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Community Council Minutes - August 2015

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
4th August, Carnbo Village Hall

Attending: CCllrs: Sandy Morrison, Trudy Duffy, Angus Cheape and Graham Pye; Cllrs Mike Barnacle and Joe Giacopazzi; 12 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: CCllrs Kevin Borthwick and Alastair Lavery; Cllrs Dave Cuthbert and Willie Robertson.
Declarations of Interest: Angus declared an interest in planning application 15/01110/IPL.

Police report: Sgt. Sam Greshon attended the meeting, and gave a report. Fossoway Church was broken into and a small amount of cash stolen, this is under enquiry; Power tools were stolen from garage at Blairingone. Garden machinery was stolen from a house in Crook of Devon; Attempted break-in at Powmill. MoPs report that the long straight stretch of the B9097 from Fossoway Garage has frequent speeders. Also, after any event at Knockhill people are speeding along the surrounding roads, especially the A823 towards Powmill.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Were signed off without amendments.

Matters Arising
Powmill Bloom Group: The group has met several times and applied for funding from various sources. It is extending its remit to address untidy items, including cleaning road signs, etc. they have got PKC to cut verges around overgrown footpaths, and some extra work on this has been done by members. A Facebook page has been set up. A concern is the state of the derelict Ivy Cottage - Cllr Barnacle says that there might be a case for compulsory purchase, since the owner is not in the country and doesn’t respond to correspondence. If the community is in favour of this idea, they should write to Isobel Butt, PKC’s Vacant Property Development Officer, at Pullar House, Perth, expressing their support.
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: Hugh reports that the landowners are signing leases. Tenders are being sent out to three contractors with the aim of getting prices and timetables by the end of August, allowing work to commence later this year. Assuming that the tenders are favourable, then community meetings will be held to invite investment in the scheme, with a minimum of £350.
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: SEPA have refused to grant the CAR licences, leaving the occupants with no valid disposal method for grey or black water, and no prospect of connecting to mains drainage in the foreseeable future. After ten weeks of reasonable peace, generator noise became a problem again in July. Approaches to PKC’s Environment Department from both Cllr Giacopazzi and Roseanna Cunningham MSP have not received satisfactory responses. Cllrs Giacopazzi and Cuthbert will be meeting with Environment Services this week. It also appears that the site is currently being extended, with new fences being erected, in direct contradiction of planning conditions. It was stressed that the community was not opposed to the Travelling Community in principle, but the community expected both SEPA and PKC to enforce the regulations and planning conditions uniformly on all sections of the community. The site has now been in operation for three and a half years and the major conditions relating to drainage and noise have still not been satisfactorily addressed. It was unanimously agreed by those present that the CC should, in addition to continually raising their concerns with SEPA and PKC, also contact the newspapers to express those concerns.
Glenquey Quarry: The appeal against the refusal of planning permission was turned down by the Reporter on 27th July.
Lambhill Chipping plant: The DPEA made a site visit in July prior to ruling on the appeal against the enforcement notice. Subsequently, the appeal has been dismissed. The appeal to the LRB of the planning application is yet to be held.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: PKC’s roads department have declined to do a business plan for roundabouts, so Cllr Barnacle has assembled a list of other measures to be considered, with the intention to have another meeting with all interested parties to discuss them.
CC Membership: The CC once again appealed to members of the local community to put themselves forward as Community Councillors. Several members of the current council will be retiring in November and we need more people to fill their places. Anyone living in the area, and listed on the electoral register can apply. If you are interested and would like more information please contact any CC member or email the secretary on moc.liamg|cc.yawossoF#moc.liamg|cc.yawossoF. The timetable for applications was published in the May minutes, but briefly, nomination forms are available now, and must be submitted between 27th August and 24th September.
Station Road Adoption: Residents are being canvassed by Cllr Barnacle to contribute to the adoption, one has refused, eleven have already agreed, and a very small number are yet to respond. Consequently this should go ahead shortly.
Burst Water Main Aldie Road: Cllr Robertson was not present to report on this.
Boundary Commission: The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland have rejected PKC’s unanimous objection to the Commission’s proposal to reduce the size of historical Kinross-shire and hence the number of our local Councillors in Ward 8 from four to three. The proposal is now out for public consultation until 22nd October, and comments can be lodged by letter or directly on the LGBC’s website at https://www.consultation.lgbc-scotland.gov.uk/node/31
Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle had written to the developer asking for an update. The developer’s stone mason has now decided that it will not be possible to move the memorial without damaging it, contrary to previous opinions. Cllr Barnacle is seeking a report to get further details of what has changed.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Crook Moss Community Involvement: A sub-committee meeting is to be arranged in due course.
Landscape Areas – Kinross-shire: Opportunity to ask for change in the upcoming MIR.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: Awaiting a report from PKC Roads Department on how the safety of this section of road could be improved.
Footpath Signage in Fossoway Area: The situation is still ongoing.

