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Community Council Minutes - June 2017

Draft Minutes Fossoway and District Community Council
6th June 2017, Powmill Moubray Hall

Attending: Community Cllrs: Cameron Brown, Angus Cheape, Jennifer Donachie, Trudy Duffy, Carol Farquhar and Graham Pye; P&K Cllr Callum Purves; Six Members of the Public (MoP).
Apologies: P&K Cllrs Mike Barnacle and Willie Robertson.
Declarations of Interest: None.
Police report: Unfortunately no Officer was able to be present at the meeting. There were no incidents to note in our area this month from the Commander’s Reports received via Perth and Kinross Community Watch.

Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes were signed off without amendment.

Matters Arising
A977 Defects and Mitigation Measures: CCllrs reported that there is now approved budget for Vehicle Activated Speed (VAS) signs, with initial placements at sites where they had been previously promised. One such site in our area is on the A823 in Rumbling Bridge to the north of the Nursing Home. However input to the CC’s Facebook page has suggested different locations, and suggestions that speed cameras should be placed instead.
CCllr Duffy proposed that we should try and meet with the new Roads Engineer and make sure that we know what he is planning and ensure that this agrees with the community’s views. Cllr Purves reported that the Ward Councillors have also discussed the location of the VAS.
There will be speed checks in Rumbling Bridge, during term-time, to get a more accurate picture of the problem there.
MoP noted that vehicle speeds through Blairingone seem to be increasing and wonders what can be done about this. CCllr Duffy suggested that Cllr Barnacle and Daryl McKeown (PKC) be contacted about it.
Crook of Devon and Drum Growing Together: CCllr Duffy reported that the group has had a planting day, and started to improve Waulkmill Green. Volunteers are always welcome.
Powmill in Bloom Group: CCllr Farquhar reported that there will be a planting day on Sunday 12th. Members have approached PKC and Scottish Water to get some more areas of grass cut. Volunteers are always welcome for this group too. A local landowner present at the meeting requested that trimmings should not be thrown into his field. CCllr Farquhar undertook to make sure this doesn’t happen again. However this does raise the issues that the Bloom Groups do need places to dispose of waste and obtain water. The group intends to post flyers to advertise the group’s activities.
Best Kept Village: The judging will be held on 20th July. Both the villages above have entered the competition, although in separate categories due to their different sizes.
Blairingone War Memorial: CCllr Brown reported that the planning application for the car park at the church would have reactivated the permission for the memorial, but that application was refused. It’s not clear what will happen as far as the permission now.
LDP Public Consultation: CCllr Duffy informed the meeting that the CC has submitted their recommendations to PKC. Cllr Barnacle intends to meet with PKC planners to discuss our proposal. Cllr Purves notes that there is a meeting between the local councillors and officers on Friday 9th June to discuss the options.
Poo Group: CCllr Duffy informed the meeting that there is an increasing amount of local concern about this problem, however in the absence of any volunteers to implement some address this, then there is nothing much more to be done.
Glen Devon Bridge: This bridge has been substantially vandalised, but can only be repaired in accordance with listed building requirements. CCllr Duffy commented that we were promised that the bridge would be repaired by April but nothing has been done. With the coping stones missing the weather is causing the bridge more structural damage and will perhaps become unstable and cause the road to be closed. MoP reported that the bridge along the Naemoor Road is suffering a similar problem. Cllr Purves undertook to look into this. CCllr Brown suggested that the time has now come to put aside limitations with lime mortar and repair/strengthen the bridge with modern materials.
Ivy Cottage, Powmill: CCllr Farquhar reported that the owner, Scott Macmillan, has engaged an architect to redesign the building to make it more rentable and consulted two builders for estimates. The end result would be that the building would be available as affordable housing, although there is currently no timescale.
Station Road Adoption: A MoP reported that the work will commence on 19th June.

Matters Arising With No Update Since Last Meeting
Crook Moss Travellers Site and Hydro Scheme: No Update

New Business
Soul Survivor is due to be held on 5th-9th August – and local residents have received advance notification of the event this year. CCllr Duffy will ensure the organisers know that any large vehicles must approach via Rumbling Bridge and not use the Naemoor Road bridge.

