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Community Council Minutes - February 2018

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
6th February 2018, Blairingone Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs Cameron Brown, Angus Cheape, Trudy Duffy, and Graham Pye; P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Callum Purves, Willie Robertson and Richard Watters; 8 Members of the Public (MoP)
Apologies: CCllrs Jennifer Donachie and Carol Farquhar.
Declarations of Interest: CCllr Cheape declared an interest in LDP2.
Police report: PC Douglas (Dougie) Stapleton attended the meeting and reminded the meeting that rural thefts continue to be an issue in the wider area, so vigilance is important – any suspicious vehicles should be reported preferably with registration number. PC Stapleton is happy to receive emails offering information, or asking for advice at any time on ku.ecilop.nnp.dnaltocs|notelpats.salguod#ku.ecilop.nnp.dnaltocs|notelpats.salguod.
There were no incidents to note in our area in the last month from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch.
MoP enquired about whether a sign on the outskirts of Powmill, just past the Milk Bar, which was obstructing the view of oncoming traffic was a Police matter. Cllr Robertson explained that planning permission was needed for any such sign, and no-one present was aware of any such permission being applied for, hence it would be a planning enforcement issue.
MoPs had previously raised concerns about vehicle speeds during Police driver training which takes place on the A977. PC Stapleton explained that if the vehicles were showing their blue flashing lights and using two tone horns, they were legally allowed to exceed the posted speed limit by 20mph. PC Stapleton further confirmed that training courses were only run during day, i.e. from about 10am to 4pm, and only marked Police cars were used.
Cllr Barnacle raised the issue of motor bikes speeding along the B9097, especially after events at Knockhill racetrack. PC Stapleton answered that they were well aware of this problem and posted speed traps on those occasions.
Cllr Robertson asked what was the Police role in fly-tipping – PC Stapleton said that if it was possible to identify the culprits, then they would charge them; however this is often very difficult unless there was a witness to the crime.
Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were signed off without amendment.

Matters Arising
Salt Bins: CCllr Duffy passed on a report from the CC’s Facebook page that the salt bins in Crook of Devon have not been refilled, and the one opposite the Institute (which was destroyed by traffic accidents) has not been replaced. Cllr Barnacle said that a new location was being sought for that bin.
Hydro Scheme: CCllr Duffy stated that the fund was now open for funding applications. In addition to the annual receipt of £5,000, there will be £50,000 left over from the contingency fund. The most popular request for funding from the survey was to reinstate the Rumbling Bridge Gorge footbridge.
The scheme has its own website at www.fossowayfund.org.uk. The website will also include the full results from the survey.
Fund application forms will always be available at CC meetings, and will also be downloadable from the website. Applications need to be from local groups to provide a community benefit, and must include a breakdown of costs and agree to provide an end of grant report.
Cllr Robertson asked if TRACKS could help with the bridge scheme, and undertook to raise it with them.
MoP asked how competing applications would be judged – CCllr Duffy responded that amongst other criteria, the committee would be guided by the popular goals obtained from the survey.
Blairingone Lambhill Site: The application for the distribution centre was discussed at the Development Management Committee on 17th January and turned down almost unanimously. The CC and those present expressed their thanks to all the local Councillors for their efforts in achieving this result, and to John Anderson for engaging local support for the campaign.
LDP2 Draft: Cllr Barnacle has submitted comments on some of the policies in LDP2 and development areas. The next step is for the planners to study all the responses and decide whether to take amendments to the plan for the Council to approve or reject. Alternatively the existing plan could be submitted directly to the reporter. The CC has submitted its opinions on the development of sites that are not currently included in the plan but have been proposed in the past, in case they are proposed again.
MoP asked whether the Councillors were aware of the “Drum Loch”, i.e. the drainage problem at the site opposite the Shell Garage at Crook of Devon – Cllr Barnacle replied that there can be no development of the site until the drainage problem is properly addressed.
MoP asked about the Braehead chalet site in Rumbling Bridge, which is apparently in the process of being extended. Cllr Barnacle explained that some planning documents regarding the site were lost when the site moved from Clackmannanshire to Perth & Kinross, and hence there is a lack of clarity about the approval granted. However, the PKC planners have told Cllr Barnacle that there can only be 15 chalets on the site until there is another planning application.
A977 Mitigation: Lachlan MacLean (PKC Traffic) wants to have a Community Consultation about how the A977 money is to be spent, and asked the CC to help choose the most convenient date. General consensus was to only have the meeting in Powmill, as the approximate centre of the A977’s range. Drop-in sessions on a Saturday morning, and another evening were thought to be best.
Blairingone War Memorial: The War Memorials Trust has contacted the CC about possibly funding the relocation; however CCllr Brown believes that it is unlikely that we will be able to meet their conditions. There is currently no active planning application for the site.
Fossoway Area Public Transport: There is continued concern about the shortage of taxis in the area. The CC will write to Andrew Warrington, copying the local Councillors, about this issue.
Crook of Devon and Drum Growing Together: A local architect has created a design for the village green, including the hearse house. Investigations of that building revealed that it contained the original water pump for the village, and it is hoped that this can be made the centrepiece of the village. Discussions are to be held with PKC to determine if the hearse house can be transferred into ownership of the Bloom Group.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Powmill in Bloom, Crook Moss Travellers Site, Ivy Cottage Powmill, DRT and B9097.