New Business
Irresponsible Camping: The river bank opposite Newbiggin Farm is littered and broken glass is present. Subsequently some of the litter has been cleared by an anonymous group.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: Kevin attended a Social Media Training Workshop. Kevin, Sandy, Graham, Alastair and Trudy attended a meeting of the strategy group to prepare input to the MIR.

Councillors’ Reports
Joe Giacopazzi: TRACKS have now secured funding for the first part of the Crook of Devon to Kinross Multi-Use Track, which will be a 2km section running from Broomhill Cottage to the Aldie Road. It is hoped that work can begin in late autumn this year. It was pointed out that this road/track was currently used extensively by dog walkers and horse riders and had been to the Chair’s personal knowledge for at least 67 years. The track was also used by householders on the route and farmers to access fields with their equipment and to move stock. In addition, there was occasional use by through traffic particularly when there were roadworks on the A977 in Crook of Devon, so it was essential that if the route were to be used by cyclists there would need to be effective segregation to ensure the safety of the current users.
Mike Barnacle: Nothing additional to that recorded above.

Planning Matters
15/01235/FLL. Erection of a garage/store (in part retrospect.) Mayen of Tullibole, Crook of Devon, Kinross KY13 0UL. Permission to complete work started under 13/00138/PN but halted as not compliant with permission. No Community Council comment.
15/01172/FLL. Extension to dwellinghouse. Brahan Seer, Drum, Kinross KY13 0PR. Extension linking house to existing garage and conversion of garage to accommodation. No Community Council comment.
15/01071/FLL. Installation of an air source heat pump. Craigielin, 14 Gartwhinzean Loan, Powmill, Dollar FK14 7LU No Community Council comment.
15/01189/FLL. Alterations and extensions to dwelling house to add conservatory and porch. 1 Braehead, Rumbling Bridge, Kinross KY13 0PX No Community Council comment.
15/01084/FLL. Installation of retaining walls. Land 40 Metres South East of Grace Cottage, Carnbo. No Community Council comment.
15/01110/IPL. Residential development (in principle). Land 100 Metres North West of Schiehallion, Crook of Devon. Outline permission for nine houses on a circa 0.9ha site within the Crook of Devon settlement boundary. The site is within the Drum sewage area, Loch Leven catchment, which is at capacity. The layout and density of the proposal is out of keeping with the surrounding. Community Council Objection on grounds of sewage capacity and inappropriate house density, LDP PM1B(a) and (c).
15/01053/IPL. Residential development (in principle), outline permission for two houses. Land 30 Metres North West of Sunnyside, Drum. No Community Council comment.
15/01091/IPL. Erection of a dwellinghouse (in principle). Land 60 Metres North East of Vine House, Solsgirth. No Community Council comment.
15/00864/FLL. Extension to dwellinghouse. Cumbrae House, Gairney Burn Lane, Powmill, Dollar FK14 7PW.
No Community Council comment.
15/00950/FLL. Erection of a dwellinghouse. Land North of Dunisla, Crook of Devon. No Community Council comment.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing. There will be a Community Networking Opportunity meeting at Kinross Community Campus on 20th August at 9:30 am.

AOCB: There was a discussion about the appearance of Ragwort and whose responsibility it was to clear it.
The speed warning sign on the A977 by the garage is not working – Cllr Barnacle will chase.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Lambhill Chipping Plant, A977 Mitigation, Station Road Adoption, Burst Water Main Aldie Road, Boundary Commission, Blairingone War Memorial.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 1st September 2015 7:00 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All Welcome
NOTE: 7pm start – There will be a presentation by our local Councillors of proposed input to the Development Plan

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Farm Open Day at Hilton of Aldie Farm, Near Crook of Devon


There will be a farm open day at Hilton of Aldie Farm.

