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Proceedings of the Virtual Meeting of Community Council 7th April 2020

Proceedings of the Virtual Meeting of
Fossoway and District Community Council
7th April 2020

As it is not currently possible to hold physical meetings of the CC it was decided by the CCllrs that we should publish this description of what would have been discussed, including any updates that we are aware of. Members of the Public are encouraged to comment on and question the items below, by email to moc.liamg|cc.yawossof#moc.liamg|cc.yawossof or via the CC’s Facebook page, which we will answer in our next meeting, be it virtual or physical, on Tuesday 5th May.

Contributing: Community Cllrs Sarah Bruce-Jones, Angus Cheape, Trudy Duffy, Carol Farquhar, Carole Haigh, Michael Haigh, Nicola Marchant (Associate), Graham Pye and Rob Young; P&K Councillors Mike Barnacle and Callum Purves.
Declarations of Interest: None.

Police report: There were no incidents to note in our area since the last CC Meeting from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch. The CC has received an email from Inspector Craig Stephen introducing himself as the new Police Inspector for South Perthshire.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the March meeting will be signed off once normal meetings resume. Any significant decisions made during these virtual meetings will be brought to the next physical meeting to be formally ratified.

Matters Arising
Rumbling Bridge Gorge Bridge: The next phase of the project would be an official flood risk assessment, a tree survey and a pre-planning application. Of course all this has come to a stop for now.

Powmill in Bloom: CCllr Farquhar reported that the Well Kept Village judging took place on March 16th. There was general praise for the lack of litter. Powmill was given two stars for the most improved village and overall was in second place after Kinnesswood.

Crook & Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that the Crook of Devon area was also judged on 16th March – Crook of Devon was given two stars and came third in the contest. The CC would like to congratulate all those involved. As the plug-plants ordered from PKC will not now be delivered, much of the planting plans will have to be rethought – the group will use their own seeds to plant up as much as possible. The scheme to provide hanging baskets or tubs is continuing in the background - baskets are being prepared ready to be delivered.

A977 Mitigation: Cllr Barnacle reported that due to Government restrictions, all roadworks are currently suspended.

Bank of Scotland Kinross Branch Closure: This CC continues to oppose the proposed closure of the Bank of Scotland branch in Kinross, proposed to take place this summer.
CCllr Marchant attended a meeting with Liz Smith MSP and her adviser David Siddle, Patrick Leavey and Philip Moran from the Bank, business leaders in Kinross, Cllr Purves and others on 9th March at LLCC. The Bank explained that the closure was driven by the low number of customers visiting the branch. Other options: Service Only Branches, Advisory Branches and Community Branches had been considered but could not be justified. The Bank’s principal alternative is the use of the Post Office with whom they have a commercial arrangement. A mobile bank will visit Kinross weekly for four hours. The Bank agreed to CCllr Marchant’s proposal for a review meeting two months after closure.
Subsequent to the meeting, the CC considered that the in the light of the current Corona Virus crisis an approach should be made to the Bank to delay the closure until the end of the year, since it will be difficult for the Bank to meet its promise of face-to-face meetings with affected local businesses and customers. A letter has been sent to Patrick Leavey at the Bank, with copies to Liz Smith MSP and Local Councillors. Mr. Leavey has responded stating that at this time they were not considering deferring the closure but support of customers during the Covid 19 pandemic was an ever changing situation and he will keep the CC advised of any changes.
Cllr Purves reported that Liz Smith MSP has also written to the Bank requesting a deferral of the closure.
Cllrs Barnacle and Watters have sent a letter to John Nicholson (MP) opposing the branch closure and asking for his support, pointing out that this would be the last brank branch in Kinross-shire whilst there are increases in development and population. They also drew attention to a 2019 report on “Access to Cash in Scotland” which called on banks to preserve a banking facility in every large town.

Fossoway Area Transport/DRT: Cllr Barnacle has circulated membership and contact details with the aim of holding a meeting of the local transport group once restrictions on physical meetings have been lifted.