Community Council Business
Meetings Attended: CCllr Farquhar attended a meeting of the Sports Hub. There is a plan to setup a Kinross Park Run with funding being sought. Future plans include Women & Girls Festival Week, a multi sports day to advertise various sports, inclusive sport, Lads and Dads events, etc. The group is very enthusiastic with lots of ideas.
CCllr Cheape noted that the Kinross-shire fund had agreed at their 5th June meeting to make two grants, but neither was in our area.

P&K Councillors’ Reports
Callum Purves: Noted that the council has formed a new administration comprised of Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem members. There is a new combined Environment, Enterprise and Infrastructure Committee of which all four local councillors are members, with Cllrs Barnacle and Purves as vice-convenors. One of the policy initiatives is to overturn the previous administration’s decision to only fix potholes when they are 6mm deep and revert back to 4mm.

Planning Matters
17/00737/FLL Siting of static caravan for use as staff accommodation for a temporary period at Land 10 metres north of Lambhill, Blairingone. Object on grounds that there is no planning application for a house, and we see no need for such extensive accommodation for a security officer.
17/00790/FLL Alterations and extension to dwelling house at Craighead Cottage, Drum, KY13 0PP. No CC Comment.
17/00711/FLL Extension to dwelling house at 32 West Crook Way, Crook of Devon, KY13 0PH. No CC Comment.
17/00843/LBC Alterations at Solsgirth Lodge, Solsgirth, Dollar, FK14 7NZ. No CC Comment
17/00894/PN Erection of agricultural building at West Broomhill, Station Road, Crook of Devon, KY13 0PG (near Broomhill Kennels.) No CC Comment
17/00927/FLL Erection of 2 dwelling houses Land 100metres north-east of South Kilduff Farm, Fossoway.
No CC Comment

Correspondence: All the correspondence was available for viewing: George Lawrie of TRACKS notified the CC of funding opportunities for core paths and about the “Big Fit Walk” which groups can hold in June. CCllr Duffy again hoped for volunteers to form a path group.
Mark Russell MSP has asked the CC for consultation on a proposal to implement 20mph throughout all built up areas – Although we think this is a good idea, we don’t believe that it would be enforceable, and it would be better to concentrate on enforcing the current limits, together with carefully chosen locations for new 20mph limits.
Bus Route 23 has had its service reduced making it impossible for commuters to use.
Dollar and Muckhart residents can’t get their 30 or 40 children to Kinross High School anymore due to a reduction in bus services, so they are proposing to finance their own service, which could also pass through Crook of Devon and pick up passengers there. The CC strongly supports this initiative, but decries the fact that this needs to be done to make up for the lack of public transport. Cllr Purves noted that community transport has also been discussed at the Action Partnership.

AOCB: Discussion about the lack of broadband speeds in rural areas. Cllr Purves will investigate whether PKC has a policy about this, and what funding is available.

Draft Agenda for Next CC Meeting
Welcome and Apologies, Declarations of Interest, Community Policing, Minutes of last meeting.
Matters arising: A977 Mitigation, Crook and Drum Growing Together, Powmill in Bloom, Blairingone War Memorial, LDP Public Consultation, Glen Devon Bridge, Station Road Adoption.
Community Councillors: Meetings Attended, PKC Councillors’ Reports, Planning, Correspondence, AOCB

NOTE: No meeting in July

Next Meeting: Tuesday 1st August 2017 7:30 pm
Carnbo Village Hall
All Welcome

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General Election 2010

I'm not sure i'd agree with the sentiment that our society is broken, however i whole heartedly agree that our democratic system is not just broken, but in ruins!

Through a Facebook group i have attempted to gather information about the forthcoming election, who the candidates are, what they stand for, how the process will work. I am doing this in attempt to help inform would be voters in their choice.

I will try to remain impartial! Hope its of use at least to a few people!



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