Date: June 7th

Time: From 11am to 3pm

Hilton of Aldie Farm, Fossoway, Nr Crook of Devon, Kinross, KY13 0QJ

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Community Council Minutes - May 2015

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
5th May, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: CCllrs: Trudy Duffy (chair), Kevin Borthwick, and Alastair Lavery; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert, and Willie Robertson; 5 Members of the Public.
Apologies: CCllrs Sandy Morrison, Angus Cheape, and Graham Pye, Cllr Joe Giacopazzi.
Declarations of Interest: None.

Police report: PC Nick Shembri attended the meeting, and gave the report. There were no reported crimes in our area in the last month. However, individuals have been selling chainsaws/generators in the Perth & Kinross area – on one occasion, further enquiry is to be made after a member of the public contacted the police and the person concerned was traced. If you are offered goods being sold in this fashion, make sure you are aware of what you are buying before any money is exchanged. SCAMS – the persons carrying out scams are finding more ingenious ways of making you part with your money – remember banks will never ask for details of your account over the phone. Make sure you research a company to which you are divulging your details and ensure they are genuine before making any payments.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Were signed off without amendments.

Matters Arising
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: There is now a solution to the pipe run issues through Rumbling Bridge Village and progressing with legal, design, financing etc. No certainty it will proceed to construction but a major hurdle cleared.
Blairingone War Memorial: Work to be carried out in spring.
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Noise from generators on the site continues to be a problem. All noise issues should be reported to the Environmental Health Dept. at PKC and possibly ask for a statutory nuisance check. Cllr Barnacle reported that he had contacted Eddie Jordan, the Enforcement Officer, regarding the broken fence and litter which is an eyesore, but was told focusing on new problems would mean giving the residents of the site more time to comply with conditions. He was also told that the travellers were looking to have an electricity supply installed.
Glenquey Quarry: An appeal against the refusal of the planning application has been lodged, and the DPEA will be making a site visit on 7th May. Alastair will attend the meeting to represent the views of this Community.
Lambhill Chipping plant: The site was refused planning permission, and an enforcement notice will come into force on 8th May. Cllr Cuthbert reports that, although it was suggested that a stop order should be issued, PKC legal department would not do this due to a possible financial risk to the council.
It would seem that there is reluctance for the council to take any enforcement action on large applications for the fear of being sued. An appeal to the Scottish Government has been lodged by the applicant, but as the refusal was under delegated powers, the decision should come back to PKC.
Landscape Areas – Kinross-shire: The LLA’s have now been adopted, but unfortunately the Devon Gorge, and Cleish Hills were not included. There will be no further opportunity to make any changes until the public consultation stage for amendments to the Main Issues Report. Cllr Barnacle still wants to raise the issue again with officers in a bid to try and have these sites added.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Barnacle reported that there didn’t appear to be any political will to spend any money on the road, and he intends to call a meeting with Cllr Kellas, Cllr Giacopazzi, and others to look at a business case for mitigation measures. It was also reported that speed reactive signs displaying the actual speed drivers were doing would replace the current slow-down signs. This is to happen in this financial year.
Waulkmill Play area: The CC was contacted by a local resident regarding an incident in the refurbished park, where a boy, unfortunately broke his leg on the basket swing. They said that the council had already been notified about concerns the swing was too low, and that the swing had been raised the day before the accident, but it would appear not to have been by enough. The Council checked the site the following day, and the swing was raised further. Cllr Robertson will ask Stephen Kane (PKC Landscape Architect) for a report to clarify the situation, and will report back to the CC at the June meeting.
CC Membership: The CC made an appeal to the public, to encourage people to put themselves forward to become members. When the election takes place in November, two of our current members will be standing down, and this means there will be only four of the current team standing again for re-election. There are 8 places available on the CC, and we will be making every effort to try and fill all the seats. If you feel this is something you would like to do, or if you know someone who would be interested then please get in touch with the secretary. moc.liamg|cc.yawossof#moc.liamg|cc.yawossof
The timetable for the CC election this autumn is that nomination forms will be available from July, with nominations to be submitted between 27th August and 24th September, and the votes being counted, if an election is required on 6th November.
Bollards Opposite Crook Village Hall: We’re awaiting a report from PKC Roads Department on how the safety of this section of road could be improved.
Lambhill Forestry Project: The CC received a response to our question about access during works and the Forestry Commission will continue to investigate the no man’s land where the large ditch is to try and improve access, but hopefully ground conditions should improve over the summer months as grass cover establishes.
Crook Moss Community Involvement: A sub-committee meeting is to be arranged in due course.
Flood Risk Assessment: The first phase of this report, received previously, didn’t appear to be relevant to us, but there is now a new report which is currently being examined.
Gritting and Snow Clearance: We’ve received a response from PKC to our comments about this which stated that the A977 is a category 1a road which is treated between 5am and 10pm 7 days a week. There should be no noticeable difference in road conditions where the A977 crosses into Clackmannan at Blairingone, if anyone can provide any more concise details of this being the case please let the CC know. The response also stated that the maximum speed that vehicles should be doing when gritting should be 30mph, again if this appears not to be the case then please let the CC know the details and we will pass it on to the council. Cllrs Barnacle, Cuthbert, and Robertson will ask for 24h gritting to be carried out on the A977, considering the number of accidents involving HGV’s and also the number of HGV’s using the road during the night.
Powmill Bridge Fence: Cllr Robertson reports that the bridge railings would not be repaired for some time, but the wooden fence would be fixed soon. Kevin reported that the fence had already been repaired.
Footpath Signage in Fossoway Area: The situation is still ongoing.
Unpaid Work Team: Kevin contacted the team about undertaking road sign cleaning in the Fossoway area, but it would be unlikely to happen due to health and safety issues.
Station Road Adoption: Cllr Barnacle reported that there was no further funding available from the Education, or Environmental Services departments, and that more information is required from the Village Hall Committee to see what they are proposing to do. Currently depending on the hall situation the cost per household will be £398.00 +Vat, or £427.00 +Vat.

