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Community Council Minutes - June 2014

Draft Minutes Meeting Fossoway and District Community Council
Tuesday 3rd June 2014, Moubray Hall Powmill

Attending: CCllrs: Alastair Lavery (acting chair), Kevin Borthwick, Graham Pye; Cllrs: Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert and Joe Giacopazzi; 12 Members of the Public.

Apologies: Angus Cheape, Trudy Duffy Wigman, Sandy Morrison, Rod Paterson, Cllr Willie Robertson and PC Stapleton.

Declarations of Interest: None.

Community policing: Report received. No crimes to report this month. Cllr Barnacle has been given “No Cold Calling” posters and stickers by PKC’s Janet Ray, which are available at Crook Post Office amongst other places.

Minutes of the last meeting: Were signed off without amendments.

Matters arising:
Unpaid work team: Arek Nowrotek of the Criminal Justice Service is researching possible projects and will report at the August meeting of this CC.

Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme: The scheme is currently on hold - Hugh Wallace explained that this is pending completion of agreements with affected landowners, twelve have agreed, however the remaining one is currently selling his property and is unable to commit at the moment. SSE have now proposed a more acceptable grid connection charge due to reduction in use by others in the area.

Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle has contacted Richard Smith to find out progress, site is now surveyed and ready, formal order will be issued shortly and work should start at the end of June, finished by end of July.

Crook of Devon Church Car Park: No progress.

Crook Moss Travellers’ site: Cllr Cuthbert reports that there has been no progress on the enforcement actions.

Glenquey Quarry: Tayside Geodiversity’s survey suggests that the quarry should have a geological designation. It’s not clear whether the report has been published yet.

Glen Devon Pollution Incident: Jim Dixon called Kevin to explain that if it’s a Public Health issue then the Health Authority takes over, and they may not have realised which areas were affected. A recent event at Glenfarg was handled more efficiently.

Community Workshop on Blairingone: A follow on meeting has been proposed by PKC for the end of August, however it would be better to have the plan that Johnny Stewart is preparing to discuss first.

Bus Investment Fund: The Muckhart and West Kinross-shire Demand Responsive Transport (DRT1) service started on 2nd June. Andrew Warrington (PKC Public Transport Manager) explained the background of the DRT1 service – The system works by booking at least 24 hours before, and the fare is the same as a bus fare, including child and concession rates and is operated by local taxi firms. Mary Carruthers (one of the service operators) reports that 20 journeys were made on the first two days. Funding is currently in place for the next three years, but Andrew I optimistic that this could be extended if the scheme is successful. Booklets describing the service are available throughout the area, and on various websites. Although the current area of operation is defined, it may be possible to alter or extend the area as the scheme develops.

Waulkmill Play Park: Detailed proposals for refurbishment of the park have been prepared and appear to be satisfactory. Comments from the community are welcome.

Lambhill Chipping plant: Cllr Cuthbert reports that PKC Environmental Health are awaiting further noise measurements before a decision is made. Meanwhile there has been no progress on the Planning Application which has now been agreed to be based on an invalid precedent.

Crook Moss Acquisition: No activity at the moment, as the land is not currently on the market. The sub committee will re convene to discuss possible funding and potential uses of the ground.

Spam emails: On-going.

Ryder Cup traffic planning: Kevin contacted PC Euan Mitchell who informed him that it’s proposed to impose a temporary 40mph speed limit on the A91 from Milnathort to Carnbo, currently there is no plan to have a 30mph limit in Carnbo itself, although this was thought to be a good idea by those present.

Dunning Glen Rubbish and Vandalism: Sgt Sandra Williams has been contacted – she thought it wasn’t worth reviving the multi agency meeting that she was previously responsible for. Meanwhile the Police will give the area as much attention as they can. Cllr Barnacle suggested that a possible meeting should be sought with landowners, council officials, and interested community parties to investigate a possible purchase of the land from the landowners, and also to discuss whether doing this would solve the problem. Suggestions to address this issue are welcome.

Roads Maintenance Strategy: Rod will update next meeting.

New Business
Perth and Kinross Credit Union: Steven Young explained that a Credit Union is a financial co-operative in that it takes in deposits and makes loans to members of the community; it’s only open to people living, working or studying in Perth and Kinross. Any profits will be used to improve the service. The scheme has only been operating for six weeks, so currently has a small number of products, and is run by volunteers – more are welcome. Although it may be most advantageous to people to whom normal banking facilities are not normally available, it’s open to all.

Lay-bay at end of Aldie Road: Although the pile of waste has been cleared up, there is still plenty of rubbish there from various works.

