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Community Council Minutes - June 2018

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
5th June 2018, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs Jennifer Donachie, Trudy Duffy, Carol Farquhar and Angus Cheape; P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Callum Purves, Willie Robertson and Richard Watters; four Members of the Public (MoP)
Apologies: CCllrs Cameron Brown and Graham Pye.
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: Unfortunately, no officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were no incidents to note in our area in the last month from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch. Operation Monardo was launched in May which targets bogus callers/rogue traders on the doorstep. An incident on 28th May saw an increased police presence in the Fossoway area that evening.
Cllr Robertson reported that the mess left by the Road Traffic Accident in Blairingone last month has been cleared up by PKC.
Minutes of the previous meeting: A copy of the minutes was not available therefore the minutes will be signed off at the next meeting in August.

Matters Arising
A977 Mitigation: Cllr Barnacle reported that a few members of the public had contacted him because they were opposed to the reorientation of the junction adjacent to Fossoway Petrol Station, where the B9097 meets the A977. Cllr Barnacle was interested to know the community councillors’ opinion regarding this. CCllr Duffy pointed out that the extensive consultation had been clear about what the community wanted, a plan had been formulated and that the plan should be adhered to. Cllr Robertson stated that there was never going to be a scheme to suit everyone and reiterated that we should go with the original plan. It was agreed to stay with the status quo. It was also reported that an Independent Safety Audit would be carried out on the A977.
Blairingone School Estate Transformation: A decision was taken at the meeting of the Lifelong Learning Committee to approve the recommendation made within the options appraisal for Blairingone Primary School to undertake a statutory consultation on a proposal to close the school. It is proposed pupils would be transferred to Fossoway Primary School. The catchment area of Fossoway Primary School would be extended to include the whole catchment area of Blairingone Primary School. Cllr Barnacle recently met with this committee to try to have the decision overturned however this was not successful. Cllr Purves stated that there was a process that would have to be adhered to regarding closing the school and a statutory consultation would be required to take place. January is possibly the earliest date that meetings and consultation could take place.
Lambhill: Application 17/01227/FLL Change of use of agricultural shed to general storage and distribution was refused and the applicant has made an appeal against this decision. As a result, a reporter has been appointed to consider the case and will carry out a site inspection on Monday 11th June at 12.30pm. The purpose of the visit is to allow the reporter to become familiar with all the physical features of the site and surrounding area, then make a decision based on the information.
Crook Moss Travellers Site: At a recent Council Committee meeting Cllr Barnacle mooted that there be a site visit as the site needs to be tidied up. Scottish Water confirmed Drum & Crook Treatment Works have a limited capacity and applications to join are considered on a case by case basis.
Hydro Scheme Fund: TRACKS are looking into the resurrection of the Devon footbridge and CCllr Pye will be the representative of the Community Council, temporarily joining the TRACKS committee for the duration of the project. CCllr Pye will also take over as Treasurer for the Hydro Scheme Fund.
Crook and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that the group had entered into three competitions, more information to follow. The giant, three-tier planters gifted from Edinburgh are due to be put in place this weekend. Other news is that a few tubs will be planted with herbs and the public invited to pick and use what they want from the tubs.
Powmill in Bloom: CCllr Farquhar reported an enthusiastic meeting of the Powmill in Bloom Group. Watering plants is a problem as it is time consuming and labour intensive using wheel barrows and watering cans; a more efficient solution would be welcome. A new mower has been purchased and Powmill has been given a good tidy up. The group members attended the ‘Take a Pride in Perthshire Garden Party’ at Scone Racecourse which was very enjoyable and good to network with other Bloom Groups in Perth and Kinross. The Notice Board in Powmill is in need of refurbishment and plans are afoot to fix this.
Fossoway Gathering: CCllr Duffy announced that the meeting on 10th May was successful and a good turnout of people attended to support The Gathering. The next meeting is Thursday 14th June 7.30pm in The Stables. Cllr Barnacle will find out if Waulkmill can be used as the venue for the event.