New Business
Perth & Kinross Community Watch: The Community Watch scheme was launched in our area on 30th April 2015 and is an exciting new service for communities to receive local community safety information from Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Perth and Kinross Council, SEPA, SSE and many more. It is a two way web based messaging system which we will be using to send to you crime alerts, appeals for information, crime prevention advice and much more. The CC recommends that people should register via www.pkcommunitywatch.co.uk to receive the e-mail information. Stay Informed, Stay Safe!
Burst Water Main Aldie Road: Cllr Robertson contacted Scottish Water and PKC to inform them about the leaking pipe at the A977 end of Aldie Road, and will report back to the CC at the next meeting.
Flooding, Aldie Road: A MoP contacted the CC regarding a section of Aldie Road that was constantly flooding, and because of this in poor weather flood water was running down his unsurfaced road. The CC contacted Cllr Robertson, who contacted Garry McConnell of the roads department, who came out to assess the problem. Garry then cleared the problem and dug an offlet to allow the water to drain away. All this was done in less than 24hrs. The MoP and the CC wish to thank Garry for the speedy response.
Boundary Commission: There will be a full council meeting on the 13th May where the council will propose that the boundary for the Kinross-shire ward should remain unchanged. The local councillors will prepare additional information to be added to the council’s response. Once this has been received by the boundary commission there will be a public consultation.
For clarification purposes the commission propose to reduce PKC numbers by one councillor, from 41 to 40. This would be lost in the Ward 8 Kinross-shire. The Ward 8 boundary would shrink in size using the M90 and A91 as boundary lines. This would transfer around 1300 electors into ward 9. In theory this could put half of Carnbo, and possibly parts of Milnathort, and all of Glenfarg into Ward 9.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended:
Kevin and Graham attended the meeting to launch the Community Watch scheme.

Councillors’ Reports
Nothing to report that had not already been discussed.
Planning Matters
15/00545/AML. Erection of dwellinghouse (matters specified by conditions on permission 14/01486/IPL). Land 300 Metres North East Of Former Craigend Farm Powmill.
No comment made.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: Details of a PKC funding alert is available to anyone interested. This is a 13 page bulletin detailing funding options available in the Perth and Kinross area. For more information contact the CC at moc.liamg|cc.yawossoF#moc.liamg|cc.yawossoF .

Nothing raised.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting
Matters arising: Hydro Scheme, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Glenquey Quarry, Lambhill Chipping Plant, Local Landscape Areas, A977 Mitigation, Waulkmill Play Area, CC membership, Bollards opposite Crook Village Hall, Lambhill Forestry Project, Crook Moss Community Involvement, Flood Risk Assessment, Gritting and Snow Clearing, Powmill Bridge Fence, Footpath Signage, Unpaid Work Team, Station Road Adoption.
Community Councillors - Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 2nd June 2015 7:30 pm
Powmill Moubray Hall
All Welcome

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