Fossoway Church Graveyard: MoP commented about the state of this, which has now been addressed.

Legacy Toolkit: This material encourages Communities, individuals, organisations and businesses in Perth and Kinross to take pride in our people and help create a sense of place in the year of the Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and Homecoming. It’s available from the PKC website.

CC Business
CC Meetings 2014/5: Dates and places have been confirmed and will be circulated and published in the usual places, see end of these minutes.
Local Landscape Designation Review: Consultants are preparing a proposal for this scheme, that replaces the Area of Great Landscape Value designation, to be presented on the 10th June. Comments can be made until the 6th June at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/PKC_LLDR
Kinross-shire Community Council Workshop: Sandy, Kevin and Alastair attended this meeting which described how the Planning Department will operate under the new Development Plan, and how the Community Councils can best communicate with the Planning Department.

Councillors’ reports
As part of a Scotland–wide review of Council sizes it’s been proposed that the number of PKC Councillors be reduced by one. Could this affect our ward? Cllr Giacopazzi says that it was discussed but any proposal to reduce our local representation would be strongly rejected.

Planning matters:

14/00764/FLL Alterations and extension to dwelling house, 24 West Crook Way, Crook of Devon, Kinross, KY13 0PH.
No Community Council comment.

14/00748/IPL Renewal of permission (11/00600/IPL.) Erection of four dwelling houses with associated Class 4 business use development (in principle) at Plot 3, Land South of Craigton Farm Road, Rumbling Bridge.
No Community Council comment.

Green Knowe Wind Farm: Scottish Power have contacted Auchterader CC with a view to expanding this site, but neither Muckhart CC nor this CC have been consulted about the proposal. This CC will write to Scottish Power and request inclusion in the consultation.

All correspondence was available for viewing. The Kinross Newsletter is now on Facebook.

AOCB: None

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
• Welcome and Apologies
• Declarations of Interest
• Community Policing
• Minutes of last meeting
• Matters arising: Unpaid Work Team, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook of Devon Church Car Park, Travellers’ Site Crook Moss, Glenquey Quarry, Community Workshops, Waulkmill Play Park, Lambhill Chipping Plant, Crook Moss Acquisition, Spam emails, Ryder Cup Traffic Planning, Dunning Glen, Road Maintenance, Local Landscape Designation Review, Aldie Road Lay-By
• Community Councillors - Meetings Attended
• PKC Councillors’ Reports
• Planning
• Correspondence

Note: NO Meeting in July
Next Meeting: Tuesday 5th August, 7:30 pm
Carnbo Village Hall
All welcome

Meetings for 2014/15

Date Venue
Tue 5th August 2014 Carnbo Village Hall
Tue 2nd September 2014 Fossoway Primary School
Tue 7th October 2014 Blairingone Primary School
Tue 4th November 2014 Powmill Moubray Hall
Tue 2nd December 2014 Fossoway Primary School
Tue 6th January 2015 Blairingone Primary School
Tue 3rd February 2015 Fossoway Primary School
Tue 3rd March 2015 Blairingone Primary School
Tue 7th April 2015 Carnbo Village Hall
Tue 5th May 2015 Fossoway Primary School (AGM)
Tue 2nd June 2015 Powmill Moubray Hall

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Community Council AGM Minutes - May 6th 2014

Fossoway and District Community Council
Minutes of AGM
May 6th 2014 7.30pm
To be approved.

1. Attending: CCllrs: Sandy Morrison, Kevin Borthwick, Rod Patterson Alastair Lavery and Trudy Wigman-Duffy; Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Joe Giacopazzi and Willie Robertson; 11 Members of the Public.
Apologies: CCllrs: Angus Cheape and Graham Pye; Cllr Dave Cuthbert.

2. Minutes: Minutes of the 2013 AGM meeting were read, approved, and signed off.

3. Chair’s Report:

The elected members of the Community Council are as follows:-
• Kevin Borthwick
• Trudy Duffy-Wigman
• Alistair Lavery
• Sandy Morrison
• Rod Paterson

The co-opted members are:-
• Angus Cheape
• Graham Pye

During the year Sheila Anderson resigned and Graham Pye was co-opted. The Community Council (CC) wishes to record its thanks to Sheila for her contribution over the years.

