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Community Council Minutes - January 2015

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
6th January, Blairingone Primary School

Attending: CCllrs: Sandy Morrison, Trudy Duffy, Kevin Borthwick, Angus Cheape and Graham Pye; Cllr Willie Robertson; 8 members of the public.

Apologies: CClrs Alastair Lavery and Rod Paterson; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert and Joe Giacopazzi.

Declarations of Interest: None.

Police report: We are now in receipt of Commander Mike Whitford’s weekly bulletin, which is proving to be useful and informative. No local report was received from the Community Police Officer. We’ve received some details about the Powmill accident with a lorry, which didn’t shed its load even though it tipped over.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Were signed off without amendments.

Matters arising
Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: The amended pipe route is now agreed, and an updated planning application will be submitted shortly. The meeting with local residents is now provisionally planned for the 21st January.
Blairingone War Memorial: No update.
Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Sandy reports that there is no progress with the enforcement actions, pending the licence for the waste water disposal which has still not been granted. Complaints continue to be received from neighbours about noise from generators, which are still not enclosed in buildings or acoustic covers as required by planning condition.
Glenquey Quarry: We await a possible appeal against the refusal of the planning application.
Blairingone Community Workshop: We’re still waiting for PKC’s strategic plan.
Lambhill Chipping plant: No update – the proposed site meeting is still not arranged, Cllr Robertson will look into why not.
There was extensive discussion regarding the perceived lack of co-operation and involvement with the public and the CC by the PKC planning department. It was stressed that the CC does not wish to be in a permanent state of dispute with the planning department; it wanted to have a co-operative, respectful relationship. It was accepted that the parties would not always agree on outcomes, but at least the views of the community should be listened to, responded to, and discussed in a mature manner. It is essential that responses to matters raised by individuals and/or the CC are dealt with in the timescales laid down by the council.
Landscape areas in Kinross-shire: Kevin passed on Alastair’s analysis of the consultant’s report: Fossoway has lost none of its designated land in the Ochils area and the proposed area is now more coherent as it extends beyond the Kinross-shire boundary; whilst the old AGLV was a Kinross-shire only designation. The new area includes the sites of both current wind farm proposals. The loss is the Devon Gorge area, which could be argued for inclusion as Clackmannanshire have included a narrow riverside area up to the Kinross boundary. The CC will respond accordingly and notify the local councillors.
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Barnacle has arranged a meeting of all interested parties on the 20th January at Loch Leven Community Campus.
Waulkmill Play Area: No update.
Overhanging Trees at Moubray Hall: No update.
A977 Verge Cutting: Kevin notes that the clean-up after this activity is not very thorough, and a large amount of litter has been exposed and not collected. Cllr Robertson will chase progress of the clean-up, and request a litter pick.

New Business
Draft Flood Risk Management Strategy: PKC is to hold a public consultation on this, and has contacted this CC for comment. We need clarification of whether our area is actually included in this strategy.

Community Council Business
No Meetings attended this month.
Fossoway Community Office: This organisation, which has been in operation for over ten years, has sadly now been made redundant by the onset of modern technology. Thanks to the many volunteers who have worked hard to keep it going over the years.

Councillors’ Reports
Cllr Robertson: It’s been agreed that Conservation Officer’s (and other internal consultee’s) reports should be made public on the planning portal and made available to all members of the Development Committee. Cllr Robertson is very hopeful that this will improve the transparency of the planning process.
With planning for the next budget currently underway, Cllr Robertson is hoping to be able to extend the opening hours of the Loch Leven Campus, perhaps reversing the previous closure on Mondays.

Planning Matters
There are no new applications to PKC in our area this month; however there is an application to Clackmannanshire for a 79m wind turbine at Meadowhill (14/00267/FULL) The top part of the turbine’s blades will be visible from Blairingone.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing.