Matters Arising with no update since last meeting
LDP2: No information at present.
Ivy Cottage Powmill: No information at present.
Blairingone War Memorial: No information at present
Fossoway Area Transport: No information at present

New Business:
Kinross-shire Forum: Cllr Purves reported that at a recent, ward councillors meeting it was agreed to re-establish the Kinross-shire Forum to allow for discussion among ward councillors and community councillors on issues that affect the whole of Kinross-shire. A meeting has been arranged at Loch Leven Community Campus on Monday 13th August, with invitations for up to two representatives from each community council to attend. These meetings would be held on a quarterly basis.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended:
Kinross-shire Fund: CCllr Cheape reported that grants had been issued to First Responders and the Sports Hub. Despite the fact that the main funding (T-in-the-Park) has fallen away there is still a substantial amount of money for small grants. There has not been an application from Fossoway for some time.
Fossoway Community Benefit Fund: CCllr Cheape reported that the first application has been granted. A grant was given to ‘Penney’s Wood’ to improve infrastructure and seating. The Community Benefit Fund receives an annual sum of money from the Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme. Community groups within the Fossoway and District Community Council area are able to apply for small grants.
Sports Hub: CCllr Farquhar attended a meeting of the Sports Hub and reported that ‘Cycling without Age’, and the ‘Park Run’ are both doing well. The 2K junior run is very popular and plans are progressing well for the 5K. The next meeting of the Sports Hub will be on 23rd August. CCllr Farquhar also reported that the ‘Better Place to Live Fair’ is to be held on Saturday 9th June at Loch Leven Community Campus, Kinross from 10-2pm.
CCllr Farquhar reported that Powmill Play area needs maintenance so will contact Perth and Kinross Council regarding this.
CCllr Duffy mentioned investigations had begun regarding the possibility of obtaining a defibrillator for Crook of Devon Village Hall.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Willie Robertson: No new information to report this month.
Mike Barnacle: Cllr Barnacle reported that verge cutting was required as soon as possible. A committee has been formed to commemorate the anniversary of the First World War. The committee members are looking for material to exhibit in the village hall. The main focus will be the names on the war memorial, their families and what these people did in the war. Kinross museum will be putting together an exhibition too.
Callum Purves: Cllr Purves reported that there has been an inspection regarding Health for Children and Child Protection and Perth and Kinross Council came out top in Scotland. Also, Vehicle Activated Signs at Balado, Rumbling Bridge and Carnbo will be updated. A Community Investment Fund for £50,000 has been allocated for Kinross-shire.
Richard Watters: Perth and Kinross Council set out to review The Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils earlier this year. Cllr Watters reinforced that feedback is important as this consultation aims to include as many points of view as possible.

Planning Matters
New applications
18/00702/FLL Erection of 2 dwelling houses at land 40 metres North East of Ochil Cottage, Carnbo.
No CC Comment.

18/00704/FLL Realignment of vehicular access at Blairingone Church, Main Street, Blairingone, FK14 7NY. No CC Comment
18/00696/FLL Erection of an agricultural building at Devonshaw, Powmill, FK14 7NH
No CC Comment (see below under decided applications)
18/00878/FLL Erection of an agricultural building at Devonshaw, Powmill, FK14 7NH
No CC Comment.
Decided applications
18/00696/FLL Erection of an agricultural building, Devonshaw, Powmill, FK14 7NH
Withdrawn:CC did not comment
18/00568/FLL Erection of dwellinghouse and a garage with ancillary accommodation (revised design) at Land 40 metres North West of Dunollie, Fossoway.
Approved: CC did not comment
18/00556/PNA Erection of an agricultural storage building, Craigton Bungalow, Rumblingbridge, KY13 0QF
Approved: CC did not comment
18/00478/FLL Change of use, alterations and extensions to dwellinghouse to form 4 holiday accommodation units, Gardeners Cottage, Fossoway, KY13 0PD
Withdrawn: CC did not comment

All correspondence was available for viewing.

AOCB: Fossoway and District Community Council will not meet on 26th June 2018 as stated on the June meeting agenda. The next meeting will be on 7th August 2018 at Carnbo Village Hall.
CCllr Duffy stated that the Schedule of meetings for the next year is now available. CCllr Duffy also remarked that Dunning Bridge looked quite impressive now that restoration work has been completed.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Blairingone School Estate Transformation, Hydro Scheme Fund, Crook & Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Fossoway Gathering, Kinross-shire Forum.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB


Next Meeting: Tuesday 7th August 2018 7:30 pm
Carnbo Village Hall
All Welcome

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General Election 2010

I'm not sure i'd agree with the sentiment that our society is broken, however i whole heartedly agree that our democratic system is not just broken, but in ruins!

Through a Facebook group i have attempted to gather information about the forthcoming election, who the candidates are, what they stand for, how the process will work. I am doing this in attempt to help inform would be voters in their choice.

I will try to remain impartial! Hope its of use at least to a few people!



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