New Business: None this month.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: None this month.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Willie Robertson: Auchterarder have a special fund that all developers have to contribute to, which is used for minor infrastructure projects. Could we have one too? The PKC Enterprise Infrastructure committee will be looking at it.
Callum Purves: The Budget will be set on Thursday 15th February; proposals for savings from PKC officers are being considered by Councillors.
Richard Watters: A traffic model covering flow through Kinross and Milnathort based on extensive surveys has been constructed. By factoring in new housing development it is possible to model where problem areas would be, allowing studies of possible solutions.
Mike Barnacle: Nothing not already covered above.

Planning Matters – New Applications:
18/00013/FLL Alterations and extension to dwelling house Craigton Bungalow, Rumbling Bridge.
No CC comment

18/00044/FLL Alterations and extension to dwelling house at Bridgend Cottage, Gairney Burn Lane, Powmill.
No CC comment

18/00097/FLL Erection of ancillary accommodation, The Meadows, Vicars Bridge Road, Blairingone, Dollar.
No CC Comment

Decided Applications:
17/02015/FLL Siting of static caravan for use as staff accommodation for a temporary period (in retrospect) Land 10 metres North of Lambhill, Blairingone.
Refused: CC objected

17/01227/FLL Change of use of agricultural shed and yard to general storage and distribution (class 6) Lambhill, Blairingone.
Refused: CC objected

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: PKC will be introducing a £25 annual charge for collecting garden waste in brown bins from 1st April, however food waste will continue to be collected for free – it’s not clear how this distinction will be made. The scheme will operate by householders purchasing an annual permit which will be attached to their bin. Cllr Barnacle pointed out that the aim is to use some of the revenue from this scheme to extend brown bin collections to areas not currently receiving them.
The deadline for Action Partnerships funding applications has been extended to 12th February.
NHS Tayside have approved the new model for Mental Health and Learning Disability
Services and the Surgical Services Transformation.

AOCB: None this month.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: Hydro Scheme, Blairingone Lambhill Site, A977 Mitigation, Fossoway Area Transport, Crook & Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 6th March 2018 7:30 pm
Fossoway Primary School
All Welcome

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General Election 2010

I'm not sure i'd agree with the sentiment that our society is broken, however i whole heartedly agree that our democratic system is not just broken, but in ruins!

Through a Facebook group i have attempted to gather information about the forthcoming election, who the candidates are, what they stand for, how the process will work. I am doing this in attempt to help inform would be voters in their choice.

I will try to remain impartial! Hope its of use at least to a few people!



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