Strategy Group

Fossoway Community Strategy Group



The Group was established by Councillor Michael Barnacle in 2005 following the recommendation of the Planning Reporter dealing with the Local Plan Enquiry and represents the views of the community based on feedback from questionnaires, public meetings and other representations.

After consultation with the local community, the group has finalised the Landscape Capacity Analysis for Fossoway.

Community Consultation

Fossoway Questionnaire

In 2009, Fossoway residents were consulted by the Fossoway Community Strategy Group on a questionnaire about housing strategy for the area. The first half of the questionnaire asked general questions about the demographics of Fossoway, levels of employment, commuting and so on. In the second part of the questionnaire, the questions were more open and respondents had more scope to provide detail in their answers.

When reading the responses, it will be helpful to know that question 11 asked whether each village was in broad agreement with the map drafted by the Strategy Group, Q13 asked for comments on choices made in Q12, Q14 asked about challenges for the area and Q15 asked about opportunities.

You can read the note of the Strategy Group meeting to discuss the questionnaire responses as well as the formal response to Perth & Kinross Council Planners that was submitted by Councillor Mike Barnacle on behalf of the Group on 31 August 2009.

Public Meetings

During March 2010, a series of four, very well attended meetings were held in the Fossoway villages. The outcome of these meetings was communicated to Perth & Kinross Council by Councillor Mike Barnacle in his letter of 28 July 2010.

Powmill Questionnaire

During the summer of 2010, a Questionnaire was distributed to Powmill residents asking for views on what development they would like to see in their village. A 77% response rate was achieved and the majority of those who provided a response preferred the development option put forward by the Fossoway Community Strategy Group.

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