Fossoway Gathering: CCllr Duffy reports that sadly the Gathering on the 23rd May has been cancelled. There may be a smaller event in September. Meanwhile, the Whisky tasting night was a success with over £500 raised. Plans have already been made for further fund-raising events in the autumn.

Crook Moss Travellers Site: Cllr Barnacle has been unable to get in touch with the drainage contractor so it’s not clear if this work has been carried out. Cllr Barnacle’s meeting with the PKC CEO to discuss issues at the site has been postponed.

Blairingone War Memorial: Cllr Barnacle has been unable to speak to Tam Carroll’s stone mason.

Coulshill Forestry Development: CCllr Marchant attended the open day at Muckhart and provided input to the Developers emphasising that new forest trails should be clearly linked to existing paths i.e. from Glendevon to Auchterarder. The development will include planting of native trees as well as commercial trees. As the area is likely to be regularly used by walkers a request for bins to be placed in car park was made. A response has been received thanking the CC for our contributions.

Ivy Cottage Powmill: Cllr Barnacle has emailed Isobel Butt to find out whether there has been any progress on issuing the CPO.

Fossoway Tennis Club: The planning application sponsored by the CC is uploaded to the Planning Portal but is not yet submitted, pending resolution of a way to make the payment without physical transfer of cheques.

Community Development Trust: Cllr Barnacle has emailed CCllr Duffy with suggestions for how this might be set up when possible.

Cemetery Car Park Extension: Cllr Barnacle suggested that David Chisholm from the Church should lead this activity. The CC has previously taken the position that it would need to be financed and managed through a Community Development Trust.

Matters Arising with no update since last meeting:
Hydro Scheme Fund, Powmill Play Park, Vegetation on Aldie Road: No information at present.

New Business:
Corona Virus – Information and Links:
The CC reminds everyone that there are a vast number of inaccurate sources of data on social media and in the news, and it’s also important to remember that some things are different in Scotland from England. There are also a number of scam emails from Amazon, HMRC, etc. circulating – never click on links in such messages, instead go directly to the organisation’s website to check the message is genuine. You will never be asked provide bank details via an email.
Affected businesses should be especially careful to only obtain information on benefits, tax, furloughing, etc. from trustworthy websites, e.g. those ending in .gov.uk.

A message from PKC’s Chief Exec is here: https://www.pkc.gov.uk/article/21647/A-message-from-PKC-Chief-Executive-Karen-Reid and the impact on PKC’s Services is described here along with other useful links: https://www.pkc.gov.uk/coronavirus

For volunteering Opportunities – see: https://www.readyscotland.org/coronavirus/volunteering
PKC are also asking people to register their volunteering status (i.e. offer, or record current commitments) so they can create an overall list. Go to this link: https://my.pkc.gov.uk/service/Volunteer_during_COVID_19

There are a number of useful links for affected businesses on the Growbiz website: https://www.growbiz.co.uk/coronavirus-support

The Crook of Devon Resilience Group is providing an errand running service for anyone who is in self isolation – they can be contacted via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232292831156810/ Note: this page is members only. Leaflets have also been distributed to over a thousand houses in the area to be covered with other contact details. Some members of the CC are already successfully using this service, and the CC congratulates the Group on this initiative.

Support and Resource Guide for Scottish Charities Affected by COVID-19 (from a local solicitor)

Crook of Devon Resilience Group:
Since this group has been set up so quickly, they don’t currently have a bank account and this CC has been asked by PKC to help by processing the group’s financial transactions through the CC’s bank account. The CC members have discussed this proposal by email and voted in favour of agreeing to help.