The Community Council has had another very busy year with eleven scheduled meetings and one special meeting regarding the potential acquisition of the Crook Moss. The main issues during the year have been:

• Crook Moss Planning Application: Planning permission was granted with a number of conditions which had timescales for their implementation. The majority of the conditions have not been met and enforcement orders have now been issued with new timescales for some of the conditions. This matter involved a significant amount of correspondence, telephone calls and meetings with Perth and Kinross Council (PKC) officials.
• Local Development Plan: The Plan was approved by the Scottish Executive with some amendments. PKC accepted the findings and adopted the Plan which in the main reflected the Community’s views.
• Introduction of a Unitary Police Force and Unitary Fire Service in Scotland: These changes are still being implemented and the only effect so far is the closure of the desk service for the public at Kinross Police Station.
• Community Speed Watch Programme: The new police service has decided not to support this measure.
• Fossoway Church Car Park: No progress has been made by the church.
• Core Paths: Signposting has been completed.
• Lambhill Site: There is still ongoing discussion with PKC on this matter.
• Glen Quey Quarry: The planning application has still not been determined.
• Wind Turbines: The CC has decided to object to all applications until PKC produces detailed guidance regarding wind turbines, in particular cumulative impact.
• AGLVs: The CC has lobbied PKC to produce a replacement policy for this subject.
• Bus Investment Fund: The CC supported the bid for a local service in the area.
• Blairingone War Memorial: Progress has been made and it is anticipated the relocation will take place in 2014.
• Devon Hydro Scheme: The CC has had significant dialogue with the developer which has resulted in the developer amending the scheme and meeting the CC’s initial objections.
• Ryder Cup: The impact of the Park and Ride at Balado and the traffic management system has been discussed with the CC and the community.
• Crook Moss Community Acquisition: A sub-group of some CC members and volunteers from the Community was set up to explore the possibility of the Community acquiring Crook Moss.
• Community Consultation: PKC organised an event to discuss the LDP and its effect on Blairingone.
• Green Routes: These have been introduced in various parts of the district.

In addition to these specific issues, there have been a significant number of planning applications, together with an increasing number of issues which the Community Council has been consulted on, extensive correspondence and a large number of meetings to attend.

The emphasis coming from the Scottish Executive is increasing community involvement and empowerment of communities. The Scottish Executive’s aim is to involve people at all age levels in the community but it is extremely difficult for people with busy working lives to become involved to the level envisaged.
The concept is laudable but in my view it is not easily achievable through voluntary bodies such as CCs. The current workload is significant and increasing therefore any further major increase will not be dealt with effectively with the current structure.

Thank you to my fellow councillors for their support and for the significant efforts they have made in dealing with their portfolios and attending external meetings. Thanks also to our local Councillors Barnacle, Cuthbert, Giacopazzi and Robertson for their support and assistance to the CC on numerous occasions. Our local MP Gordon Banks has also provided support and assistance to the CC.

4. Secretary’s Report:

I have now settled into the role of Secretary, and have got a system of how I deal with all the work. Basically I have to deal with it as it happens, and not let it build up. Fortunately as I work from home I am more or less able to do this.
We have had a really busy year, in 2013/14, and we have had a substantial increase in the amount of correspondence, and meetings attended.
Over the past year I have dealt with 1137 (916 last year) incoming emails, and have sent out 585 (471 last year). I also ran off 1828 (1576 last year) prints for the correspondence, and agendas etc. This is an increase of approximately 20%. When you include phone calls and meetings it soon adds up to a fair bit of work.

Streamlining the way we do the correspondence at the meetings has been a great success, although I fail to see why I have to print it all out, as very rarely does anyone ever look at it. But rules are rules.

This year I have tried to lobby PKC to cut out the amount of SPAM emails we receive, and also to remove as much of the inane blurb that is at the foot of all their correspondence. I have had some success, in that any correspondence does not have all the copied recipients listed in the email, cutting out half a page, we also have had the Ryder Cup logo removed, but not a lot happening with the SPAM. I’m still waiting on more feedback on that one.

I will keep looking at the processes we have to follow as a Community Council, and keep trying to make things easier and less laborious and tedious for both the members and the public. To try to make our meetings run smoother and make them a more pleasurable experience.

Sandy thanked Kevin for all his hard work.

5. Treasurer’s Report:
The Annual Accounts were approved and signed off – Proposer: S Morrison, Seconder: K Borthwick.
The closing cash balance for the year was £291.83, including accruals for outstanding creditors. Major expenses during the year included £245.84 for accommodation and £127.96 for secretarial expenses. In line with new PKC guidelines, ongoing funded for the Community Council will be capped at £700. The Chair thanked Rod for stepping in to do the accounts at the last minute.