AOCB: MOP complains about the speed of traffic, especially lorries, through Blairingone. This has been raised with PKC and the Police on several occasions in the past with no result. Sadly our initiative to implement Community Speed Watch was closed down by the Police. The meeting on the 20th mentioned above will include this issue. The CC is also investigating the possibility of a community funded speed camera. Cllr Robertson will request the Police to conduct speed checks. Trudy reports that some of the speed sensitive signs are not working, and Cllr Robertson will report these to get them fixed.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
• Welcome and Apologies
• Declarations of Interest
• Community Policing
• Minutes of last meeting
• Matters arising: Hydro Scheme, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Glenquey Quarry, Blairingone Community Workshop, Lambhill Chipping Plant, A977 Defects/Mitigation, Waulkmill Play Area, A977 Verge Cutting
• Community Councillors - Meetings Attended
• PKC Councillors’ Reports
• Planning
• Correspondence

Next Meeting: Tuesday 3rd February 2015 7:30 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All Welcome

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Community Environment Challenge Fund


Download the Official Flyer

Does your community have an environmental project or a piece of land to improve, which could make a significant difference to your local environment?

Is your idea widely supported within your community?

Perth & Kinross Council could support you with a grant of between £2,500 and £10,000.

What is the Community Environment Challenge Fund?

The Community Environment Challenge Fund is for environmental projects. The projects are to be led and delivered by community groups and must make a significant difference to the local environment and be widely supported within the community.

What kind of projects will be supported?

Projects which can demonstrate any of the following are a priority for support:
● ‘Spend to save’, eg changing bedding plants to herbaceous plants to save on maintenance and materials.
● Physical environmental improvement projects which reduce waste, reduce carbon, increase reuse and recycling or use environmentally-friendly materials.
● Enhance/contribute to the local economy such as tourism or craft or use of local materials.
● Benefits to the wider community encompassing a range of age groups and abilities.
● Link to other existing or planned regeneration initiatives (eg conservation area appraisals).
● An ability to complete the project within 12 months.
● Demonstrate environmental sustainability, eg carbon reduction.
In addition, there is a requirement for a long-term maintenance commitment for any projects undertaken through the Fund.

What can the grant not be used for?

The fund will not be able to support the following:
● Internal renovations of buildings as the fund is aimed at environmental improvements.
● Asset transfer.
● Staff costs unless it is for implementing the works.
● Un-adopted road repairs or maintenance.
● An increase in infrastructure on sites which do not have a commitment to long term maintenance.
● Completed projects.
● A project which has received funding from the Council in the past three years.

How much would the grant be?

Each community group will only be able to apply for one grant in each financial year.
Grant requests must be at least £2,500 and up to a maximum of £10,000 with 50% match funding. The whole project can be of any size and there is no defined maximum project cost.
Several projects can be teamed up together into one application so as to meet the minimum funding level.
In exceptional circumstances, where projects can demonstrate a wide range of physical environmental benefits within a community, a larger award may be made. The maximum award is up to 50% of the total costs.


The funding will only be paid to the community group when proof has been supplied that match-funding has been secured. Match-funding can include fundraising activities, cash contributions and in-kind support. The track record of the community group mobilising in-kind support will also be considered as part of the application assessment.

Monitoring the Project

An End of Grant Monitoring Form will be provided to each community group who has received funding so that the positive impacts on the community and the local area can be recorded, shared and celebrated.

Who can apply?

  • The organisation seeking funding must be a constituted group and could act on behalf of other community partners.
  • Projects must be developed by community or voluntary organisations.
  • The definition of a voluntary or community organisation is a body led by volunteers, is non-profit distributing, legally independent of the state, and is dedicated to a public good (CoSLA/SCVO 1998).
  • The project must have the written support of all local Councillors in the Ward where the project is taking place.
  • The project must also have the support of a range of local community groups such as Bloom Groups, Development Trusts, Youth Groups and Community Councils.
  • Before work starts, projects must have the agreement of the landowner and also any statutory consent such as planning permission or building warrants if required.


An electronic application form can be accessed either via www.pkgrantsdirect.com or www.pkc.gov.uk/CECF
Completed applications should be returned to Perth & Kinross Council Grants Direct, 2 High Street, PERTH, PH1 5PH. A paper application can be obtained by contacting Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Greenspace team.

Information and Support

project, assistance with completion of the application form or have any other questions regarding the Community Environment Challenge Fund, please contact Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Greenspace team by telephoning 01738 476476 or emailing ku.vog.ckp|ecapsneergytinummoc#ku.vog.ckp|ecapsneergytinummoc

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Community Council Minutes - December 2014

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
2nd December, Fossoway Primary School, Crook of Devon

Attending: CCllrs: Trudy Duffy (Chair), Kevin Borthwick, Alastair Lavery and Graham Pye; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert and Joe Giacopazzi; 6 members of the public.

