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Community Council Minutes - May 2017

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
2nd May 2017, Fossoway Primary School

Attending: Community Cllrs: Cameron Brown, Angus Cheape, Jennifer Donachie, Trudy Duffy, Carol Farquhar and Graham Pye; P&K Cllr Willie Robertson; 4 Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle, Dave Cuthbert and Joe Giacopazzi.
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were no incidents to note in our area from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch.
Chief Inspector Ian Scott has replaced Maggie Pettigrew as Local Area Commander, following her promotion.
MoP observes that blue and white tape left after road accidents is never removed. Fly tipping in the lay-by at end of the Aldie Road has happened again – Cllr Robertson will report this to PKC.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were signed off without amendment.

Matters Arising
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: Cllr Robertson reported that the new officer in the roads department has started work and is drawing up proposals. Cllr Robertson noted that there is money in place for speed activated cameras and appropriate positioning of these is important.
Crook of Devon and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that there will be a planting day on 20th May. The 22nd April fund raiser, held jointly with Powmill in Bloom Group, generated around £200 and has also raised the profile of the group’s activities with the public.
Powmill in Bloom Group: CCllr Farquhar echoed CCllr Duffy’s comments above. A number of trees are ready to plant when the weather improves.
Best Kept Village: We have received an invitation to enter this competition, however there may not be enough volunteers to organise this – anyone who would like to help please contact the CC.
Blairingone War Memorial: CCllr Brown reported that the planning permission has lapsed, but there is no other progress.
Hydro Scheme Community Group: CCllr Duffy observed that the group is suffering from a shortage of members. As well as the annual contribution from the hydro scheme, it has emerged that the residue of the contingency fund, which will probably be over £10,000, is also going to become available. It is expected that the first tranche of funding will arrive in July or August. An application has been made to Local Energy Scotland to fund a mailshot to consult the community, which would cost around £1000.
LDP Public Consultation: A special meeting of this CC was held on the 18th of April to assist the CC in collecting opinions about development in the three sites Rumbling Bridge, Blairingone and Crook of Devon. The CC met after this meeting and will be sending its recommendations to PKC shortly.
Poo Group: CCllr Brown informed the meeting that the CC have received, via Facebook, several suggestions for bin locations: Fossoway Main Street, past the Scout camp to the bridge, on the other side towards Naemoor Road and along Back Crook and/or in the adjacent field.
There are a number of reports of people using the playing field for exercising their dogs without clearing up after them, additionally dogs without owners have also been seen there. CCllr Duffy will contact PKC’s Dog Warden to make visits at likely times to try and address this. Cllr Robertson suggested that the Dog Warden should be asked to provide stickers for normal rubbish bins stating that they can also be used for dog waste.
Glen Devon Bridge: The bridge is very badly damaged, with a large amount of the stones being knocked into the river. Willie notes that planning permission to repair the bridge is in place, which is needed as the bridge is a listed building, and he has written to PKC to expedite the repairs. CCllr Duffy examined the bridge recently and there is no current evidence of wild camping taking place, although it’s not obvious who else might have damaged the bridge.
Ivy Cottage, Powmill: CCllr Farquhar reported that Cllr Barnacle has contacted the owners about the possibility of receiving a grant to bring the building into a state where it could be rented.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Crook Moss Travellers Site and Station Road Adoption: No Update

New Business
None this month.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Farquhar attended a meeting of the Networking Group at LLCC which is attended by representatives of various community groups.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Willie Robertson: Has arranged for the A91 to be litter picked.
Planning Matters
17/00512/FLL Change of use of existing farm buildings to part commercial equestrian use and part caravan storage use. Barnhill Farm, Powmill. Object on grounds of insufficient information.
17/00606/AML Erection of 3 dwelling houses/garages at land 30 metres north-east of Rantrie Knowe, Drum. No CC comment
17/00660/IPL Erection of dwelling house (in principle.) Land 50 metres south-east of Hoodshill, Fossoway.
If this development is within the LL catchment, then there would be a requirement to include a SUDS scheme, which is not mentioned in the current application. Additionally, there are contradictions between the number of storeys and bedrooms described in the text of the application (1 and 2) and shown on the plans (2 and 3). The CC will discuss this further and decide whether to comment.

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: Aero Space Kinross is holding a 1940s Gala Dinner on 17th June at the Windlestrae Hotel in Kinross.

AOCB: A Waulkmill resident complained to the CC about speeding vehicles.
Cycling Event last year caused some local difficulties and the CC asked the organisers to notify us of future events, but they failed to do so again this year. CCllr Duffy has complained to Kinross Cycling Club.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Crook and Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Blairingone War Memorial, Rumbling Bridge Hydro Scheme, Poo Group, Glen Devon Bridge, Station Road Adoption.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

Next Meeting: Tuesday 6th June 2017 7:30 pm
Powmill Moubray Hall
All Welcome

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General Election 2010

I'm not sure i'd agree with the sentiment that our society is broken, however i whole heartedly agree that our democratic system is not just broken, but in ruins!

Through a Facebook group i have attempted to gather information about the forthcoming election, who the candidates are, what they stand for, how the process will work. I am doing this in attempt to help inform would be voters in their choice.

I will try to remain impartial! Hope its of use at least to a few people!



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