Community Council Business
None this month.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Mike Barnacle: The PKC budget was debated during a marathon session on 6th March. Five separate budgets were presented. The Independent group proposed a 2.5% Council Tax increase for 20/21 and 3% for the following two years, that from the Lib Dems 4.83% and 5%, 4.28% and 4% from the SNP and 4% for all three years from the Tories. There was a further budget proposal from Cllrs Purves and Stewart that included efficiency savings that would require no increase in Council Tax at all – in the absence of Cllr Stewart, Cllr Barnacle supported this proposal. In the end an agreement was reached on a budget combining the SNP and Tory proposals that raised Council Tax by 4.28% for the next three years – Cllr Barnacle noted that none of the other proposals included any significant items covering Kinross. Although the original proposal to remove further School Crossing Patrols was not eventually included in the final budget, the previous decision to remove the patrol at Crook of Devon has not been reversed, so Cllr Barnacle has written to Cllr Murray Lyle requesting this be postponed while there is no 20mph limit in place.

Cllr Barnacle has received positive responses from half of the Drummond Park residents about the road adoption, but will need to write to the others again to remind them.

Callum Purves: PKC are currently focussing their Corona Virus efforts on those people who are most at risk. Cllr Purves encourages everyone who can to add their names to the PKC volunteer list (see above) or join a local resilience group.
As described by Cllr Barnacle, the PKC budget has been agreed, and the majority of previously advertised cuts did not go ahead, as a result of increasing Council Tax. The budget proposal from Cllrs Purves and Stewart included extra investment into education, rural economic development and our communities, was not reliant on a Coucil Tax increase and made no impact on reserves.
PKC have currently suspended all of its Committees, including planning, meaning that all applications will take longer to process. Cllrs have sought assurances that no major applications will be determined under delegated powers. The first virtual planning meetings will be held during the week commencing Monday 27th April. There are no details yet of how the public may be involved in these meetings, or whether the LRB will be held in the same manner. Meanwhile representatives from each group on the Council are meeting weekly with the Chief Executive to continue their role as elected members in scrutinising the activities of the Council.
Finally Cllr Purves stressed that the Cllrs will still be available and will assist where possible, and they will point constituents to best sources of further help.

Willie Robertson: No report.

Richard Watters: No report.

Planning Matters

20/00166/FLL Erection of a dwelling house, formation of retaining wall with railings, hardstanding, parking area and associated works at Land 40 metres south of Craighead Bungalow, Drum. No CC Comment.

Decided Applications
19/01826/FLL Demolition of agricultural buildings, erection of a dwelling house and extension to stable Land 20 metres north west of Coachhouse, Crook of Devon. Approved - the CC did not comment.

20/00127/FLL Demolition of bothy and erection of dwelling house and garage, Land 20 metres south west of Craighead Bungalow, Drum. Approved - the CC did not comment.

20/00150/FLL Extension to dwelling house Burnside, Vicar's Bridge Road, Blairingone. Approved - the CC did not comment.

19/01881/IPL Residential development (in principle), land 80 metres north east of Powmill Milk Bar, Powmill.
The applicant submitted an appeal to the LRB on17th March. Representations can be made until the 14th April; the CC is a little disappointed about the short time available to comment. However meetings of the LRB are currently suspended, so it’s not clear when this appeal will actually be heard.

Local residents are submitting additional comments: Thomson Homes intend to develop their site in 2024/25 and hence it is incorrect of the applicant to assume that their site is needed to meet housing needs in the area. Development of the site will probably increase the already substantial flooding problem due to removal of bushes and trees – this is contrary to LDP Policy 52. Significant alterations to Aldie Road and other tracks will be needed to access the site – LDP Policy 60B requires developments to be accessible to all modes of transport, but there is already a well-known deficiency in Public Transport in this area.

Pending Applications
19/01539/FLL Erection of four dwelling houses at Land 30 metres south of Easter Muirhead Bothy, Blairingone. No decision as yet.

Correspondence – The correspondence list is attached at the end of this document. Should anyone wish to see any items other than those described here, please contact the CC by email and a copy can be provided.