6. Confirmation of Office Bearers:
The Office Bearers all resigned from their current posts, and new post holders are as follows:
Sandy Morrison, Chairperson – Proposed: K Borthwick, Seconded: T Duffy-Wigman
Kevin Borthwick, Secretary – Proposed: T Duffy-Wigman, Seconded: R Paterson
Rod Paterson, Treasurer and IT – Proposed: K Borthwick, Seconded: A Lavery
Alastair Lavery, Planning – Proposed: K Borthwick, Seconded: S Morrison (Note: Alastair will only be in this post for three months until a substitute is found.)
Graham Pye, Minute Secretary – Proposed: K Borthwick, Seconded: S Morrison
Trudy Wigman-Duffy, Vice Chair and Deputy Secretary – Proposed: A Lavery, Seconded: K Borthwick
Angus Cheape – Deputy Planning and Community Office – Proposed: S Morrison, Seconded: K Borthwick

With no other business, the date of the next AGM was set for 5th May 2015 and the meeting ended at 7.50pm.

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May 2014 Community Council Minutes

Draft Minutes Meeting Fossoway and District Community Council
Tuesday May 6th 2014, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: CClrs: Sandy Morrison, Kevin Borthwick, Rod Paterson, Alastair Lavery, Trudy Duffy – Wigman. Cllrs: Mike Barnacle, Willie Robertson, Joe Giacopazzi and 11 members of the public.

Dave Cuthbert, Angus Cheape, Graham Pye and PC Stapleton

Community policing:
Report received. Main issue in this area: the public have to watch out for bogus callers (who have been active in the Powmill area). They will use various methods to distract you (ask for use of the bathroom, a glass of water) to gain entry to your property, and rob you. Do not let cold callers in, arrange for a friend to be with you and contact the police if concerned.

Minutes last meeting:
Signed off without amendments.

Matters arising:

Unpaid work team: Any ideas for projects please communicate to Kevin

Hydro Scheme:
One of the landowners received a letter with what he felt was a threat for compulsory purchase of his land if he failed to cooperate. However, councillors had never heard of this measure being used by a private company. Hugh Wallace to update CC at next meeting.

Blairingone War Memorial:
No progress. It would be fitting if it is finished before the commemoration of the first World War.

Crook of Devon Church Car Park:
No progress. There was a comment on inconsiderate parking of some church goers; possibly hampering the access of emergency services. The CC will take these matters up with the church.

Travellers’ site: Enforcement orders have been issued in respect of some conditions. Foul water conditions are prioritised; the measures should be implemented in 6 to 9 months. Other conditions will also be enforced but are not prioritised. There is still concern about the generator noise. MB commented that, in general, by accepting retrospective applications, it is more difficult to enforce waste and foul water conditions; which is more significant in the Loch Leven catchment area. However, PKC has to consider retrospective applications whoever they are from.

Glenquey Quarry:
The CC still get regular updates from Malcolm Best; but the quarry is not on the agenda of the next DMC. Also, Tayside Geodiversity has conducted a survey and they will bring out a report in favour of a geological designation.

Glen Devon pollution incident:
Councillor Barnacle is in conversation with PKC to make sure lessons are learned from the incident so that the initial response mechanism will be fit for purpose.

Community Workshop on Blairingone:
PKC has put a lot of effort into this process; unfortunately the turnout of Blairingone residents was disappointing. Several issues were identified, such as a village hall, paths, a shop, and woodland development. A hall could only be realised in conjunction with some development of housing; PKC will meet with landowners to see whether there is scope for some development. There would also have to be a significant contribution from local residents in respect of funding and project management. Are the people prepared to give this commitment? Mr Stewart may have some information regarding development at the next meeting. PKC are keen to have a follow on meeting to discuss the outcomes from the workshop, probably in Blairingone. A suitable dare and venue in Blairingone will be agreed in the near future. The ownership of site E22 was thought to be James Manclark , but this would have to be confirmed.

Bus Investment Fund:
There is now agreement with the taxi operators and licences are organised. The launch may be as early as this month. A wonderful opportunity to improve transport for non-drivers.

Waulkmill Play Park/ Road at Village Hall: There is now a budget for adopting the road. The council will fund up to 40% to bring the road to an adoptable standard.

Lambhill Chipping plant:
Following a meeting with PKC, John Anderson, Alan Kinloch and Gordon Banks it has become clear that the justification for allowing the plant to operate in the current way is based on an incorrect interpretation. The council is now reviewing its position.