Apologies: CClrs Sandy Morrison, Angus Cheape and Rod Paterson; Cllr Willie Robertson

Declarations of Interest: None.

Police report: Sgt. Sandra Williams attended the meeting and explained that resource constraints have resulted in Community Officers being called to urgent work and hence being unable to attend meetings of late. Sgt Williams emphasised that it was always possible to use the special email address for the Community Officer (ku.ecilop.nnp.dnaltocs|TPCerihs-ssornikedisyaT#ku.ecilop.nnp.dnaltocs|TPCerihs-ssornikedisyaT) to contact them.
Moving on to the normal report, no crimes have been reported for this area; however there have been a number of break-ins to houses and garages in nearby areas.

PKC are looking for volunteers to join the Licensing Forum – contact ku.vog.ckp|llebpmaClieN#ku.vog.ckp|llebpmaClieN if interested.

Emergency response training has been taking place recently, which has resulted in people hearing and seeing “blue light” vehicles more often than normal.

MoP informs us that the main street in Scone has a set of traffic lights that are turned red if a vehicle approaches at excessive speed. Cllr Giacopazzi had previously been told by PKC that this was not possible.

Kevin received a message from Commander Mike Whitford announcing the creation of a weekly bulletin describing crimes in our area that will be sent to the CC.

Minutes of the previous meeting: Were signed off without amendments.

Matters arising
Criminal Justice Unpaid Work Team: There are a number of proposals on the table which can be considered for performing by the team in the Spring.

Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: Kevin brought an update from Hugh Wallace. Presentations to Rumbling Bridge residents and visits to comparable schemes in Dunkeld have gone well. The revised route requires permission from three landowners, two of whom have already consented, and once the third has agreed an amendment to the planning application will be submitted, hopefully before the next meeting of this CC. The meeting planned for 3rd December will now be held early in the New Year, provisionally the 14th January.

Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle reports that nothing will now be done until the New Year.

Crook Moss Travellers’ Site: Cllr Barnacle has sent a comprehensive letter to PKC discussing the location of Gypsy/Traveller Sites and the protection of the Loch Leven Catchment. Cllrs Cuthbert and Giacopazzi had a long meeting with the Planners and stressed that the Enforcement issues are still ongoing, particularly noise, with little sign of any of them being followed. Local Cllrs have agreed with Nick Brian that a list of Planning Applications that should be given most attention will be created, especially concentrating on enforcement. Cllr Cuthbert has analysed submissions to the DMC and it turns out that 34% are in Kinross-shire, which suggests that planning applications in this area are more contentious than in other areas.

Glenquey Quarry: The applications (10/02181/FLM and 10/02182/FLL) were unanimously refused at the 19th November DMC meeting, even though the intention was merely to discuss conditions of an extant application. Cllr Giacopazzi explained that the planning lawyers are not confident that this refusal will not be overturned on appeal.

Blairingone Community Workshop: We’re still awaiting PKC’s strategic plan.

Lambhill Chipping plant: Cllr Cuthbert reports that Nick Brian stated that the planning application would shortly be resolved, although we don’t know in what manner.

Landscape areas in Kinross-shire: The consultant’s report was received on the afternoon of this meeting; hence it has not yet been possible for the CC to comment. An important consideration is to check which areas are included, especially the Devon Gorge.

A977: Cllr Barnacle is still seeking a meeting of all parties to decide on the best short and long term solutions to the problems of speeding and HGV usage of the road. There is strong community interest in addressing these problems; however there are, not surprisingly, different views about what will and won’t work.

Waulkmill Play Area: Work is ongoing, with some delays due to weather. The Portakabin has now been emptied, and is likely to be taken away in return for a donation to the hall committee.

Greenknowes Windfarm Extension: The scoping report has been published, although it doesn’t contain any details of exactly how many turbines are proposed or where they would be placed. Alastair has created a response requesting additional coverage of Visual Impact, Transport, Landscape, Biodiversity and Consultation. It’s important that this application takes account of the current gap between the previous Areas of Great Landscape Value and pending Landscape Designation, and isn’t allowed to fall between them.