Insurance: PKC have informed us of a decision by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) that waives requirements to update motor or house insurance to reflect changes in behaviour due to the current situation. For example volunteers may use their vehicles to deliver shopping and medicines, transport patients and supplies for the NHS etc. Full details on the ABI website: https://www.abi.org.uk/news/news-articles/motor-and-home-insurance-commitments/

CCllr Duffy reported that there is now a defibrillator in Blairingone, situated at Sheildon House, Vicar's Bridge Road. It was paid for by a grant from the British Heart Foundation and Exxon Mobile Cowdenbeath and was organised by Judie Buchanan Cook.
In the middle of last year there was concern about the difficulty of horse riders and cyclists passing through the gate on the Aldie Road to Drum path. George Lawrie of the TRACKS group had agreed to install posts with catches so the gate could be held open temporarily. CCllr Young reported that this work has still not been done. The CC will write to Mr Lawrie to ask about the plan for this work.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting. Matters arising: Powmill in Bloom, Crook & Drum Growing Together, Corona Virus Info, CofD Resilience Group.
PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 5th May 2020
Will be Virtual unless Government guidelines have changed. 
Correspondence March/April

Date From Description Action Who
05/03 Pamela Rogalski PKC Review of Adult Social Work and Social Care Contributions Policy Noted
05/03 Local Energy Scotland Community benefits toolkit, webinar and more
09/03 PKC Training – Community Action Plan Noted
10/03 Calor Calor's Rural Community Fund is ready to support local projects Noted
11/03 Frank Mills - PKC Village Gateway Signing Noted
11/03 Police Scotland Area Commanders Bulletin Agenda GP
11/03 PKC CC Procedures Noted
12/03 Cllr Barnacle Fossoway School Crossing Patrol
17/03 Eric King Information about Church function during lock down Noted
17/03 PKC Corona Virus Information posters Noted
17/03 PKC CC Meeting Guidance Noted
18/03 Cllr Purves Community Resilience
18/03 Police Scotland Area Commanders Bulletin Agenda GP
19/03 PKC Corona Virus Posters Noted
19/03 NHS Tayside Community Support Noted
20/03 Cllr Purves CC meeting suspension Agenda
24/03 PKC Safeguarding Adults
24/03 Liz Smith MSP Re: Bank closures Agenda
25/03 SCVO Corona Virus Bulletin
25/03 PKC Safeguarding Adults – JPG Versions of posters
25/03 PKC Community Support Page
26/03 Craig Stephen New Police Inspector for South Perthshire. Agenda GP
27/03 PKC SCVO Funding
27/03 PKC Corona Virus Funding
28/03 PKC Responding to COVID-19 pandemic
28/03 Cllr Purves Re: Request for delay to Bank closure in Kinross
30/03 PKC Volunteer Registration
31/03 SSEN £350,000 resilience fund to support community coronavirus response
31/03 Brenda Roddy Crowdfunding Support for Communities
31/03 Cllr Purves Community Council Meetings
31/03 PKC Planning 19/01881/IPL - land 80m NE of Powmill Milk Bar – Appeal lodged Agenda
01/04 Police Scotland Area Commanders Bulletin Agenda GP
01/04 PKC Volunteer registration (2 emails)
01/04 SSEN Adapting to COVID-19
02/04 Craig Stephen Social Distancing Poster in Polish and Romanian
02/04 RCVO Coronavirus Third Sector Bulletin
02/04 PKC Useful Guide - Communities Channel Scotland
02/04 Calor Re: Funding deadline
04/04 East Scotland. Acknowledgement of query re Bus service 23. still awaiting detailed reply
07/04 PKC Handling Finance for Crook of Devon Resilience Group by Fossoway CC
07/04 PKC Scottish Water Newsletter
07/04 PKC Funding from Tesco

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General Election 2010

I'm not sure i'd agree with the sentiment that our society is broken, however i whole heartedly agree that our democratic system is not just broken, but in ruins!

Through a Facebook group i have attempted to gather information about the forthcoming election, who the candidates are, what they stand for, how the process will work. I am doing this in attempt to help inform would be voters in their choice.

I will try to remain impartial! Hope its of use at least to a few people!



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