoway.
No CC Comment

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: George Lawrie of TRACKS notified the CC of funding opportunities for core paths and about the “Big Fit Walk” which groups can hold in June. CCllr Duffy again hoped for volunteers to form a path group.
Mark Russell MSP has asked the CC for consultation on a proposal to implement 20mph throughout all built up areas – Although we think this is a good idea, we don’t believe that it would be enforceable, and it would be better to concentrate on enforcing the current limits, together with carefully chosen locations for new 20mph limits.
Bus Route 23 has had its service reduced making it impossible for commuters to use.
Dollar and Muckhart residents can’t get their 30 or 40 children to Kinross High School anymore due to a reduction in bus services, so they are proposing to finance their own service, which could also pass through Crook of Devon and pick up passengers there. The CC strongly supports this initiative, but decries the fact that this needs to be done to make up for the lack of public transport. Cllr Purves noted that community transport has also been discussed at the Action Partnership.

AOCB: Discussion about the lack of broadband speeds in rural areas. Cllr Purves will investigate whether PKC has a policy about this, and what funding is available.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Crook and Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Blairingone War Memorial, LDP Public Consultation, Glen Devon Bridge, Station Road Adoption.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

NOTE: No meeting in July

Next Meeting: Tuesday 1st August 2017 7:30 pm
Carnbo Village Hall
All Welcome

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