Strathearn Forum of Community Councils: As reported last month, this group has sent a letter of complaint to Bernadette Malone. Since there are common areas with other CCs, then a meeting will be held in January to discuss a combined approach.

Overhanging Trees at Moubray Hall: Cllr Cuthbert reports that this has been reported to Richard Brough and it will be looked into. There seems to be some confusion about who owns the land where the trees are.

A977 Verge Cutting: Although some of the results of this exercise have been cleared up, there is still a large amount to do. Cllr Barnacle will chase.

Fly Tipping (Old Golf Course Road): This has been removed now.

New Business
Management of Temporary Gypsy/Traveller Encampments: This CC responded to the PKC consultation paper, and although the Council co-operated in slightly extending the time to respond it was still very short notice, giving no opportunity for the wider public to be involved.

Community Empowering Plans: The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill may provide the CC with an opportunity to request participation in the Community Planning Partnership; a local body consisting of the Council, Emergency services, NHS and Scottish Enterprise or Highland and Island Enterprise. The bill also includes provisions for communities to purchase small areas of unused land.

Community Council Business
Kinross Fund: Angus reports that there were no applications, so the next meeting has been held over until March.

Community Safety Meeting: Sandy, Trudy and Kevin attended this meeting which discussed improving communications between the Police and Fire Service and the Community.

Planning Users’ Forum: Sandy attended this meeting – Sandy will report at the next meeting. The
Minutes of the Training in Planning Issues workshop contain a suggestion that Kinross members were only interested in discussing specific local issues which was certainly not the case. A correction will be sent to the author.

Councillors’ Reports
Cllr Giacopazzi: Cllr Robertson’s motion at the E&I Committee on the 12th November was passed, and so in future, full reports from the Conservation Officer will be posted on the Planning website. Additionally, the Report of Handling will include a summary of the Conservation Officer’s position, together with the Planning Department’s response. There is currently some confusion about the detail of this motion, which will hopefully be clarified once the E&I minutes are published.

Cllr Cuthbert: Adds to Cllr Giacopazzi’s report above that reports from internal planning consultees (e.g. Roads) would only be submitted when they were “acceptable”, which could result in the reports being published too late to be of use to the members of the DMC.

Cllr Barnacle: Nothing further to add to items already covered above.

Planning Matters
14/01948/FLL Extension to dwelling house Marwood, Naemoor Road, Crook of Devon, Kinross KY13 0UH.
Large extension on existing house.
No Community Council comment.

An application has been posted for a single Wind Turbine at Gibsley Farm in Forest Mill, probably in Fife, which Alastair will review.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing:
The TellMeScotland web site (http://www.tellmescotland.gov.uk/) enables the public to learn about Planning Applications, Traffic and Licensing Notices from almost all Councils and many other Public bodies in a single place. It’s possible to search for new notices based on your location and also to be sent email or text reminders of all new items within a specified radius of your postcode. Cllr Barnacle notes that as it’s Scottish law that only properties 20metres away are “Neighbour Notified” then it’s even more important to use this sort of website to find out what’s going on in your area.

There will be no waste collections on 25th/26th December or 1st/2nd January. Recycling centres will be closed on the same dates. Collections scheduled for 25th will be made on 27th, those for the 26th on the 28th, for the 1st on the 3rd and the 2nd on the 4th. There will be no garden or food waste collections between the 22nd December and 4th January.

There will be further closures on the Dunning Road over the next few months.

AOCB: We’ve received 55 “Likes” to our Facebook page.
This CC is intending to prepare a strategy over the next few months to attract more people to join.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
• Welcome and Apologies
• Declarations of Interest
• Community Policing
• Minutes of last meeting
• Matters arising: Hydro Scheme, Crook Moss Travellers’ Site, Blairingone Community Workshop, Lambhill Chipping Plant, Landscape Areas in Kinross-shire, A977, Waulkmill Play Area.
• Community Councillors - Meetings Attended
• PKC Councillors’ Reports
• Planning
• Correspondence

Next Meeting: Tuesday 6th January 2015 7:30 pm
Blairingone Primary School
All Welcome

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