Strategic Planning

How Strategic Planning Works - The Current Process

Strategic Planning is the process by which all Councils in Scotland decide how much development is required within their areas and where this development should go. When we talk about development, we are mainly talking about house building, although the community campuses such as the one in Kinross include facilities for residents such as health centres and schools etc.

Fossoway Community Strategy Group

A vital mechanism for influencing where housebuilding will be permitted is the Fossoway Community Strategy Group, which was established by Councillor Michael Barnacle in 2005 following the recommendation of the Planning Reporter dealing with the Local Plan Enquiry and represents the views of the community based on feedback from questionnaires, public meetings and other representations.

You may have responded to the recent questionnaire survey conducted by the group. Because the group operates democratically, taking account of the views of local residents, its recommendations carry significant weight with the Council Planners. The results of the survey will be posted on this website when they become available, along with the final report making recommendations on where development should and should not be allowed in Fossoway.

Structure Plans

A Structure Plan has been written for Perth & Kinross Council Area, which provides a vision for long term land use planning. The current Structure Plan for Perth & Kinross aims to give broad strategic land use planning guidance to 2020. It gives the principles for making decisions on land use, such as the types of locations where housing development would or would not be permitted/encouraged. For example, one of its strategic planning objectives is, "To locate new development where it will contribute to reducing the need to travel".

Perth & Kinross Council approved an alteration to the Structure Plan, which seeks an extra 12,000 houses to be built in Perth & Kinross to 2020. 460 of these additional houses are to be built in the Kinross Area, which includes Fossoway. Council paper 09/322 (Finalised Alteration) was approved by the Council on 24 June. The paper gives details of the Alteration along with a summary of consultation responses received from the public, landowners and developers, whether the comments resulted in changes or not and the reasons why. The alteration was to be submitted to Scottish Ministers for final sign off towards the end of July, following which members of the public would have the opportunity to send any objections to Scottish Ministers. The sign off process has not yet been completed.

Local Development Plans

Local Development Plans sit under the Structure Plan and build on the principles set out in the Structure Plan to give more detail on what types of development would be permitted in specified locations. For example, the Kinross Local Plan identifies sites where development would be permitted and specifies the type of development, even going down to the number of houses that would be allowed on specific sites along with any requirements such as the provision of sewage treatment.

The Future Strategic Planning Process

The Council have already started this process - make your views clear NOW!

The strategic planning process is being changed. Out goes the Structure Plan and the individual Local Plans for the areas which make up Perth & Kinross, including the Kinross Local Plan which is the key document for Fossoway. Instead there will be a Strategic Development Plan, covering the "Dundee City Region", which includes Dundee, Angus, North/East Fife and Perth & Kinross. The new "Local" Plan, which will sit beneath the Strategic Development Plan will cover the entire Perth & Kinross Council Area (i.e. the same area currently covered by the Structure Plan).

Strategic Development Plan

To produce the new Strategic Development Plan, a new "Strategic Development Plan Authority" has been set up. This new authority goes by the name of "TAYplan" and is currently running a public consultation to raise awareness and find out what people think the key cross-boundary planning issues are. You can visit the TAYplan website to find out more and to register your interest in order to be kept up to date with progress.

New Local Development Plan for Perth & Kinross

Perth & Kinross Council has started work on the new Local Plan and it is important that you do not miss your chance to have your say. Although the final plan will not be published until the back end of 2014, there are pre-defined stages at which your views will be invited. The first opportunity to have your say has just closed (the so-called "pre-Main Issues Report consultation", which ended on 30 June 2009.

The comments received by the Council up to the end of June will be used by them to produce the Main Issues Report. The Main Issues Report will focus on key issues and will give details of where development should and should not be allowed during the life of the Local Plan.

Consultation on the Main Issues Report will take place for 12 weeks starting in April 2010 and it is vital that you make your views known at this time. If you do not you will not have the opportunity to influence future stages of the Local Plan production because you will only be permitted to make comment on those issues raised during the consultation on the MIR.

Perth & Kinross Council has written a Development Plan Scheme, which outlines the process for producing the new plan.

Remember - Make Your Views Known to the Decision Makers! - Take Action!

If you do not make your views known, the Council can only assume that you agree with the housebuilding lobby. It is important that you make your local Councillors and the PKC Planners aware of your views in advance of the Main Issues Report consultation so they are better able to take account of them when the consultation takes place. The earlier the decision makers are aware of your concerns the better able they are to take them into account.

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