Crook Moss Acquisition:
Valuation received, and discussed with the landowner. In some cases the land has been gifted, but the price range could be from £500 to £650 per acre, and it would depend on what value the community put on the land. The landowner has now taken the farm off the market, but has agreed that if he decided to sell the Moss, he would give the community first option on it.

Spam emails:
Kevin is trying to reduce spam emails and the length of PKC emails and disclaimers. Has had some success as the Ryder Cup logo is now removed. We are still hoping that PKC can put in some filters.

Ryder Cup traffic planning:
Last meeting we had an update. A resident of Carnbo has voiced concerns about 6 buses every 5 minutes on the A91- it will be difficult to cut in and join the traffic. There was also a question whether the speed limit imposed in Carnbo can be reduced to 30mph. There are conflicting opinions about this; in the absence of street lighting. The CC and the Cllrs will take this up again. Also, the verges may need a second cut (are usually only cut for T-in-the-Park); WR will check this.

New Business
Dunning Glen:
Once again there are reports of irresponsible camping on the site, and large amounts of rubbish have been left all around the area. The CC will to try and resurrect multi-agency meetings and look for more a permanent solution.

Road Maintenance:
Rod will update next meeting.

Local Landscape Designation review:
There will be a replacement for the ‘Area of Great Landscape Value’ designation. It will be called LLA (Local Landscape Area). During a working meeting several areas in Perth and Kinross were put forward for this new designation; in our area they were The Ochils, Lomond Hills and Loch Leven. This was an evidence gathering exercise; the consultants will present the findings back to the group and then propose the way forward.

Councillors’ reports
Mike Barnacle:
Community Speed Watch: seems like the end of the road; no support from the police for this initiative.
Footpath at St Serf’s: will be maintained.

Willie Robertson:

Tree policy: When a tree is overhanging or obstructing between private properties, it is the owner’s responsibility to cut it down and to remove the branches. The council will only step in when it is overhanging on the public road or in any sense dangerous. Previously the council had carried out the work and billed the owner, if they had failed to do the work.

Loch Leven Heritage Trail:
The trail will officially be opened on the 30th of May.

Planning matters:

14/00742/FLL. Extension to dwellinghouse. Braehead Farmhouse Rumbling Bridge Kinross KY13 0PU. Recommendation. No Community Council comment.
14/00705/FLL. Removal of condition 3 (occupancy) of permission 11/01839/FLL (Erection of an indoor horse arena building for equestrian business and erection of a dwellinghouse and garage). Recommendation. Refuse as provides no assurance that the conditions of 11/01839/FLL will be fulfilled.
14/00689/FLL. Renewal of permission (11/00068/FLL) Erection of a dwellinghouse (Plot 2). Land 40 Metres South West Of Muirfield Fossoway. Recommendation. No Community Council comment.
14/00688/FLL. Alterations, extension and formation of timber deck and ramp. Dumyat, Lendrick Muir Rumbling Bridge Kinross KY13 0QA. Recommendation. No Community Council comment.
14/00681/IPL. Erection of dwellinghouse (in principle). Old Station Yard The Old Station Rumbling Bridge. Recommendation. No Community Council comment.
14/00636/FLL. Extension to dwellinghouse, erection of garage and re-positioning of fence . 29 West Crook Way Crook Of Devon Kinross KY13 0PH. Recommendation. No Community Council comment.


All correspondence was available for viewing.


New Roundabout in Kinross: A member of the public asked if was a council policy for contractors who go over time? Also, the way the site is left (with cones etc) can be hazardous. Councillors reported there was an unforeseen problem with a utility cable. The public were also asked to report hazards at the time and not wait for a meeting.
Lay-by Aldie Road: This site has been used by Scottish Water as a parking/ storage for contractors’ vehicles and equipment as well as materials and waste. It has not been properly cleared and tidied when the work was finished. Councillor Giacopazzi will take this mater up.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
• Welcome and Apologies
• Declarations of Interest
• Community Policing
• Minutes of last meeting
• Matters arising: Unpaid Work Team, Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme, Blairingone War Memorial, Crook of Devon Church Car Park, Travellers’ Site Crook Moss, Glenquey Quarry, Glen Devon pollution incident, Community Workshops, Bus Investment Fund, Walkmill Play Park, Lambhill Chipping Plant, Crook Moss Acquisition, Spam emails, Ryder Cup Traffic Planning, Dunning Glen, Winter Road Maintenance, Local Landscape Designation Review,
• Community Councillors - Meetings Attended
• PKC Councillors’ Reports
• Planning
• Correspondence

Next Meeting:
Tuesday 3th June, 7:30 pm
Moubray Hall Powmill
All welcome

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